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Scout breaks down available defensive ends

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I talked to a veteran scout who specializes in evaluating offensive and defensive linemen for the two columns that appeared in Wednesday's and Thursday's editions breaking down the Bears' offensive and defensive personnel. These guys always talk only on the condition of anonymity because they don't want to have their names attached to critical comments about another team's players but their opinions are always insightful.

I also asked this particular scout to break down the top three free-agent defensive ends. Here's his take:

On Julius Peppers:

"Peppers is probably as good as anybody in the game but he doesn't play consistently hard. He can play like he's on fire and is a great, great athlete who has everything but he definitely needs a motivational coach or a family-type team environment where there are high standards because he plays at his own level. The consistency would be my concern for him. As far as his ability, it's unquestionable."

On Aaron Kampman:

"Kampman gives you every ounce of what he has got. He gives it to you on every play. As a 3-4 linebacker, his production has been affected. ... He has the ability to maintain lane integrity. As he gets off the football he can keep a solid base as he brings his rush toward the quarterback. He's not a fly-around guy who just outruns everybody. He takes the offensive lineman with him and gets very close to the quarterback and works off it from there. He's very productive at that. I like him as a football player --- especially in a 4-3 --- because he's a high-effort guy. Does he have Peppers' ability? No. But he's close to being as good of a player as Peppers because of his consistency."

On Kyle Vanden Bosch:

"I question his judgement. He treats his body like a weapon and is all over the place and because of that he is prone to injury. He's a great player but he's going to miss time because he's going to beat himself up some but he's an all-out, speed rusher who wants to beat you to the outside. He has enough of an arsenal that he can work either side of the blocker but it's his speed and backdoor ability to get to the quarterback that sets him apart. He's going to get hurt because of the way he plays and each successive year it's going to get more prevalent but I admire him as football player. He plays with all his heart."

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What's he think of Ogunleye?

Is Kampmans injury a concern?

Goon? :P

We have that `family atmosphere' for sure, not sure about a fire breathing Coach though, maybe Rod is??? and actually I have heard that Lovie is a fire breather in practice??? is this true?

Randy, are you kidding? Lovie a fire breather in practice? He is well known for having the easiest camps in the NFL. You want to know why players are so slow to develop with the Bears. Look no further than the camps and practices, he doesn't push anybody guys don't get better because nobody is challenged. Nobody is pushed to get better, they don't compete for starting spots, they don't hit in practice at all, they do no tackling drills, Lovie a fire breather.

This is a excerpt from an interview with Lance Briggs. When asked what Lovie was like as a coach.

"Well Lovie is not going to get on you, he isn't going to yell or scream. If you come into camp over weight and out of shape? (now imitating Lovie Smiths voice)He's going to be like "Oh Lance how could you? Oh gosh really Lance, really, I am so disappointed."

Thats your fire breather Randy. Every reporter in this city has talked about that. Has writen about his quite, calm, nature. He doesn't yell, curse, or get angry. Nothing wrong with that but he is not a motivator type he is a pat you on the back no matter how bad you are type.

As for the article, Kampman is not coming here, probably ends up with the Texans. The Bears will compete with Washington for Peppers, however Washington is said to be moving to a 3-4 defense, so they may not be in the mix for Peppers. Nobody is going to pay 16+ million for a 5 tech. Raiders and Giants may get in the mix.

Kyle Vanden Bosch, went to a Pro Bowl in 2009, not sure how he got voted in given his pretty lousy season. But hey maybe at 32 he will rebound and have a great season on a new team with a lousy defense. Still 2 gap players have an easier job in a one gap scheme so the numbers should go up.

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