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Rex's revenge: Will he start in D.C.?

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Rex Grossman said he still thinks he could be a starter in the NFL when he signed with the Redskins earlier this month.

According to Mike Shanahan, he will get a chance to prove it. The Broncos coach left the door open for Grossman to emerge as the starter when he was asked by the NFL Network's Jason La Canfora whether there would be competition for the starting job between Grossman and incumbent Jason Campbell.

Shanahan even suggested that Grossman might have the upper hand since he played for Redskins offensive coordinator (and Shanahan's son) Kyle in Houston last season.

"There's competition at every position," Shanahan said. "Just because a guy comes in as a maybe third, fourth or fifth guy, it doesn't mean he doesn't have a chance to compete. But Rex Grossman was with (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) in Houston, he understands the system. ... We're going to get as much steps as we can and have all these guys compete."

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Let the games begin! Finally REx will get his due and prove why he is still a starting QB in the NFL. Kudoos to REx being surrounded by professionals who really know how to develop a quality QB. Its just sad that Rex couldn't be surrounded earlier in his career here in Chicago with such talented coaches.

Sexy Rexy! Million dollar arm, ten cent brain. A guy who has all the talent but just didn't get it. Let's hope the he doesn't call out the boo birds in D.C.

You take a physical talent like Grossman, he truly has a great arm and superb long ball touch and guess who gets to develop him, the Bears.

Now doesn't that tell you something. How many great QB's have the Bears developed since the 40-50's, how about maybe two ok QB's and that was about it. It is like taking a brilliant mind and instead of going to Harvard you enroll him or her in the University of Phoenix.

Grossman had no chance in Chicago, was Lovie going to mentor Grossman like Holmgren did Favre? The offensive line when Grossman played with the Bears had more holes in it than my underwear. He was pounced on before he got set up many a time. The receivers, now that was a world class bunch. Hester had never run a route except maybe a paper route, Mushin couldn't out run my sister and so on and so on.

The Bears had a great and imaginative offense for the receivers, I could see Rex drawing the routes in the huddle for the wideouts, it was truly a magnificent offense to behold.

Good luck Rex, you coulda been a contenda in Chicago only if the Bears would ever develop some talent. That is why you got knocked out in about the third round.

Sadly, Rex is the only one who still thinks he is a starting QB in this league. If he couldn't solve Ron Turner's "magical" offense, how is he going to handle Shanahan's?

He was a solid kid with a lot of heart, but he never learned about being a professional QB in Chicago. Part of that is coaching, but part of it is on Rexy too. I still remember the New Years Eve game against the Pack, and sitting out there in the freezing cold rain, watching Rex mail it in because he was more concerned with his New Year's plans.

He still struggles when under pressure, stares down his receivers, and has trouble diagnosing the defense from the line of scrimmage. That is not exactly a recipe for stardom. I hope that he has matured, and found his way as a QB, but I have my doubts after 7 years in the league that he will all of a sudden get it. But all the best of luck to him unless he is playing the Bears...

So, from reading the comments of the analysts ahead of me, we have two conclusions: 1. The bears can't develop talent; 2. Grossman doesn't 'get it'. What's the truth? It's really a mixture of the two. The question is, can one coach a QB to deal effectively with pressure? Shouldn't one learn this at college?

I still think that Bears fans are cruel, the Bears coaches are/were limited, and Rex Grossman will never play at a franchise level.

I do wish him the best in his new job, however. Go Rex!

I sincerely hope he starts for Washington and has a pro-bowl year.He was miserably treated in Chicago and blamed for what was really a porous offensive line,receivers who could not get open and who dropped passes if they did, and a defense that could not stop anyone after their Super Bowl year.I wish him the best except when he plays the Bears.A great scenario would be to play against him in the Super Bowl, but that won't happen.

Rex will excel with the staff around him in Washington. I hope he does so Angelo looks like a even bigger moron. Still hoping he gets canned next year...

I think Rex will be the starter by opening week. He got a bad rap in Chicago and it was mainly because he had 7 games over 100QB rating and also got player of the month in September then as soon as he had a bad game the "around the horn guys" started bashing him. I think it was blown way out of proportion by some overly depressed sports writers. Rex didn't even play 3 games in the regular season before that year and he went to the Super Bowl. It took Manning which in my eyes the best to play the position 9 years to get there. I'm just saying! I think that Rex needs to forget about all that and just play football. That time in Chicago is now over so if he can let it go and focus on the Redskins he could further show that Ron Turner ruined his life for a while plus he can see that R.T also ruined Big Jay last year as well. I think Rex has the ability to be awesome with Mike/Kyle Shanahan guiding him.

Revenge against whom exactly?
Who really cares what Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton is doing with other teams?

Did they set the world on fire or something while they were playing for the Bears?
Are either one of these guys a great talent that did not get a shot in Chicago and now they are lighting up the NFL?
Will there be stories about Ogunleye this season when he is racking up 4 big sacks for another team too?

There is nothing wrong with Rex that a Pro Bowl Oline wont cure. Give a decent QB a good team and he can take them to the SB. We have all seen it happen. Actually well. Rex coulda done alot better with a team that didnt start to deteriorate just before the Super Bowl and just now is starting to resemble a team again. No way you can blame our QB when its obvious to everyone here that the team went downhill faster than greased oil even before the QB was playing bad, Look at the entire team at that time, - not a good site, and still hasnt risen back up yet. Injuries, age caught up to that entire unit all at the same time. Thats not a good way to rate a QB. Who was the O.C.??

Jay can be great, he has the chance to be really good, depends on many things but I feel he is starting off now with a better OC for sure. Now with 2 durn good backs and an extra blocker OL/TE, Jay can do more than Rex did, and what did Rex do?

I hope Rex does start in Washington. He has put in his time with his share of abuse! All the bad that happened in Chicago, during his tenure, was not his fault. Rex had his issues, but doesn't everybody? I'm glad the Bears now have Cutler but wish Rex alot of success! Go Bears!!!

Million dollar arm, 10 cent brain and a minus million dollars worth of guts.

Yea Rex has the talent im a chicago boy liveing in Bloomington In.Rexs home town people that know him say hes has great talent BUT HES A BOX OR ROCKS.Just remember the comment Ron rivera made the year after the SB LOSS and we opened up against the chargers he kinda called him a dumb ass.

I want Grossman to be the starter at least vs. the Bears. It's always fun to see the Bears play their old teammates. But if he becomes another Benson or Orton, then there could be problems. If he's still the old Grossman, and they're still the old Redskins, then our Defense will get plenty of stock boosts. Get ready for Rex to throw some INTs!

If Rexy can't beat the worst QB in the NFL, then what will that make him? Shanahan will have his work cut out for him regardless of who gets the starting job, but truthfully, Rex is the better QB in that competition. He's got to a) remove head from a$$, b) attend all the extra little nuance meetings he can, and c) get to know who he's working with. One of Rexy's downfalls was that he isolated himself because of his tremendous ego. If he can humble down, take a minute and stop forcing the world to revolve around him, he may actually get a starting job with an offense that will compliment his strengths. Otherwise, you'll see him sitting on the bench, where he belonged after lying down during the SB.

Mental miget Pete. Chico called Rex a mental miget. You know why, because Ron is a baloon head.

Rex should be glad he still has a job in the NFL...

I urge any of you "Bleeding Hearts" who still have your "Man Crush" on Rex- The next time The NFL network replay the Super Bowl against Indy- WATCH IT! WATCH HIS PLAY AT QB!
Rex stumbled, bumbled his way to 1- of the sorriest performance in a Super Bowl(IMO). Then watch him throw a ball across the field in the driving rain to a double-teamed Mushin Muhammed that was intercepted and turned into TD, thus, killing all hope of the Bears winning that Super Bowl.

All you folks who think Rex has it in him to be a NFL starting QB are delusional. Rex will look impressive in 7-on-7 drills. make great throws during practice, but wait until The Cowboys, Giants or the Eagles send a blitz up the middle, Rex will "PEE" himself like he always does.

I'll be glad when Bear fans (Mentally) "CLEAR" Rex from their consciousness.
EVERY time I see a replay of that Super Bowl against Indy, I'm reminded that we put our trust in that mope, and he let us down.

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