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Report: Bears interested in Sheppard

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The Bears could be in competition with another NFC North foe for veteran cornerback Lito Sheppard., citing a league source, reports that Chicago and Detroit are both interested in signing Lito Sheppard.

Sheppard, who was traded from the Eagles to the Jets last year, was cut last week. He started nine games last season and appeared in 11.

The Bears need for a safety has been widely reported. They could also use another cornerback, which may also give them the option of moving veteran cornerback Charles Tillman to free safety.

When contacted by the Sun-Times, Sheppard's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, had no comment.

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I really like the idea of signing Sheppard for a 'reasonable' price. Right now the only servicable corners on the Bears' roster are Tillman, Bowman, and Graham. DJ Moore is an unknown quantity and Vasher is unlikely to make it out of camp. So as it stands, if just one corner went down in training camp the Bears would be really screwed in their sub-packages. If Sheppard comes in on a mid-level two year deal he gets a chance to prove he isn't finished, the Bears get a bit of depth with upside, and if things go poorly Lito gets canned before the season starts.

However, if the Lions start throwing dough blindly at Sheppard, like they did with Burleson, I say let him walk and have a look at the other corners out there. But I like Sheppard much better than the other options (Bodden, Harper, Bly or Smoot) who have definitely past their prime, or never really had one.

Yes, I do believe Mr. Sheppard could be of some service to us. I commend Mr. Angelo for his due dilligence in the very tacky matter of bettering this football squad. While Mr. Sheppard is well worn, his veteran talents and leadership could very well overcome his wear and tear. He has been recognized as a stellar player in years past and bringing in that kind of experience can only enlighten the exciting young prospects our roster boasts such as D. J. Moore or Zackary Bowman for instance.

Well anyhow those are simply my thoughts on the matter. And if your opinion differs than mine then so be it. We will simply agree to disagree! There is no need for any put downs or name calling. How frightfully primitive that would be.

Now if you'll excuse me my dearest friends, my wife and I are going to handout blankets at the local orphanage. It truly warms the spirit to help the needy and less fortunate. One simply cannot sit around and waste their time ranting on a blog now can they?

Nice one Alt Reality Creighton that made me smile on a otherwise dreary Monday afternoon.

Just do it, Creighton, and get off your soap box.

I dunno. Dude's kinda old and I don't know of anybody in the NFL who is going to cut a decent CB. Look at the Bears hanging on to Vasher.

They need to do something. When they've had to play their second string guys in the past year or two, it's been like watching an amateur video of a little old lady getting mugged.

Aw, come-on, "Alternate Reality Creighton".

I KNOW that you're [your] not the REAL Creighton. ..... There's [Theirs] no grammatical mistakes in your [you're] post!

Wow lets see Alternate Reality Creighton, db, and Tom May. You do realize its really easy to figure out your all the same guy. All I have to do is look at the times, it takes like a half hour or more to get a post up on this blog, yet there are three posts responding to eachother in a 5 min period. The so called first Creighton post wasn't even up whe nthe other two where responding. Brando you are a true nut. By the way you are also the only person who uses the term "soap box" on this board. Oh and I don't get on a soap box, I ride a high horse, more mobile, agile and hostile that a soap box and the view is great. You should try it sometime, then maybe you wouldn't be so blind to the obvious.

Sheppard isn't to bad, he's not that great, but not bad. He's only 28, but real injury prone. Thats his only real problem, well that and the injuries have taken some toll on him. So to quote indy in Lito's case, "its not the years, it's the miles". But who cares their is no cap, so spend away, spend all the money in the world.

I think I like "alt. reality Creighton" a whole lot better! He's polite, educated...and you can read what he writes without getting a headache from all the typos and misspellings!!!!

Personally I like the alternate reality Creighton best. Sean, Lito Sheppard would be a nice temporary fix at cornerback but do you know what happened with Woodney Turrene? I thought he displayed some real talent last preaseason. It'sa shame the Bears aren't giving him another look.

Lito Sheppard?...come on, really? As I mentioned earlier today on the radio, it's not what the Bear's did on Friday that amazed me. It's what they DIDN'T do over the weekend that did. 3 positions the Bear's are critical at had significant players traded over the weekend. And the trades were, in my opinion, highly favorable to the teams sending draft picks in return. You had Cromartie going to the Jet's for a 3rd or maybe a 2nd. And he's going into a contract year. My over/under on INT's is 6. Then you had Rhodes, the safety from the Jet's going for a 4th this year and a 7th next year. And the biggest surprise was Boldin going for a 3rd & 4th this year, while sending a 5th along with him to the Ravens. yeah, he's missed a few games with injuries, but when on the field is a stud. As it has been said, do you think you are going to find a CB in the 2nd or 3rd round as good as Cromartie? highly unlikely. And the same goes for the other 2 as well. This is where the Bear's could have stepped up and sent either late picks this year, or mid round picks next for any of these players and still use your 3rd round pick to draft a highly rated guard.
And oh, btw, these trades should open the eyes of disallusioned Bear's fans who are clamouring for an "Olsen for a 2nd round pick" garbage. It's not going to happen. He's more valuable as a Bear.

I would really like this signing. Lito Shepard is a quality player and our team can use as many quality players as we can get...not only that, but if adding Sheperd allows us to move Peanut to FS (and then draft another corner in the 4th or 5th) then im all for this move.

On a side note...seriously guys, get over the dumb arguing on this message board..every time I read on here, 75% of the comments are people trashing on Creighton..if you dont like his posts, DONT READ THEM.

Why dont we talk about football for a change? And Brando, you really stuck your foot in your mouth by responding to your own post twice in 4 minutes on different names...that is just SAD. Get a life.

Sean, is there any way you can screen your posts better when people write on here to make sure that individual is who they say they are. Using my name in ways that are totally inapropriate is not something I want to be seeing. I don't want anyone thinking that I may have said or wrote something that I actually had no part of. Thanks Sean, I know it had to be a tough task, but I just hate to see someone trying to be other people, particularly when that person there imitating is me. Thanks!

Sean, is there any way you can screen your posts better when people write on here to make sure that individual is who they say they are. Using my name in ways that are totally inapropriate is not something I want to be seeing. I don't want anyone thinking that I may have said or wrote something that I actually had no part of. Thanks Sean, I know it had to be a tough task, but I just hate to see someone trying to be other people, particularly when that person there imitating is me. Thanks!

Sean, is there any way you can screen your posts better when people write on here to make sure that individual is who they say they are. Using my name in ways that are totally inapropriate is not something I want to be seeing. I don't want anyone thinking that I may have said or wrote something that I actually had no part of. Thanks Sean, I know it had to be a tough task, but I just hate to see someone trying to be other people, particularly when that person there imitating is me. Thanks!

alright guy zach bowman actually lead the team in interceptions(with 6) in a year were our secondary was getting mest up every other play. he was one of the bright spots. so i say if you can get sheppard cheap than by all means, but if not who cares. what we really need is OJ ATOGWE. Straight Beast on a straight crap team, he is a RFA but sense ram put his tender as the lowest form we dont have to give up any picks we just have to bid for him wait 7 days til they match if not MR.OJ welcome to Chi Town. and NFCNorth, NFC, and Superbowl Champs 2010. amen

i think the bears should take a look at the free saftey released by the dolphins, Gibril Wilson. could bring some good value.

So, Creighton, your condition is worse than I realized - not only do you get on a soapbox to preach about your high morals, but you also get up from it to ride a high horse, where you can see above your fellow man. You are mixing your idioms, Creighton, and confusing a high horse with a high road. Since you appear to be a regular at this site, I think I'll go away and leave you to your audience.

4get about Lito. I might be wrong but dont think they are serious about him at all. Its a Vasher situation all over again!

Creighton I have been reading this blog site sence 2008.As my phone would not let me post and I had no working computer I just read the info and the Fans post. I have been called Brando and I think everybody on here when making fun of you or correcting your faulty stats you turn to your all time love in thinking he is doing this.?
Also this Brando fella you speak of hasnt posted a post sence Brad Biggs was around. I think he gave it up and you should also.

I thought the plan in 2009 was to put Graham back at free safety to see whether he could make the transition. I think that would be their plan this year as well, rather than move Tillman. With shoulder and back issues, you don't want to put Tillman back there where he gets even more contact than he does today.

This could go one of two ways. Either they are getting Sheppard to replace Vasher, or they are going to move Graham back to safety. I don't know that this precludes them from signing a safety in FA, but I am pretty confident we will not see Tillman back there in 2010.

One thing is for sure...Our athleticism would be significantly improved by having Graham and Manning back there in worst case. Both are good blitzers, and both have good if not great speed in covering the deep zones. Manning as the SS is an interesting move, especially since he works better with defined responsibility. As the SS, he gets the run first, and then will cover the TE, which he can run with. Should be a better fit for him. He is also the most physically gifted member of the secondary in my opinion, able to hit and run well. Payne and Afalava both were serviceable, but both were exposed badly in coverage on a number of occasions. If we have to go man to man, neither of them can run with wideouts, or athletic tight ends for that matter.

Sure Timmer. By the way I can't believe you don't know what a high horse is. Then you actually try to correct me. Hahahahahaha about something, I feel about myself. Hahahaha, your actually trying to tell me how I see myself. Hehehehehe, how stupid are you. Oh and yes you are Brando. I said high horse and I meant high horse.

Here is some stuff on Lito Sheppard and his injuries.

Joe neither Graham or Manning are good football players, while they are good athletes or in Mannings case a great athlete neither one of them is that good at football. The Bears like to draft athletic guys they think they can coach up. Look at Melton and Gilbert, both athletic guys but not really good at football. By the way, word is Marinelli has no use for either of these guys and basically thinks they stink. Oh and whats even more intresting is that its starting to leak out that Tice and Martz are not getting along very well. Which for me is a good sign because I hate yes men.

Lions I hear were never interested in Lito, or are denying it....either way, surely we can get a better CB or could have.

Creighton, I don't know whats more sad you knowing the time it takes for a post to be published or you making the calculation that somehow 53 minutes is really half an hour. And you wonder why people make fun of you.

I think what makes alternate reality Creighton humorous to some is how he's kind and well mannered something you are most definitely not! Maybe you can take a cue from your yourself from a different dimension.

Oh and Timmer/Brando sense you almost never post except when it concerns me, could you tell me a couple of things. Could you actually show me all the stats that I have gotten wrong and post link would you. Oh and how would you know the last time Brando posted? By the way only Brando would try to make a lame phone excuse to try and cover his tracks. I can't believe you actually did that. By the way even Bill Holland called you out, thats a new low for you, pretending to be Bill to. I guess that post about the Bucs really set you off, I guess I still know which buttons to push puppet.

Oh and once again the new Brando posts Tom May and Timmer come in within 3 min of eachother. Space them out a little if you want to at least try and be believable. Please stop ruining the blog and let the real Bears fans talk football.

Well Ryan Clark is now off the market, we are running out of DB's.

I agree with Joe, what ever happened to Graham and FS? Lovie has been guilty of not letting players develop at a position before shuttling them of to another. If Atogwe is not going to be picked up leave it alone and move on to the O-line the DB's that were released the best are gone time to see if you have what you think in Turenne and DJ. Payne and Alfalava are ST players at best backups it's time to move on to getting a guard the draft is deep with offensive linemen we need a big man or two with a Kreutz mentality. Our division has very large and talented DT's we need to offset that with at least one massive OG.

Clap Clap Clap.
I would like to see anyone here anyone.....anyone. post 2 post within 2 minutes of eachother. I myself the time it takes to type a message then to preview it and type in that hard to read Captcha it takes longer then 2 minutes even on a short post. Try it Oh Master, Master of all Masters of 1 Master that is Master Crap-ton.

For whatever reason it seemed Graham fell into Lovie's proverbial dog house last year and really did not get the playing time he did the year before.

Graham seems to have the basic instincts and talent of a Free Safety, he has decent speed, he tackles effectively most of the time and although was beaten in coverage when a corner would seem a far better fit at Free Safety.

Why has Graham digressed, can anyone on this board enlighten me and enlighten me why he would not be a decent free safety and I am not saying Mike Brown in his prime?

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