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Redskins are interested in Grossman

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The Redskins are interested in signing ex-Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, a league source tells profootballtalk's Mike Florio.

Grossman backed up Matt Schaub in Houston last season. The Texans' offensive coordinator last season was Kyle Shanahan, who is now working with his father in Washington.

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another passing.tem....gooooooo will be better than Cutler in Shanahan's hands.............we still don't want you back............

You are correct on one part of that statement...we still don't want him back....

Grossman is a decent guy, but like every other Steve Spurrier QB, he has no idea how to go through progressions, and still has trouble understanding that when you are blitzed, it is ok to check down, and you don't have to beat them deep every time they come after you. He won't get a chance to start, and he will be lucky to even get a contract offer from someone. And as far as being better with Shanahan than Cutler, there are things that Grossman does not do well that would make him successful in Shanny's offense:

-He doesn't throw well on the move
-He doesn't move well
-He does not throw anticipation routes especially well (unless they are down the field, which he actually does very well)
-He does not read defenses well enough to audible to the right play
-His size makes it difficult to step up in the pocket to deliver the ball. Drew Brees is the same size, but is one of the best I have seen in moving within the pocket and finding a throwing lane. Rex just hasn't figured that out

Rex would be at his best in a system like the Dolphins, Jets, Bengals, or Jags run, where the focus is on a solid offensive line, a strong running game, and play action. Ironically, Rex is not great at selling play action either.

Shanahan is just hedging his bet in case Campbell doesn't win the job. Brennan is there as well, and Shanny likes to have 4 QBs in camp, so getting someone like Rex who was in that offense last year is a benefit, but this is not for any sort of playing time.

I wish Rex the best. He catches alot of heat for the Bears struggles. He was a fairly mobile QB before his OLine got him broke twice. Berrian is showing he wasn't a great route runner. Does he make questionable throws? Absolutely. He's a shorter version of Cutler. Give him a few blockers, a decent RB, and a couple receivers and give him a shot. He's the opposite of captain checkdown and might take his job.

I will look forward to seeing Rex playing. I always liked him and thought he took far too much heat for losses caused by a seive of an offensive line, a defense that made any opposing quarterback look good, and receivers who could not get open or dropped the ball when they did.Washington is on the way up with this deal. Their defense has traditionally been pretty solid, and now their offense could have some explosiveness.

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