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Quinn should push Orton in Denver

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To say the Kyle-Orton-for-Jay-Cutler trade has thus-far failed to live up to expectations in Chicago is an understatement.

The blockbuster deal hasn't worked out so well for the Broncos, either. If they remained as pleased with Orton's play as they were during the team's 6-0 start to the 2009 season, it's unlikely they would've sent fullback Peyton Hillis, a sixth-round pick in 2011 and a conditional 2012 pick to the Browns in exchange for ex-Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn on Sunday.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post, citing an NFL source, reports that Orton will remain the starter. However, a strong performance by Quinn in training camp, coupled with a poor performance by Orton, could change things heading into the season or set the stage for an in-season switch. Put it this way: Orton's grip on the starting job appears less vise-like in the wake of Sunday's deal, a development he's handling with aplomb.

""We've made a lot great moves this offseason and this is another one,'' Orton told Klis. ""He's a great player and I'll be happy to work with him.''

The Broncos lost eight of their last 10 games, casting doubt on everything from first-year coach Josh McDaniels to Orton to a defense that collapsed along with the team. McDaniels did give Orton a vote of confidence after the season. Orton also told the Post that he talked to McDaniels before the Quinn trade, which is unofficial pending physicals.

""I will keep that private but I do have total confidence that I'm the guy there,'' Orton told the Post when asked about his conversation with his coach. "Just like every year I'm going in to try and earn my starting job. I don't think I have anything to fret.''

(We interrupt this post to ask the following questions: Fret? When was the last time an athlete use the word "fret?")

Orton also took a indirect shot at the Bears, who anointed Rex Grossman the starter without letting Orton compete for the job heading into the 2007 season.

"'Whether you trade for a guy, or draft a guy, or you sign a guy in free agency, all you ask for is a chance for competition,'' Orton said. ""I've been in situations where that wasn't the case and that's the most frustrating deal. If you get beat out by a guy you can handle that. If you never have a chance to compete then that's a whole different story.''

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Jay will be fine in Chicago! I am happy he is out of Denver so that he will not break any of my records. I like owning that town!

For the record, Jay does have a stronger arm than mine.

I think Mike Martz will really help Jay out! Jay has all the tools, he just needs some play makers around him!

Heck I could not win a Super Bowl until we got TD!

No QB can do it by themselves!

I've always thought that the approximate amount that the Bears overpaid for Cutler was....Kyle Orton. Cutler is probably a Bear instead of a Redskin because of that overpayment. The 1 + 3 last year, with the 1 this year should have been enough. I'm thinking the Broncos wanted Orton and that was the difference that took Cutler away from Washington and into Chicago.

A lot of people hated him in Chicago, but Orton is a good footbal player. He's proven to be an NFL quarterback, at the very least a quality backup. He is not an explosive player at the position, but given a decent supporting cast, he can be productive. He went in and took the Denver starting job from Chris Sims without much struggle.

No I don't regret the trade, and don't have a man-crush on Orton. I said all that to say that Brady Quinn has not shown any productivity in the NFL. He probably doesn't worry Kyle Orton very much. The Broncos need a backup and didn't give very much to take a look at Quinn.

Orton cant catch a break. He had a pretty good season last 2 years and still no starters job is his.

Orton said he and McD had a talk and Orton is confident he will be the guy. Those words sound awfully familiar when McD was talking about "Jay is our QB" last year, while talking trade behind his back. Sorry Kyle, don't trust McD so easily. McD wanted Quinn last year too. I'm glad I'm a Bears fan and still glad we got Cutler.

Orton has to understand that he does nothing great and little things well enough not to fall on his face. He's the watching paint dry kind of excitement and he proved the after six games is who you really are anology. After six games he fell to earth, hard. Brady has done even less and his potential isn't thru the roof. It is higher than Orton's. Cutler received a vote of confidence from McDaniels too and didn't wait around to see what would happen. It's good to be wanted and Orton can't honestly say that NcDaniels really want him.

On the contrary -- I'd have to say the Broncos are looking smarter than both of the two teams they've traded with to get two young QBs that its young coach feels comfy with.

Blue and orange ... maybe I could become a Broncos fan???

Orton is the same as he ever was and Quinn is terrible. He couldn't beat out Derrick Anderson for a reason. McDaniels might be the only coach dumber than Lovie Smith and Brad Childress.

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