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Peppers to wear No. 90

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Stories like this, folks, are proof that it's a slow news day ...

Julius Peppers made it clear after the Bears signed him to a lucrative contract on the first day of free agency that he wanted to wear No 90, which is the number he wore during his previous eight seasons with the Panthers. The only problem was that second-year defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert had been issued that number by the Bears.

Peppers said he was willing to make a deal with Gilbert for No. 90 but hoped Gilbert would just hand the number over to the Bears' veteran free-agent prize. It's not as if Gilbert was overly invested in the number. He only played in parts of four games last season and failed to record a sack, tackle or assist.

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Gilbert will be lucky to make the team next year. He should be thankful for any scraps he gets from Peppers for his jersey number. This team has no qualms about releasing 2nd and 3rd Round draft choices (ref. Dan Bazuin, Michael Okwo, Roosevelt Williams, etc.).

so wait, what happened? did gilbert make a deal or did he just give it up? as for his prospects next year, i think the bears will find a place for him. you don't lead the ncaa in tackles for loss one year and then lose all ability to penetrate into the backfield.

It has been reported and its only speculation and inside source stuff. But it has been said that Marinelli does not think Gilbert or Melton can play at this level.

Peppers is the star, he has made a name for himself the number should be his anyway.

Dude if its so slow get out and do something its like 60 degrees out. Your new to chicago, go find a good place to eat. The food in minny sucks, their are better things that McDonalds, really I swear.

You could also write a creative piece on why Olsen doesn't fit the Martz offense.

Bears just signed a new FB. How does he fit the new offense he is a H-Back/TE. Why would they sign him? Who is he? What does he do well? When did they sign him? Where is he comming from?

If you need a little help on how he fits the offense, think Shallow cross plays against the zone. No TE, 2 back set 3 recievers, Drive/Shallow in. Classic Martz play, probably the play he uses more than any other, maybe even his signature play. He needs an H-Back because if the HB releases for the dump off, the QB needs someone to ........ in the backfield. But who needs to be able to catch a pass out of the backfield as well so that personel does not dictate the .........

Its a play that if Olsen could(hint-->) block on Martz would use him. But Olsen is to scheme spa...... and can't be called on to bl..... So again they need someone who can blcok and catch. But mosty block.

Boring the
BEARS NEED TO GO GET OJ and sign him to long term deal we need a Safety! JA stop bringing in rookies and expect them to step up and be star safety. We need a proven player at the position. Hell sign him a deal like Peppers that he has some guarantee that if he sucks in his year we can go separate directions.

Gee, .... Jumping out of a pool takes you only so far in this cruel, cruel world.

Lots of luck with Mr. Lazy. Hope all you bears fan get more than we did down here from the Bazillion dollar man.

Brent, You mean 5 pro bowl seasons and 81 sacks in 8 years? we will take him.

"Lots of luck with Mr. Lazy. Hope all you bears fan get more than we did down here from the Bazillion dollar man."

Brent what are you talking about get more outta him then you did?
The man put up 81 sacks in 8 years. 3rd most in the NFL since 2002.
If Peppers stays on his pace of 10 sacks a year on avg. then he will be well worth the money. If he Flops then the Bears can get rid of him at no extra cost. Brent your post sounds bitter.

By the way Creighton just because Peppers is a high quality player doesnt mean he can come in and demand his jersey number. Thats not fair and mostly onesided. Also if Gilbert was asking for money or what ever he was asking for he should and he shouldnt just bow down.

Giddy giddy goo...

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