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Peppers agent says it's a "good sign" they will visit Bears first

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Prized defensive end Julius Peppers will visit with the Bears Friday, along with running back Chester Taylor.

"I can confirm that there will be a visit sometime Friday," agent Carl Carey said. "This is an exploratory visit that we're taking, to explore the possibility.

Numerous teams expressed interest in Peppers, Carey said. But the Bears made the strongest impression.

"It's a good sign that the Bears are getting the first visit," Carey said.

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If Jerry really gets this done all past mistakes are forgiven!!! My Gosh!! Show Snyder he aint the onliest one in the Hotel businesss Jerry!! YES!!!! Best news I have heard since 1985, even better than Cutler, Cutler was the trade but this.. this is wheelin dealin behin closed doors and gettin on a plane and makin an impression FAST!


Looks like the reports about Peppers and Washington were way wrong. Good for the Bears, now just don't blow it. I heard three guys were comming in for interviews Friday not two. Is a TE comming in as well? Looks like Rolle to the Giants.

I still don't trust Peppers, but the one gap system the Bears use will be easier for him, and if it is true that the Skins are going 3-4 he doesn't make much sense there. I said it before nobody will pay that kind of money for a 5 tech. If they do they are insane. Ooops Dan Snyder. Lovie aleady flew out, hahaha, they are so desperate. They need a good Peppers in the worst way.

Seattle is bringing in Kampman, which fits the way they do things.

If Rolle is out in Chicago is Atogwe on their radar? He is better than Rolle and probably cheaper. I hope they are not planning another mid round safety pick.

Randy what if Peppers comes here and gets six sacks and makes 20 mil his first year? Its a two year move at best 33 year old ends are not gernerally that good. I remember you wanted Peppers last year. Just breath and hope for the best Randy, he's a great player when he wants to be. He will have more chances to rush the passer in this system so that is the very good news, he hates playing the run and will not have to do it that often in this system as his job will be to get to the QB. I am actually getting a little excited.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahh! Sign him! ...and Chester Taylor!

Go Bears!

If, and I mean if, Chicago signs both Peppers and Taylor which the NFL network says if a very strong possibility then those are your 1st and 2nd round picks for this year which would make any draft year one of the best drafts. I have a feeling that to free up some money that Angelo is either going to release Harris or trade him for a draft pick or two. If Pepper does sign then the trade of Cutler looks better and better. I agree with Creighton that Otogwe (sp?) would be a better signing than Rolle.

GET PEPPERS! This defense will be bad again without a good pass rush from the front 4. We had to constantly blitz last year because the D-line was awful and it left huge holes in our pass coverage that good QBs burned us on. We gave up 3rd and longs like candy on holloween. Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer and other QBs embarrased us. They sat in the pocket with all of the time in the world, looked at who was blitzing from our D and found the vacated area downfield. It was a joke. Their punters never even walked on the field. Every opposing possession resulted in a score, with the vast majority of thoes being touchdowns.

creighton, shut up! We all know you get ur info from pft... Stopacting like you work for the bears front office and start acting like a fan... Your such a dildo

He gets a $60 million dollar deal with 20 million guaranteed and never hits double digit sacks again....what a deal. I'd rather have Antrel Rolle, Ryan Clark, and Lito Sheppard for that money.

hmmm...seems as though they're doing as I suggested the other day. Although for $$$ sense i suggested a healthy Kampman instead of Peppers. I also suggested offering Forte for Cromartie. It looks as though it wouldn't have even taken that. A pro bowl caliber young CB for a potentially low 3rd round choice next year?? I would think the Chargers would have rather dealt with an NFC team than a team in their conference that potentially could hurt them in January.
If 2011 draft picks are in play, and if I am Angelo and I might not be in position to even have a say in the 2011 draft {if he loses his job} then I am on the phone withe the Broncos and offering a high draft pick for Marshall. If you did that, I would be more open to an Olsen trade. I still say Hester should be on the trade block. There has to be a GM/HC combo out there who believes Hester can still be a return/deep threat.
Atogwe might and i stress might be a little bit better player than Rolle..I don't see it. But Rolle is much more athletic and a better all around fit for the Bears. He could play free safety and then when you play the teams with 3 and 4 receiver sets he's going to help you in coverage since he was originally a CB.

what if Peppers comes here and gets 14 sacks at 16 m?

and with Peppers then you are correct the Rams Safety is all good.

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