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Pass turkey and stuffing, turn on Bears

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There's a good chance the Cowboys will host the Bears in the second of three games scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, according to several reports.

Charean Williams of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram and are reporting that the Bears are a leading contender to be matched up against Dallas in the holiday game. The Redskins, Eagles and Saints are also potential opponents for the Cowboys that day.

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I would love to see the Bears play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Nothing is worse than spending one of the best holidays watching crappy teams. I think the Bears are going to match up well against the Cowboys this year.

That would be two choke-artist teams going against one another. Should be entertaining but doubtful it will be a well played game. It'd would be cool to see the Bears on Turkey Day though. I'm still not holding my breath for a good season though....after all Lovie is still calling the shots.....I'm not expecting much. Too bad because I think the last couple years could've gone better. Guess we'll see what new head coach we'll be talking about next year at this time.

"Nothing is worse than spending one of the best holidays watching crappy teams." LOL!! Looks like someone's going to have quite a disappointing Thanksgiving this years, if Lovie's Bears really do play.

Do the Bears really matter anymore

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