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Olsen not on the trade block

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Citing friends of Greg Olsen, NBC Chicago reported that the Bears tight end was not happy about the hire of new offensive coordinator Mike Martz and that he "quietly sent his agent Drew Rosenhaus into trade request mode."

That's not the case, according to a source close to the situation.

The Bears are not actively shopping Olsen, although that could change if another club makes an overwhelming offer.

The source tells me that Martz is still trying to get a handle on the Bears offensive players, and he hasn't had time to get his arms around how he will utilize them.

Olsen obviously has heard all the talk about how tight ends have been used in Martz's offense. But, Martz also has never had a tight end with Olsen's athleticism -- at least one who wasn't distracted and disinterested (think Vernon Davis in San Francisco).

Like any young player, Olsen will have to continue to develop, especially as a blocker, and he'll have to win the trust of Martz.

But Martz also must show Olsen that he's open-minded about expanding the role of the tight end in his offense.

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When you spread the defense out like Martz likes to do, you enhance the mismatch Olsen creates in the passing game. Say they go 3 WR, single back, and Olsen on the end of the line. Most defenses would go nickel to defend that. If you shift Olsen into the slot on the strong side, more than likely you would get the SS in coverage, with the free dropping into a deep middle. That leaves LBs to try and cover the back out of the backfield, and lets Olsen work on a smaller player, where he can use his size and speed to work all over the field.

His YAC should go up a lot, and should result in more zones against us, which in turn gives Cutler more time to find an open receiver.

If he thinks Olsen can't make his offense better, then he really is stupid and too arrogant to be in the league any more. But then again, it will only be a one year problem if that is the case. The whole staff is gone if they don't get to the playoffs this year.

I can't see the Bears trading Greg Olsen, why would they? Olsen is a young, talented pass catching tight end with great athleticism. You don't trade those type of players. Most teams in the league are going with two tight ends, one that is a blocker, one that can make plays in the passing game, Olsen is that guy in the passing game.

I believe Mike Martz will find a way to use Greg Olsen, I don't see him going anywhere GO BEARS!!

Joe and Kevin,

You both make great points.

Would teams be interested in having Greg Olsen? Absolutely. But, I'm sure to even get Jerry Angelo's attention, you have to at least talk about a first-round pick. I don't see the Bears taking anything less, since that's what they got him for.

Sean, do you really think the Bears could get a 1st rounder for Olsen? I think not! Olsen isn't considered an "elite" TE in the NFL. His numbers are average compared to the entire league. The Bears would get nothing more than a 2nd for him and that might be pushing it. I would rather have Brandon Marshall for a 1st than Olsen any day.

If Martz is who they say he is, a coach that looks for mismatches and takes advantage of them, then why would he get rid of Olson? Martz did not utilize Vernon Davis very well but that was when Vernon had an attitude which Singletary straightened out last year.

I say Martz finds a way to get some pretty incredible mismatches for Olson and he may even excell in an Air Coryell style offense.

Joe and Kevin, I agree with Sean that you both make great points, but allow me to play devil's advocate for a moment. Has Greg Olsen REALLY showed a "wow" factor ? If the Bears could pick up a second AND a third round pick, with all the holes they have to fill, I would be tempted. After watching the combine (thanks NFL network) there seems to be ALOT of defensive value this year. Would you trade Olsen for a shot at Myron Rolle or a good CB ? I would at least listen to offers, this team has as many holes as a seive.

It's funny seeing the words Olsen and block in the same sentence. We know he can't. I'm sorry but how do you expect his YAC to increase when he can't break a tackle no matter who they put on him. I see DB stop him all alone most of the time. He is a big receiver but he is slow as WRs go. He has always been a pipe dream with his potential. His size is amazing but he looks like Tarzan and plays like...

If anyone - Jerry Angelo included - thinks the Bears could get a first rounder for Olsen, they're out of their mind. Keep in mind that when the Bears traded Thomas Jones, a proven, solid starting running back, they only moved up 20-odd spots in the second round.

Martz has already made it clear that he wants a TE to be a blocker first and pass catcher second. Olsen has underachieved and I would gladly take a late 2nd or early 3rd rounder and plug some holes on that defense or O-line.

WRD took the words out of my mouth. Olsen can't block. His hands are average and any DB can take him down with the slightest effort. It's almost embarassing sometimes to see a guy half his size bring him down. Maybe he could learn how to break a tackle from Jay Cutler?

Olsen's only asset is his speed and since he can't block he's really like a slow, tall WR who doesn't even use his height as an advantage. If the Bears could unload him on to some team that's not too bright (Hey! If it isn't my wise old friend Al Davis!) and get at least a 3rd rounder, then go for it.

Wait, Sean you said Martz never had a TE with Olsen's athletic ability. I am sorry, but have you ever heard of Vernon Davis? Is that a joke, Olsen is not close to the athlete Davis is. Greg Olsen's 1.8 yards after contact, and the reason Martz uses a blocking TE so much is because he goes empty backfield all the time, thats a huge part of his scheme, the 4 wide reciever set. Olsen isn't a mismatch as a reciever, watch some film man, you shut Olsen down by putting a corner on him and its all over, he doesn't go up and get the ball, he can't make the tough catch and the reason his yards after the catch are so weak is because he goes down on first contact. He can run an endzone fade but he can't go up and get the ball, he is a 6'5 TE who can't jump very well.

"The Bears are not actively shopping Olsen, although that could change if another club makes an overwhelming offer." Define overwhelming offer.

Vernon Davis Combine results: 6'3 255.
40 time: 4.38
Vert: 42 in
Broad: 10'08
Bench Press 225: 33
3 Cone: 7.00

Pro Bowlx1.

How exactly is Olsen better than Davis. Davis didn't have Cutler but managed 13 td's, 965 yards, 78 rec. But he is not as good as Olsen, right? Except that he is faster stronger and more fluid with better hands. Ha.

He was better than Olsen in every catagory.

Sean I agree with you Jerry would want a lot for Olsen, but that is because he over values his own guys. I don't buy your sorce man, it sounds like a PR move more than anything, if he is not on the block he is not on the block, but saying he is not on the block and then saying well he is not on the block unless they get a good offer is not the same thing.

Olsen obviously has heard all the talk about how tight ends have been used in Martz's offense. But, Martz also has never had a tight end with Olsen's athleticism.

I completely disagree with this statement. Vernon Davis has by far more athleticism than Greg Olsen and not just by Martz coaching standards, but of any tight end in the league. Vernon Davis is a physical specimen and would shred Greg Olsen in two, running or lifting. Other than a rookie season injury and Singletary's post-game lashing, one of the biggest reasons Davis didn't get his game on until this year was because of Martz's disinterested and unscripted playbook for tight ends. Do some research.

Plays like a grandma, WRD. Greg Olsen is one of the most overrated non-talents on the team. I'll never forget that Carolina game where he fumbled twice. What a shock that the Kevin Bumsteads around here think that he's God's gift to football.

"Olsen is a young, talented pass catching tight end with great athleticism. You don't trade those type of players."

I'd say those are about the only types of players you can trade. Who's going to give up a draft pick for an old, untalented player with bad knees? The argument for trading Olsen is that he's young and has potential and for those reasons he is one of the few players the Bears have that would garner any trade interest. The question then is would the Bears be a better team without Olsen and with the draft pick that they would get for him. Considering he hasn't really been able to beat out Des Clark then I'd say if they can get a second then absolutely they'd be better. If it's a third, most likely, and if it's a fourth maybe not. Keep him if it's a fifth or lower.

In fairness to Olsen, I wouldn't come down on his yards after the catch that much because no Bears receiver had many yards after the catch last year. That'll happen when every pattern is a hook or a pass in the flat.

I challenge any of you to produce physical evidence that Greg Olsen cannot block. Enough Already. Do you even know what you are talking about? Stop it already. Stop repeating other peoples uninformed opinions. Show me the tapes.

At 9:15 Pm Hub Arkush sonfirmed that Greg Olsen did aske for a trade stated that his multiple sources in Halas hall have all confirmed it. He further gave the reason why Olsen asked for the trade.

After hearing that the Bears are very intrested in TE Brandon Manumaleuna to be their blocking TE, Olsen feared that with him doing the blocking and Hester in the slot he would not see the field very much. So Olsen went in requesting a trade if the Bears bring in Brandon Manumaleuna. He also is worried about all the promises that Martz made when he went to SF and said all the same things he is saying here. By the way for those that think Martz would split Olsen out wide think again, his offense needs speed on the edge, becuase he is running timing routs and faster is better. Slow guys do not have make up speed, for a TE Olsen has good speed, for a reciever not only is average in terms of speed, but my god if you think he can make a cut like a 190 reciever you are dreaming.

You want to know why Davis was a problem under Martz. Because Martz promised to use him as an offensive weapon but instead made him a blocker and he saw little in the way of plays designed for him to get the ball. For the last time the guy does not feature the TE in his offense, when you have an empty backfield you need the TE to block. Martz uses more 4 wide sets than anyone you have ever seen, not to mention their is no place for Olsen in the slot anymore because that is where Hester is. With a good blocking TE this offense can give up 50 sacks easy, what do you think it will do with Olsen in their blocking? You think Martz is going to abandon his signiture 4 reciever sets for Olsen? Or think he will take away his speed advantage on the edge to get slower for no reason? This is not the WCO, its a reciever based offense, TE block in those.

Olsen has been pretty average at best as a tight end. He is just a big slow wide receiver. He can't block, which means if you bring in a blocking tight end you are tipping your hand that a run is coming. Leave him in to block in a pass and you can watch a linebacker blitz and demolish him.

Let him walk, I am not completely opposed to Kellen Davis getting promoted. He is a prototypical tight end. We really don't know much of what we have in him. But not only has Olsen shown that he is not that great of a receiver in the first place (look at all the blown routes and failure to break up passes that were intercepted), but he is now looking like a crybaby.

He was drafted before Zach Miller, Brent Celek, and Kevin Boss and has shown that he is not HALF the tight end they are. He is a bust, get a draft pick or two for him and move on with life.

Why wouldn't Olson be on the trading block? Might as well see what you can get for him. Everyone has a price. If Olson leaves, you still have Clark and the Beast (forgot his name, but he's 6'7" 270lbs).

For that matter, why wouldn't other players be on the block as well? Briggs has great value. Urlacher still has some value left. Might as well throw Hester into that bag as well. He is only great as a returner, but average as a receiver. The Bears have others willing and able to return kicks and punts. Not saying trade all or any of them, but might as well listen to offers.

I say out with the old, and in with the new, but only at the right price. I don't know what that price is, but is should be good for the Bears. Might as well see what is offered.

However, they may be trying to "go for it all" since Angelo and Smith are on probation. If that is the case, keep them all, and sign Peppers, Antrelle Rolle, and another running back (Jones, Taylor, Westbrook, etc.)

And, Olson will not get the Bears a first round pick. No way in Hell. He can't block...... ANYTHING.

Oh well, I just got connected with a guy with 4 season tix. We are obviously splitting the home games, so I hope the season is entertaining to say the least.

Go Bears!!

You guys keep parroting that Olsen can't block. Is that like a genetic thing? The dude is 6'5" and 255 very athletic pounds and he "can't" block? Give me a break.

I thought the message to Olsen from Martz was crystal clear. He said the first thing a tight end has to be able to do was put his hand on the ground and block. Otherwise why not just play another wideout? He's telling Olsen that if he wants to catch passes, he has to be able to be a complete tight end and block. My guess is that Olsen's improved blocking is going to be the sensation of training camp.

If you have ever set foot on a football field you know one thing. Blocking is about 25% ability and 75% want to. Olsen has plenty of ability, he just needs coaching and "want to". Up to now they have not really asked Olsen to block that much. Doesn't mean he can't.

I don't trust anything reported by the famous "Hub Arkush" - who is one of the many parasite's living off this organization. Nothing but a self appointed 'expert'. However, trading Olsen is smart if they could trade him for any of the following -

1. A stud FS
2. A stud WR
3. A stud DE
4. A stud corner

But you don't prosper by creating additional needs; you prosper by filling them.

trade hester & olsen for marshall their pay will equal out then go after free agents for def and off line

in response to [stuckinwisconsin]

Why is it everybody is so quick to trade offensive players just because a new OC has came to Chicago? Ok the Bears trade Olsen and total bust out in 2010 and clean house for 2011. At that point the Bears have a old TE in Clark and a blocking TE that has stone hands. Trading Olsen just Because and only because a stop gap coach has came in is buisness stupid!! Bears have Cutler, Forte, Williams,Olsen, Hester , and Knox as young building blocks for the future.

Creighton you just quoted a person that said that the Bears were in the hunt for a new head coach with 4 names that He himself nevered named.....

Hub Arkish's word in many of many Chicago fans is discredited because he does wishful thinking much like you!
Seems to me the Bears once again made you look like fool. Well that isnt a surprise sence they always have a way NOT to do what you want them to do. Its as if someone inside Halas Hall is reading your post and says well lets not do that because this nobody wants us too.

"Up to now they have not really asked Olsen to block that much. Doesn't mean he can't." - MSBearsfan

Umm, I'm sorry did you not watch any of the games over the last few years? Did you happen to miss how, every game it seemed, the genius that was Ron Turner put Olsen in the backfield to lead block for the RB? I know I didn't miss it because I fondly recall screaming at the television how stupid of an idea it was. How many times have I seen defenders fly by Olsen and make a tackle on the ballcarrier? Again, it was almost embarassing. And you think Martz is just going to wave a magic wand and Olsen will know how to block? LOL, he's been a bad blocker since college. It won't change. Trade him.

I'm sorry but I am a free thinker and usually disagree with most of you guys so if I am saying that Olsen can't block it's because he doesn't do it very well. I have an HD DVR and I play back a lot of stuff and it's very clear. In all honesty I was expecting everyone to bite my head off about it. But everyone can see it. He isn't a strong guy. Anyone who isn't tooting his horn about his promise would see that. In his defense, those two fumbles he made in that one game were the only fumbles of his career. It's sad when you see him catch the ball and there is all that green field and a little ole CB waiting for him and he doesn't truck the guy. NEVER. He wiffed on blocks so many times that I'm not surprised there is a video on you-tube making fun of him. I would have loved for this guy to have been a great TE. I don't want any of our players to fail. But he isn't anything special. Maybe that's why I dislike so many of the TEs in the league because they all seem head and shoulders better being an overall TE.

V. Davis is the most athletic tight end in the league now, and probably ever. Olsen is a great threat at TE but nowhere near what Davis brings to the table athletically. The comparison is absurd. And, a lot of Davis's "attitude" issues stemmed from Martz's arrogant refusal to use the best weapon at his disposal in the passing game, opting instead to try and make it work with Arnaz Battle and an Isaac Bruce retread.

Olsen should be clamoring for a way out of Chi town.

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