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No fluff in Peppers' deal

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Sometimes, contracts can be inflated.

But two league executives confirmed that the Bears did, in fact, give Julius Peppers a monster contract that makes him the league's highest-paid defensive player.

The six-year deal is worth $84 million, half of which is guaranteed. In addition, Peppers can earn another $7.5 million in incentives, making the maximum total $91.5 million.

On average, Peppers should be able to net an extra $350,000 to about $500,000 per year in incentives, while more lucrative ones like defensive player of the year and a Super Bowl victory would be more challenging.

His deal tops DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys and Albert Haynesworth of the Washington Redskins.

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The Monsters of the Midway!!!

And Da Bears raised Ticket Prices to accommodate the newest Bears, which means they knew a tad before hand they were going `hog wild' :}

All a bunch of Smoke, Jerry's usual tactics.....

Nope, we can't call the McCaskey Family cheap any longer.

Nice article on Julius and doubters...

Uh, yeah, like I said man, the money's not what's important to me, you know? I do it for the love of the game. And I, uh, love the rich tradition of this storied franchise. Yeah, I really do. I really do.

Here's hoping he brings his 'A' Game with him to Chicago, it's nice to hear that our tradition has not died in the eyes of the players who play the game, Chicago has alaways been a football town first and foremost and this team needs to get back to the big game and get a WIN.....Finally the McCaskey's have learned that you can't live on money alone, titles mean just as much when you own a franchise......Time for the Players to get hungry and produce......I want to see another title before I'm gone, the last one was 25 years ago.....Go BEARS

I say if your gonna pay somebody, pay someone that you know is gonna help the team. I'd of rather seen the money go to a guy like Julius Peppers, who is a proven NFL player, than say a 1st round draft pick who could be hit or miss. At least we know Peppers can give the Bears double digit sacks and help the entire team defense overall with his ability to rush the passer. Which he has proven year in and year out unlike a draft pick has. With no first rounder to pay, why not pay a beast like Peppers.

The Bears now have some legit talent on defense, from Peppers to Tommie Harris to Urlacher and Briggs. If healthy, this defense has the potential to be a very dominant unit. Before it was Tommie Harris picking up the double team to free up everyone else, now with Peppers, whose gonna get the double team? You double Peppers, Harris is one on one, you double Harris, Peppers is one on one. Go ahead and double both of them, our linebackers will run wild on you. Lovie now has the talent to make his scheme go.

A lot of people get down on Peppers because he'll go a couple games with no sacks. Thats to be expected when you pick up a double team as much as Peppers does, same with Tommie Harris. Now with the two all-pro defensive linemen lined up next to each other, they should both be very effective because one is gonna be free on every play, there by making the Bears entire defense better and more effective with a more consistent pass rush. Tommie Harris is now healthy this off-season for the first time in a long time. At seasons end, in weeks 10-17, Tommie Harris had 7 tackles for loss, 10 for the season, he got better as the year went on, Peppers was worth it for the fact he'll be teamed with Tommis Harris GO BEARS!!

Couldn't real call the McCaskey's cheap before, just look at the payroll over the last 10 years. You can call them stupid, but not cheap. By the way their was only one season they didn't raise ticket prices over the last 10 years, last year. They pretty much raise them every year, and the price raise won't pay Peppers. They will deduct more out of the TV revenue they get, thats how most teams pay their players, ticket sales usually go directly to ownership.

Sean, any idea on what the Bears payroll looks like for next year? I figure it has to be top 5 in the nfl. Which means you better make the playoffs, cause you get paid like a top 5 team you better be a top 5 team.

Yes, call them stupid as I dont feel they should have given those contract extensions to the older players that then sat on the bench.
Url Harris etc.....
But there is no reason to wonder why they gave Peppers that pay raise as he earned it on past merit. Its a job and he got a raise based on past production, Mgmt. feels he will continue in that mold.
I would think so as well.

I would just as soon see our young LB get a shot early and often - maybe even trade Url. Of course I am hoping he can come back but from what I saw last year when he started - Pisa outplayed Url big time.
We still have OG and Safety holes.

I have no problem with this. The year has no cap and the deal was structured such that most of the money is in 2010; smart move from my vantage point. At least Peppers is on the field every down, unlike Haynesworth.

One hears from players all the time that pro football is big business. I occasionally get nostalgic for a time when the love of the game was the primary reason for continuing in pro sports after college ( if that ever was the case ), but nowadays a number of players cannot wait to earn the big bucks and go pro before graduating or even just out of high school. On the other hand, with the possibility of an injury before their pro career even starts, one can hardly blame them for making the big money as soon as possible.Of course we fans are at least partly to blame because we want to root for winners, and winners garnish the biggest paychecks.C'est la vie, asi es la vida, such is life.

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