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NFLPA Q&A with Matt Forte

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The NFL Players Association website posted this Q and A with Bears running back Matt Forte. Khalil Garriott of the NFLPA conducted the interview.

Since Week 1 of his rookie season in 2008, Matt Forté has given the Chicago Bears plenty of reasons to think he is their running back of the foreseeable future. In his two NFL seasons, Forté has compiled 3,115 rushing and receiving yards and 16 touchdowns while being a featured part of the Chicago offense. In this exclusive interview with NFLPLAYERS.COM, Forté talks about following in the footsteps of his legendary Bears predecessors, his career goals and more.
Q: What do you think was the biggest difference for you individually between this past year and last year?
A: I would say that last year, I sort of jumped off the first half of the season and had some immediate success, but this year ... I kind of struggled. But I think eventually the running game will come along for us and I'll be successful.
Q: Have you had one person in your football career that helped you get to where you are today?
A: I would say my father. He played college football at Tulane just like I did, and he gave me a lot of advice going up there. He was a great coach when I was in little league, and he taught me a lot of aspects of the game that a lot of other guys didn't know.
Q: Being a running back for the Chicago Bears, you're part of a proud tradition of great backs. Do you look at the career of Walter Payton or anyone else as an example?
A: Well, of course. I've known that since I was drafted. I knew going into this famous organization that you'd be compared to the great Gale Sayers or Walter Payton, so I prepared for it. Of course I want to be compared to those guys, after being where they were and where they are. So hopefully after a long career, I can be amongst those names.
Q: What do you think you have to do on a week-by-week and year-by-year basis to get to that level?
A: I'm looking to be consistent, because if you can be consistent--consistently good--then you can be considered great. Because all those guys, they've all had great games [and] great teams, but what they really share is consistency. And that's what makes them great players.
Q: What would you say to the Bears fans out there who are disappointed with the way the offense has performed the last couple of seasons?
A: [They've] just got to be patient and have faith in us. You're not going to have success every game, and it's difficult to do some of the things on the field. Eventually good things will come because we're all out here working hard and trying to be the best we can be. Just have faith in the team and don't be a bandwagoner who jumps off when the team's doing bad, then jumps back on when we do good.
Q: What are your career goals?
A: Of course everybody wants to be a 1,000-yard rusher, but I want to be above and beyond that and continue to be consistent, because like I said before, guys like Walter Payton [and Gale] Sayers were consistent backs. I just want to be that benchmark, be a consistently solid back and have success in this league.
Q: What's the best part about being Matt Forté?
A: Just being blessed by being able to play a good game of football. Beyond that, having a lot of people look up to me feels great.

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Matt Forte said: "Just have faith in the team and don't be a BANDWAGONER who jumps off when the team's doing bad, then jumps back on when we do good."

Me and my boy Kevin Bumstead agree with Forte 150%, either root for the Bears, or go root for the Packers. If you disagree, your conscious has probably got the best of you and your a Steelers fan, now GO BEARS!!

I do not usually get into the negative criticism game, Sean, but this interview leaves a lot to be desired. Forte is a thoughtful, thinking player and deserves better questions to answer than you gave him. How does he feel about Martz, how big an impact does he think a great blocking tight end will have, how does he feel about the excess number of running backs the Bears now have,how does he think a greater emphasis on passing will affect his play and preparation, how does he think the new tight end will impact on the present ones, etc.? Is there a good reason I'm unaware of that prevented your asking such questions?

Yes, Paul, there is a good reason he didn't ask such questions. He didn't give the interview. It's copied from

Oops! Thanks , Joe. I really know better than to pay more attention to who says what rather than what is said, but I was interested in what Forte woud say and did not check the crediting details. Apologies to Sean for the false accusation and transfer the blame to Neil Hayes ( whom I usually like ) for picking up such an unenlightening Q/A article. Sean should have ignored it too.

but Kevin you were actually complaining about the team this year: You complained about the Adams trade, you complained about Pace, you complained about Williams at RT, you complained about Omiyale over Beekman, you complained about Beekman not starting instead of Olin. You complained about Turner, you complained about Lovie's clock managment, you complained that Gilbert didn't see the field more, you complained that DA didn't get enough playing time, you complained about the Orton trade, you complained about the offensive line not being addressed the last enough. You complained about Bennett last year not getting playing time, at the ehd of this season you wanted Lovie and Angelo gone. Oh almost forgot you complained about the team not putting in better turf at Soldier Field.

Kevin you complain more than you realize. Granted you are a great big scary cheerleader most of the time, but you do complain, which means you are not a fan according to you. Oh Kevin I can't believe you gave up on the Bears. So are you a Steelers fan now? Cause I am pretty sure you are still a big Mike Hass fan and he is on the Seahawks. By the way where is Kevin Bumstead I miss him and Neckbeard sucks. Remember him? That little dude was insane, but so funny.

By the way Forte hates interviews and the media, he was constantly making little remarks after the game. He didn't like people asking him why he wasn't playing very well.

Crap-ton, do you write down EVRY thing other people say and then wait foir the right time to use it against them? How pathetice.

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