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Shanahan: 'I'm a Cutler fan'

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Mike Shanahan had nothing but positive things to say about Jay Cutler during an interview on the "Waddle and Silvy Show" on WMVP (AM-1000) this morning.

"I'm a Jay Cutler fan," Shanahan said. "I can just talk about what Jay Cutler did for Mike Shanahan not exactly his experience in Chicago. But [he's a] Pro Bowl player, [he] had a good supporting cast around him, [he's] a worker, very smart, handles himself like you want, I thought he was just getting better and better. Obviously there are going to be some road blocks for every quarterback in the league and he's going through a tough situation right now, but my opinion is he'll work through it and Chicago will be very proud to have him as their quarterback."

Shanahan, who is now with the Redskins, coached Cutler when they were both in Denver. He is one of several coaches who have worked with Cutler in the past who insist the quarterback's body language is not only not a problem but casts him in a negative light.

"I like the way he handles himself," Shanahan said. "I like the way he competes, I like him on a day-in, day-out basis and I think people will see his personality in time and I hope it's a short time with a little success."

Of course, Cutler can't do it alone. Shanahan stressed the importance of not only having an elite quarterback but the right mix of players around him and a complimentary scheme.

"I don't care what quarterback you have, you have to have a good supporting cast and not only a good supporting cast but you've got to have a system that really relates to the players and that's what you're working for as a head coach in the NFL, to put that all together," he said. 

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Translation: The Bears system is not working and they don't know how to evaluate or use their talent (see most players who leave do better elsewhere. Also see Devin Hester). Shanahan just said it nicely. Good for him.

Shanny's a smart man. Cutler will do just fine as long as his receivers get on the same page and can understand a tough playbook. The O line needs to do a better job which will have an impact on the running game as well. Give Cutler a little time in the Martz O playbook & I bet you see a very exciting offense.

The Bears will never have the talent they need so long as Angelo is doing the drafting in Chicago.

So does anyone want to take a bet that Lovie will trade Cutler to Washington for Rex or an aging defensive end? That is about Lovie's speed..Finally get a good QB, give him some time to prosper, Farve through tons of picks when he first started, even Manning...if Cutler had receivers that didnt cutoff thier routes and offensive line that would block, he would be in the pro bowl... just needs to cut down on the bad choices.

Cutler has the physical tools but he made many a poor decision last year of his own making that cost the Bears dearly. Using his head half as well as Payton Manning or Drew Brees and you will have all pro or at a minimum a probowl caliber player year in and year out.

He still has some maturing to do and to realize take the open read not the unlikely touchdown thrown into coverage.

I've watched Mike Shanahan for a while and he's a great offensive master mind. He was correct when he talked about getting the best talent around a qb. The Bears, for years, have selected people based on payment and not talent. They passed on Reggie Wayne for someone I can't even remember-there is a difference between mediocre talent and great talent. If you have players that take forever to learn a play book and cut off routes there's no way a qb could succeed. Neither Manning, Brady, or Brees could succeed with what we have. They neglected the O line for years and released players that went on to have great careers in other places. No system can work if you don't have to right players and only fantasy living fans believed all we needed was a qb. This team still needs a true #1 receiver, a great young blocking TE, better O line players, younger defensive players. People need to stop the comaparisons to super bowl qbs in the league because they're playing with BETTER talent. The Bears took Martz because no elite person was going to take that job-they would've wanted to change the pieces and they weren't going to let them. If you assmeble a team full of mediocre talent then you'll get mediocre results. Play calling wasn't the bears problem last year-it was LACK of talent.

We should be glad that Shanahan left Denver and gave the Bears a shot at Cutler. Otherwise the Broncos would be as formidable as any team in the NFL and Cutler would be repeating performances in the Pro Bowl.As it is, maybe Cutler can get the Bears to the Super Bowl again the way Rex did, only with better results this time.

Party Up, I like the name.

I agree with you in that the Bears need more talent and a true number one receiver like Marshall would be a great start, O line as well needs help.

But, please also realize that despite the mediocre talent Cutler still made many mistakes and threw into coverage when he either should have thrown it out of bounds (particularly in the red zone) or he should have gone with an open read for less yardage but not risk the turnover.

The suppossed experts also agree that Cutler's choices were not good in many instances, throwing interceptions at the least opportune times.

I think if Cutler wants to earn the moniker as the next great QB then all fans should compare him to QB's like Brees and Manning, not only comparing the physical tools but the mental ones as well and in the mental game right now Cutler does not compare favorably to the top line QB's in the league.

I hate to say that because there is nothing I would like more than for Cutler to be the superstar he has the talent to be. The head (decision making) is just as important as the arm and legs.

"I don't care what quarterback you have, you have to have a good supporting cast and not only a good supporting cast but you've got to have a system that really relates to the players and that's what you're working for as a head coach in the NFL, to put that all together," he said.

See Rex and Kyle with no system or supporting cast...

Hopefully Jay has all that falling in place.

You gotta Love Shanny, still can't believe Denver got rid of him for McDaniels. Many of us bloggers have been saying it for a long time now, they need better talent. No offense to Shanahan but eveyone knows that. The other thing is Shanahan knew how to use Cutler, while Lovie tried to make Cutler into a pocket passer. Shanahan uses that run action WCO while the Bears tried to make the WCO into a pocket passing system cause Smith doesn't want to limit anyone to half a field at anytime. Which yes he did say several times last year. Question is, is Cutler now in the right system and is the personel around him right for that system as well. I am gonna say no.

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