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Mark Anderson could get second-round tender

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Bears defensive end Mark Anderson has a disappointing 4.5 sacks the last two seasons. But the Bears could try to lure other teams to pursue Anderson by placing a second-rounder tender on him.

As a rookie in 2006, Anderson collected 12 sacks as a situational pass rusher. That number is nothing to scoff at, and other teams could be interested in adding Anderson to their defensive line rotation.

A team with a lower second-round pick may consider that just reasonable enough to make a play for Anderson, and the Bears could opt to match or pass. If they declined to match, then the Bears would pick up a second-round pick, which is important since they currently are without one for April's draft.

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I think that would be a good idea. The guy is garbage and gives up on plays too much. Such a disappointment. I just hope if the Bears decide to do this, they get a good pick out of the second round.

Watch out, MA! The instant the Bears put a second-rounder on you, either your knees will fall off or you will die. It's the second-round curse. That, or you'll go to the Jets, where you'll record 15 sacks next season.

You have got to be crazy if you think someone else would give up a 2nd round pick for Anderson. The only team that would probably do something like this is also the seller.

If we could get a second round pick for Mark Anderson, go for it! Tom Landry once said if a player has not become an NFL starter by the end of their third year, odds are they never will be. Time to move on, he had his chance and couldn't do it. We need starting caliber players, we have enough back-ups on this team.

I have no doubt that MA would go to a 3-4 team and be a 10-13 sack guy as the dedicated pass rusher. Plus he would be coached properly.. what a concept. Doubt anyone is gonna give up a 2 for him though. Trib is reporting that poor Manning is being looked at to play SS??? WTF... No wonder that guy is not playing well. Lovie is a joke. After 4 years of having him, Lovie still has no clue where to play him. Total joke.. He struggles in coverage Lovie... Leave him in the nickel and simplify what he does. Let him blitz or go man coverage. Learn what your guys do well Lovie,, and play them in spots where they can use their strengths... This season will be no different. Lovie is clueless.... The D will tank again... wow... just wow..

I dont believe that Jerry can sign his own player and give away a second for him (like he gave away our 2nd for a DE before)
Maybe he could trade him for C. Harris or T. Jones?? Thats Jerrys real achilles heel, giving away players with talent or draft choices for underachievibg players.

seriously maybe a 4th or 5th, as Anderson has been non existent, which is better than a Jerryified 1st or 2nd

Don't be crazy Sean. With his talent MA will command 2 1st round picks easy.

And yet if he is traded how will I cope with this loss. He is a bear wich means he is the best player in the world. Oh dear.

Randy: right on probably a 4th or 5th rounder and Angelo is in his comfort level with these later picks, sad but true.

Although, I am not convinced that Mark Anderson is not going to come back and have a decent year. When you get no push from the DT's it is difficult for an end to make plays on the QB. Mark Anderson although not great with the sacks seemed to be more disruptive this year, he was in the backfield more often than last.

1990: Lovie is one of the most clueless coaches I have ever seen. The manner in which Manning has been jerked around for the last four years is paramount to pathetic. No wonder he is having trouble when all he gets is play here, no play there, over here, no back over there, who am I? what am I? Lovie, truly does not do well with talent evaluation.

Manning was successful at the nickel and with Kick returns. Lovie what is wrong with letting Manning be successful with these two important functions, why do you continue to put Manning into roles where he is challenged, just let Manning play in the area he has had success. DUH!!

Its a good move, they are not looking ot match anything for Anderson, they want him gone but want to get something for him. Anderson is not a 4-3 end, but may play well as ROLB with his speed. However a second seems high for this guy.

More news coming out of the combine about Olsen, rumor has it he is on the block for a second. Word is Bears are looking to pick up draft picks from a deep class. Olsen does not fit the system abd Martz already stated his feelings on the position in his offense and thats blocking.

Olsen averaged 1.8 yards after contact which is horrible. But is a big fast athletic TE with soft hands and a good history health with his knees. He would probably give you a second.

Other news is that the Bears are after not 1 but 2 safeties, Rhodes and Rolle. They are real high on both guys. Thats the rumor anyway.

If Chicago can bring in Julius Peppers, Chicago could live without Mark Anderson, if not, their probably gonna have to resign Mark Anderson. The only legit end on the roster right now is Alex Brown.

Anderson did step up his play this past season, especially vs the run, but I just can't see Anderson ever being a consistent pass rusher, no matter who is lined up next to him. He never was in college, and really hasn't been one in the pros other than that one season. I think Anderson caught the league by surprise as a rookie situational pass rusher, and as soon as they got some game tape on him, figured out how to stop him. Anderson is solid, but will never be spectacular, especially as a pass rusher. A 2nd rounder would be nice, but I can't see that either. Sign Peppers GO BEARS!!

Get real. We are lucky we get a couple cheerleaders for him....

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T. O. is out there! So is T. Jones!! cmon Man!

Nice article on T.O. being on his best behavior and the Ravens Coach is gushing all over him on Yahoo.

T. Jones!

cmon Man!!


Letting Thomas Jones go 3 yrs ago illustrated the Bears poor talent evaluation. Jones is a hard nosed runner that can grind down a defense & take over a game. Don't pass up the chance to correct a bad mistake; re-sign TJ ASAP!!!

If Pisa goes, we may need to convert Anderson into a linebacker. 6'4 255 lbs, he's the perfect size.

Anderson is a linebacker at 6'4, 255lbs. Pisa looks to be on his way, convert Anderson to OLB ...

What many of you dont understand is players play better in some schemes and positions than in others. Landry's 3 year comment is partly true but fact is Take a guy like Aaron Kampmon. At DE in a 4-3 he is great. In a 3-4 which moves him from DE to OLB he becomes average at best.

Mark Anderson is not a 4-3 guy. Mark Anderson is a 3-4 OLB guy. He's like Rosevelt Colvin.

What Anderson needs to do is go to the Chargers were Ron Rivera is. Point is, the only guy to get sacks out of MA is Rivera.

Of course if I owned the Bears we'd have Cowher or Fisher as our head coach with Rivera back as Def Coord / assistant head coach.

Sean, there is no way anyone gives up a 2nd round pick for Mark Anderson. He did a good job ONCE as a situational pass-rusher, and that was 4 years ago. Since then he's done NOTHING.

The Bears took a lot of heat for giving up a 2nd rounc pick for Gaines Adams, a more complete DE signed to a team friendly contract who was once the 4th overall pick.

It is pretty ignorant to suggest a team might send a second rounder to the Bears for Anderson.

The other side of this is that if a team is interested in Anderson, they don't necessarily have to give up a second rounder. That is merely a place-holder for the Bears that says "give me a call to talk about him" so they can work out a deal. There used to be a lot of movement on restricted free agents by negotiating a lower compensation and then doing a "sign and trade" kind of thing. The player signs the tender, gets traded to another team, and gets a new deal at the end of the trade. So Danieal Manning could be had for a second or third rounder, and Anderson probably can go for a 3rd or 4th rounder. A guy who got 12 sacks before might still be salvageable. As Kevin said, he played a lot better down the stretch, and really seemed to improve under Marinelli, so there could be teams that see the potential, and think they can coax it out of him. Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh, Ron Rivera, and Eric Mangini are looking for a spark in the 3-4, and Anderson might be able to make that transition, and allow them to focus on other needs early instead of pass rusher.

Good move by the Bears, as they will get to see how valuable these guys are to the rest of the league. I think Manning is more valuable simply because of his return skills, but let's face it; sacks make headlines. Anderson may get some looks

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