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Manumaleuna to visit Friday, as well

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Tight end Brandon Manumaleuna will join Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor at Halas Hall on Friday, according to multiple sources.

The former Rams and Chargers tight end had his best years while playing for Mike Martz in St. Louis. Now Martz is the Bears offensive coordinator, and having a player such as Manumaleuna, who is essentially a third tackle at 6-foot-2, 295 pounds, which will make it easier for Jay Cutler to take all those seven-step drops while remaining upright.

It could also make incumbant tight end Greg Olsen sweat even more than he currently is since receiving tight ends don't thrive in Martz's system.

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trade Olsen for a mid to low 1st rounder!!!! Go Bears

Trade the bum Olsen.

I see Chicago has already inked tight end Brandon Manumaleuna. Manumaleuna should help out Chicago's running game as well as helping Jay Cutler stay upright in a 7 step drop. He's a 10 year vet although, if I were Angelo I'd still draft or sign a free agent rookie tight end that could block, someone to develope.

If Greg Olsen isn't traded, I'm hearing New England may have interest in Olsen, Kellen Davis could be the odd man out. He hasn't developed into the blocker Chicago thought the 6-7 270lb tight end would. Davis seems to want to be more of a pass catcher than a blocker. I would still keep Olsen around, I still think Mike Martz can find a way to use him GO BEARS!!

I think the Bears should trade Olsen to Denver for Marshall! I will take his baggage and get rid of a 1st rounder who can't block and drops far to many passes. Give Kellen Davis another year to learn how to block, he could become a great redzone target if given the chance at least he catches the ball.

I would start to think Dez is going to be odd man if anything. This is his last year under contract, and we might be looking to re-juvenate the position for Cutler. If we move Olsen, we might still move Clark before the season starts. I think Davis showed big improvement from year 1 to year 2, and can keep getting better.

I do like the idea of a rookie blocking TE, but last year, all of the blocking TEs were drafted, but perhaps we will get lucky this year because it is such a deep class.

So if we move Olsen for a second rounder, who do we have a shot at? Say we get the 42nd pick from New England. Looking at Sporting News' mock, the guys drafted in that area are Odrick, Jeff Owens, and Jon Asamoah. Still on the board are Ducasse, Pouncey, and Petrus for OL. Is that worth dropping a young athletic TE? Perhaps.

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