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Manumaleuna can help running and passing game

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The Bears have agreed to terms with free-agent tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, the former Rams and Chargers tight end confirmed this morning during a radio interview on WMVP (AM 1000).

The 6-foot-2, 295-pound veteran had his best seasons in St. Louis under coach Mike Martz, who is now the Bears offensive coordinator. Although primarily a blocker, Manumaleuna could make an impact in the passing and running games by blocking for quarterback Jay Cutler and creating running lanes for Matt Forte and perhaps Chester Taylor, who, along with Manumaleuna and defensive end Julius Peppers, are also visiting Halas Hall today.
"I just wanted to come out here and meet with them and see how everything was going, and they kind of expressed themselves real well once the free agency period started to let me know how serious they were and I felt comfortable with everything about the situation, the coaches, the city, the team, so it just felt like a natural fit," Manumaleuna told the "Waddle and Silvy Show" on WMVP (AM-1000) on Friday morning.

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Just because he is an eligible receiver under the rules doesn't make him a tight end. At 6-2 and 295 he is really a finesse tackle who just happens to have good hands. They've just thrown him a pass occasionally to keep the defense honest.

This has nothing to do with Olsen. Olsen is a completely different player than Manumaleuna. They actually complement one another pretty well on an NFL roster. However it probably does mean Des Clark is gone. You have to hate that because all he ever did was the job. They are obviously going to try to coach up Olsen to replace Clark as the every-down tight end.

I don't know about how this shakes out for Davis. It's possible he could be a real stud under Martz's system. It looked to me like he made some developmental strides last year. Could he be the one who winds up as trade bait?

The Bears are idiots for starting Greg Olsen over Desmond Clark. Olsen can't block, has lousy hands, and goes down as soon as a defender blows on his shoelaces. Clark, while not having the raw physical talent of Olsen, is a much better tight end. If they get rid of Clark in favor of Olsen, it would be just one more piece of evidence that this organization has no clue.

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