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Manning may get a tender with a twist

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It appears the Bears may put a tender on safety Danieal Manning with a cost of his original draft pick.

And although Manning was a second-round pick, the Bears would only receive a third-round pick.

That's because of a rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Bears may place a second-round tender on defensive end Mark Anderson, who was a fifth-round pick. The CBA mandates that a club upgrade the round of restricted free agent, meaning the Bears would have to place a first-round tender on Manning.

But by placing the original draft pick tender on Manning, the Bears would save over $500,000. The original tender amount is $1.176 million while the second-round tender is $1.759. A first-round tender jumps up to $2.521 million.

Manning has started 40 games for the Bears since being taken in the second-round of the 2006 NFL Draft. At this point, he's projected to have the inside track to starting at strong safety, with the presumption that the Bears land a more heralded free agent to play free safety.

Ryan Clark and Jermaine Phillips are among the unrestricted free agents projected to be available. But Antrel Rolle and Kerry Rhodes may be released by their respective teams. Indications are, however, that the Cardinals are trying to keep Rolle.

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I always liked Manning. He seems like a good guy. If the Bears do part ways with him, I hope he latches on to a team that a.) Knows where to play him and b.) Knows how to coach him.

Talent such as his shouldn't be wasted. Manning isn't lazy or uninterested in what he's doing, his "coaches" have simply screwed him up. The farther Lovie is away from Manning, the better off he will be.

Now it says in the article that he's projected to be the starter at strong safety? Wow. So that would mean he's played every DB position there is. He just might work out there with his speed and the fact that he likes to stay closer to the line, but dear God Lovie are you really that clueless on how to use him?

I can't see Danieal Manning having the inside track to starting at strong safety even if the Bears do sign a legit free safety. I would think Al Afalava or Kevin Payne would be the front runners for the strong safety job. Manning's best spot is the nickle position. If Manning is brought back, thats where they need to keep him.

If Chicago can get a third rounder for Manning, by all means go for it. Manning is an effective nickleback, but Chicago already has Corey Graham, who can also man the nickle position probably just as good. So resigning Manning really isn't a priority. I'd try and get a draft pick out of him, a third rounder would be nice GO BEARS!!

So if I were another team interested in either player (Manning as a kick returner would be a nice boost to any team, and Anderson might do well in a Giants type system), I would call the Bears and negotiate a trade for a lesser pick. So if Manning gets a third round tender, offer a 4th. If Anderson gets a second, offer a 3rd.

Now if the CBA rule says they have to put a first round tender on him, he isn't going anywhere, but someone might call and still offer a 3rd for him, possibly a second. I would put everyone on the table to be had for the right price, except for Cutler.

I wrote this earlier but I will repeat it. Olsen, Anderson and ,Manning are guys they are hoping to move for draft picks. The Bears want into this draft in bad way, their are some young players that they apperantly really liked.

On the safety front Jensen or Hayes reported that the Bears where intrested in Rhodes or Rolle, but the latest rumor is that they want both. The other rumor floating around is that the Bears were talking to teams about players they where planning to release and that their may be some big names getting cut really soon, one of them may be an end they really like.

I know some people like Olsen but he doesn't fit the offense and the Bears need to win now. The bears may be looking to get a pair of second round picks and another third, they may then try to move into the first for an elite level player they really like.

Word is a good offer will get anyone but Cutler and Briggs. That may even include Urlacher.

If its all true, good for the Bears for doing something they should have done after the 2008 season.

Manning hasn't stuck at any position because he can't master any of the positions. He has great athletic ability which is why the coaches keep trying to find a place for him, but he doesn't show the ability to stick anywhere. I don't think he has it upstairs (remember the blown play in the Superbowl?). He may start training camp at Strong Safety, but he will be beat out again, and go back to nickelback, if he isn't beat out at that position too. Please god don't let whoever comes in at Free Safety get hurt, and have them move Manning back to Free Safety AGAIN! I'd much rather see someone bigger than him stacking the box against the run. Yes, Mike Brown wasn't a big guy when he played Strong Safety, but he brought toughness and tackling skills that I don't see in Manning.

Hopefully Manning works out at SS. He had his best season, his rookie year, when he played strong with an experienced vet next to him. Manning is too athletic to not have a position on our defense.

It seems foolish to me to risk the chance of either losing a valuable player or the chance to move up a round in the draft trying to save $1/2 million. Especially when it would just be a one year contract going into an uncapped year.

How would it improve the Bears roster to lose Manning for a pick in the third? This would not be addition by subtraction. Manning has been a disappointment at free safety, but he has value at nickel and as a kick returner. If somebody signs him are they are going to get a significantly better player in the third round?

He's still cheaper than Vasher.

What's going on ? Lovie said at the combine that Manning was moving to strong safety ?

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