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Kreutz on the mend

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Bears Pro Bowl center Olin Kreutz is progressing well after having a bone spur near his Achilles tendon removed in late January.

Asked if the center would participate when the team's off-season workout program starts on the 29th, agent Mark Bartelstein said Kreutz is "good, and he will be participating as he continues his rehab." Bartelstein added Kreutz is "way ahead of schedule."

Kreutz, 32, didn't miss a start last season, but he played through pain. His last missed start was in Week 11 of the 2002 season.

Kreutz is a six-time Pro Bowl selection, the last instance after the 2006 season.

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I don't know about y'all, but a bone spur near your Achilles? That sounds seriously painful to me. He definately fell off last year but maybe it was because he was hurting.

I hope that bone spur was the reason for his horrific play. He was getting blown off the line weekly. I know hes a great leader, but if he cant do it.. please replace him Mike Tice. Center is the linchpin of the line.. If the C is getting caved in then the play is gonna be blown up. Would be nice to see what Beekman can do there since he was the the ACC interior lineman of the year when he came out of Boston College. He seems to have the perfect build to play the C spot.

The reason the Bears offense was better than prior years with screen passes in '09 was that there wasn't the usual trouble with deception. Opposing D-linemen didn't worry about the implications of their clear path to Cutler, why would that be different than any other play?

Credit to Bearscast podcast for that fun perspective.

I respect Kreutz, he's a throwback, he's tough and a talented player with a mean streak, plays with heart and tenacity - the basics for a prototype Bear. He also allowed Grossman to take the blame for turnovers caused by his snaps, and he had a brutal season last year. I don't doubt the coaching staff and Angelo will evaluate and make an intelligent choice, I respect that he played injured all last year, but I'm very skeptical about his ability to come back and anchor the o-line in '10.

He should retire.
He was terrible last year and was every bit as done as Orlando Pace.
If the bears start him again this year, they are only asking for trouble.
BTW I dare you to write how many time he's fumbled an exchange from center.
Only Moses Moreno had the audacity to challenge him

No , Grossman mishandled snaps because he has hands like the guy on the burger king commercial!

"he's a throwback, he's tough and a talented player with a mean streak, plays with heart and tenacity"- all true, in the past tense.

Now his tough guy act is relegated to shoving at the pile up after missing his block or glaring at his man after watching him Crush Cutler. Stick a fork in him, he's done.

I agree that Olin was a GREAT BEAR!!!.

I also feel along with Eric that Olin was the fault of those bad snaps, (see Cutler and Orten) and last years fall off was the same as the year before, he has just plain gotten to the point Brown/Tait did, time to retire. I would hope he would have the season this year he had in those ProBowl years, but by the time Tice bites the bullet (or the punch)it maybe too late for the Offense to recover. Tice should take a hard look at Beekman at Center and draft a guard at No.3.
We waited too long on Tait/Brown - hope we dont make the same mistake again

Kruetz is not physically able to perform like he used to however he is still a very capable NFL center. More importantly is what Kruetz brings to the team in leadership, he is a natural leader and the O line looks to him to set the tone.

I am proud that Kruetz is a Bear he has represented the Bears with toughness, tenacity and heart as was said before what the Bears have stood for in the NFL. Even when they were really bad they would dish out some punishment, Kruetz reminds me of that kind of player. Tough but honorable a true Marine, Navy Seal, etc.etc.

I can empathize with playing with pain affecting performance, but aren't subs available when that performance is clearly hurting the team? I think he has been more of a detriment than an asset the last two or three years.At least this "team leader" has kept his cool lately and has not broken any teammate's jaw.In essence, I totally agree with Randy's comments.I suppose the same excuse could be given for Kreutz as was given for Urlacher--that even when injured he's better than substitutions. I did not buy it with Urlacher and won't with Kreutz either.

The time may be relatively soon to find a replacement for Kruetz, but my money is on Kruetz that he will have a decent 2010 season, particularly after the surgery. I also realize that it is time to start really planning for the next center, do we have that person on the team in Beekman or is the draft in 2011 where we find that talent?

One of the worst darft pivcks Angelo has ever made. I have been a fan of the bears for along time sense 2006 to be honest and all i saw was an undersized linemen getting blown up at the line time and time again. Hes also slow and has trouble snapping he ball at the quarterbacks hands. Cutler would naver have throan any picks if Krutz delivered th ball to him like he was suppposed too.

Oh and who says hes tough? Hahaha the guys a wimp nothing but a flower petal and I would tell him that to his face.

say what?


"One of the worst darft pivcks Angelo has ever made. I have been a fan of the bears for along time sense 2006 to be honest"

Well, unfortunately you haven't been a Bear fan long enough then.

Olin Kreutz was drafted in 1998. Jerry Angelo joined the Bears front Office in 2001.

Go Bears !!

Just starting shineola to start it really does not get anyone anywhere. First of all I don't believe the blog was from Creighton because although Creigton is controversial at times, he does know his football and Kruetz has been a very good soldier for the Bears.

I think the real Creighton can spell better as

Go Bears !!

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