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Jamar Williams likely to get original tender

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Bears linebacker Jamar Williams is expected to get an original tender, which means the club would get a fourth-round pick if he's signed away by another club.

Williams has played in all 16 games in each of the last three seasons, but he's made only three starts.

The former Arizona State star had 43 tackles in 2009.

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Other Tampa two teams out there could or should have interest in linebacker Jamar Williams, he's a natural at the will linebacker position in this scheme. Every time he's had a chance to start here in Chicago he's torn it up, even having a 20 tackle performance this past season. I'd like to see Chicago bring him back, he adds nice depth behind Lance Briggs, but if not, a 4th rounder wouldn't be bad compensation for a backup. Chicago needs the picks for other positions, linebacker is definitely not a need area.

The linebacker that Chicago needs to resign is 4th year player Nick Roach. Roach was given a one year deal last year to bacically prove himself, he did. All the guy did was make plays all over the field for the Bears this year on defense. Roach should be the Bears strongside linebacker moving forward. Over the last 10 games of the season, all at strongside linebacker, Roach had 41 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, one sack, 3 forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery. Angelo needs to sign Roach to a long term contract. A lot of fans will disagree, but I would pay Roach over Pisa Tinoisamoa. Tinoisamoa is a heck of a player when he's on the field, but thats just it, when he's on the field. Tinoisamoa has ended the season on IR 3 out of the 4 past seasons. You don't pay a guy that can't stay on the field. This is the main reason I never liked the Tinoisamoa signing last year, because of his durability problems, pay Roach, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

He will get signed by Indianapolis and we will get another 4th rounder. I am suprised they didn't at least up the offer to the second round level.

If I were a team running this defense (Indy, Tampa, now even the Giants to an extent), having an experienced linebacker who can play all 3 spots and is a solid special teams player is worth a 4th round pick. Heck, Spagnulo might want him in St. Louis to play alongside Lauranitis. I think this is a mistake by the Bears. Not on the level of a "forgot to check the box" mistake, but could weaken what is our strongest position group.

Agreed Williams is good, but I feel we should resign him and Roach, Im not a big fan of HH, Pisa is inj. prone (I want him here!) Url is not getting any younger and is also inj. prone. Briggs isnt getting any younger either. Lets not let our good young LB get away. Thats the only position we have that is solid. Dont need to weaken our one good position do we? In my opinion Url has seen his better days and we could replace him easily with our young LB.
We could easily sign FA and draft in the 3rd/4th/5th to shore up other positions w/o letting our good young FUTURE LB go.

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In Lovie's most recent interview he refered to Martz as the passing coach and Tice as the running coach. Is he stupid or is he trying to stir up trouble? Martz is the coordinator and he is going to tell Tice what protections are run and what running game is used. Lovie seems to think the job is split. That sounds like a great idea, I think he better get on the same page as Martz.

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We really don't know how good Williams is, do we? Like most other young Bears, he has been asked to learn several positions and has been moved around at whim by Lovie, who believes that young guys should play wherever he thinks they're needed, instead of actually DEVELOPING them to play one position correctly.

That's why we have a broken team. That's why we will never get better until Lovie is gone. Sad, but true.

We have way too many talented LBs and not enough talent on the DL. LB is the one area we can afford to trade from. I'd say trade Urlacher, but I don't think we'd get too much from him with his contract. Instead, I think we trade Briggs. He's worth at least a 2nd rounder, I think he's good for a 1st- a perennial pro bowler. We need those picks. If we could trade both of them and go with Pisa, Williams, and Roach at LB with HH as backup for the first LB to go out with an injury. Pick up another LB in late draft or free agency as a backup. One thing I will give Babich- he seems to do awesome as an LB coach, I think he can make it work if we do need to go 2 deep into backups.

Good grief, Gabe, you want to give up the whole line-backing corps? that would simply make it a Bear weak spot rather than its present strong one.I think the Bears should keep what they have, including Williams. I do not think a fourth round unproven pick is aywhere near adequate compensation. Williams has proven he can play at a high level and that little is lost if he has to play regularly because of injuries to the starters.I could see giving up the over-priced Urlacher, but agree that he would be hard to dump.One can hope that he gets his drive back and plays decently for a change instead of blowing coverages. I sometimes wonder if he would make a decent defensive end. He does pretty well on blitzes so maybe that heralded speed would pay pff at end. On the other hand, he is not all that hard to block, so maybe not.

Okay, everybody say it with me: no football in 2011! Everyone thinks Jerry Angelo's job depends on winning in 10-11, but that is just not the case. If Jerry sheds enough salary and makes la familia enough profits this season, he'll ride out the lockout with them and be back with a vengance. It's all in the spin, baby.

That said, every GM in the NFL will likely do the same. Nobody is going to trade and pay the bucks for old, injured, overpriced linebackers when THAT IS THE ONE POSITION ON THE DEFENSE WHERE ROOKIES CAN START IMMEDIATELY. Unless there is a bionic neck implant that exists, Brian Urlacher and his amazing, expanding contract is cut, cut, cut from this team. Pisa, cut. Hillenmeyer? Maybe cut, too, depending on if they can get a cheaper, coiffed, white brainy replacement (remember, the Bears always need at least one coiffed, white face on every team to put out there to the public, and Jay Cutler just does not fit the bill with his Punch-Me face...)

The smart move for Jerry is to put Williams on a low tender so when nobody signs him (say it with me: deepest draft in recent history, a 4th might be the equivalent of a high 3 in previous drafts), the B can sign him as cheaply as possible.

These little decisions are important, at least I hope they are.

One of the few things that Angelo/Smith have been consistantly able to do is get decent value out of the draft and free agency on linebackers. Their habit has been to grab a prospect or two in the mid to late rounds every year. They also have had some success getting good value in free agency, both with veterans and UFA rookies. As a result they have a decent stable of young linebackers waiting in the wings. This is one reason why they usually have good special teams.

The reason this is important this year is that they can't really afford to throw any mid-round picks at the linebacker position. They need to be looking at O-line, D-end, safety (really DBs in general), maybe running back.

There are usually good football players available on the second day of the draft at those positions. The Bears need to find some really good prospects at those positions of need and let the linebacker position ride at the draft. That could make it more important than usual to keep RFAs like Williams on the roster even if they have been unable to win a starting job.

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