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Is Sharper serious?

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Darren Sharper, a key to the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl run, suggested that he's now open to play for the Bears on Monday.

But that begs the question: Has Sharper legitimately changed his tune or he is just trying to drum up interest?

I'm leaning toward the latter.

After the Saints upset the Indianapolis Colts, I asked Sharper if he planned to re-sign with the Saints or test free agency.

"Repeat, repeat," he told me. "We're going to win another one.

Asked if that meant he wasn't looking to leave, Sharper said, "I want to try to repeat.

"That's the next goal."

In addition, Sharper said before the Super Bowl that he was more of a "protector" in the Minnesota Vikings defense, which, like the Bears, is Cover Two based. He lamented that he didn't get as many opportunities to make plays and "trust my instincts."

In 48 games with the Vikings, in the Tampa Two defense, Sharper intercepted nine passes. in 14 games last season with the Saints, Sharper intercepted nine passes, returning three for touchdowns.

On ESPN Radio's The Waddle & Silvy Show in Chicago, Sharper said he's willing to play anywhere, although he talked up Bears coach Lovie Smith.

"Coach Lovie Smith, I have the utmost respect for him," Sharper said. "I've played against him for many years and seen how he's built that program in Chicago. I'm a firm believer in what he's doing up there. I love the Chicago fans. Wherever I go I want to go to a great fan base, and Chicago has one of the best fan bases in all of the NFL."

Sharper is 34 years old, and he needs interceptions to help his Pro Football Hall of Fame cause. Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will empower Sharper to keep making plays.

At the end of the day, unless he gets an overwhelming offer from the Bears or anyone else, I think Sharper will return to New Orleans.

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I think the Bears will look elsewhere for a safety because they've been burned (most recently by Orlando Pace) when adding an older player. They prefer younger players that haven't reached their prime yet to get a discount and with the hope that those players can play for them for a few years.

One of Jerry Angelo's favorite sayings is that they're not looking for a "Band Aid" fix, they're looking for stability. He used to say that about free agent veteran quarterbacks all the time back before they got Cutler. Sharper would be a Band Aid because he doesn't have many years left. However, given the choice between Sharper and any of the other yahoos the Bears have in the secondary, I'd go with the Band Aid.

nah hes just bluffing to get the saints to pony up.. but keep his options open.. all smoke up the wahoo..

Yeah, its a tuff call knowing if these players are really planning on leaving their teams or not, money talks but so does a ring (or 2)

Is Jones really not going to resign with the jets? or do they have a gentlemans agreement in place
But one thing for certain, There are enough good Free Agents that the bears have NO excuse for not upgrading the team, They have the Cap, They have the positions open, They raised Tickets for extra money and most important, Angelo/Lovie etc..are in their last gasp mode.

Free Agents List

Sharper has seen his day come and go.He was great in his time, but that time has passed, like Pace's.The Bears should pass on him even if he becomes available and wants to be a Bear.I suspect there will be a younger, faster D.back available, and if not, the present youngsters could develop with some good coaching.

Are you serious? You really think his time has come and gone!??! He is a huge threat when left to roam freely! In 14 games last season with the Saints, Sharper intercepted nine passes, returning three for touchdowns. Yeah, that truly sounds all washed up!? What a joke, i would take him back in a quick minute!

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