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Idonije rated among most efficient pass rushing DTs, according to PFF

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Bears defensive tackle Israel Idonije is rated the fourth-most productive pass rushing defensive tackle, according to the website Pro Football Focus.

The formula PFF developed doesn't necessarily determine best but rather the most effective, based on sacks, hits and pressures. Obviously, though, sacks got the highest value.

Among all defensive tackles and defensive ends in 3-4 schemes, Idonije was fourth, behind San Francisco's Justin Smith, Cleveland's Shaun Rogers and Tennessee's Tony Brown.

Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts was the highest-rated pass rusher, based on PFF's formula.

New Bears defensive end Julius Peppers was eighth among defensive ends, two spots above Minnesota's Jared Allen and three spots behind Minnesota's Ray Edwards.

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Hmmmm Lets see PFF rating our #1 paid D-End 8th in the NFL.

Way to go Jerry Angelo. Another move more money waisted. Even that scrub from Minn. Viqueens was better.

Personaly I would have went with Kampman we work hard.
Also who needs Chester Taylor when L.T. is on the market.
Peppers will be another Goon.
Talking about Wally we traded our best and slowest WR for what 50 some sacks. Another trade waiste.
Trade Waiste Gains Adams.
No waisted trade was Cutler!NOW GO GET BRANDON MARSHAL.

Trade T.Harris Olsen and the 2011 1st round draft pick for Marshal.

See Again thats all it takes. Please Please Sean or Sun-Times give the Bears my E-Mail addy. They wont rite me back. I will work for free this year as Player personal.

And where oh where did Mr. Tommie Harris finish amongst DT's? Since you did not indicate his place, I can assume the number is pretty low. Take that number and compare it to where he ranks in pay...

I like Tommie, I hope he plays with a chip this year with all the BS talk that he should have been cut.

Harris finished ranked 75th amound DT/NT's.

Denver's asking for a first rounder for Marshall, don't need to give them anything. However I wouldn't get Marshall for this offense. Nobody wants Olsen or Harris, they have Brady Quinn syndrom, you can get like a 6th for them.

Oh and L.T. isn't on the market Brandy, he signed with the Jets, how do you not know that? But I was never actually an L.T. fan, ever, just don't like the guy. I was a big Thomas Jones fan as well know.

I would have gone with Kampman if he was healthy, that way the Bears could have got a Safety as well.

I don't ccare how much money they spend, its their money, I just want them to spend it the best possible way. Rather than giving huge contracts to guys like Hester and Harris. Call me crazy.

This site is absolute nonsense.

I has Jamar Williams as one of most effective OLBs, and has Desean Jackson in the 60s in terms of ranking.

Larry Fitzgerald and Peyton Manning are also ranked relatively low.

And Elvis Dumervil apparently is no more effective than Robert Ayers, the Broncon first round pick who had zero sacks.

Football is far too complex a sport for some Bill James garbage.

"Among defensive tackles and defensive ends in 3-4 schemes, Idonije was fourth, behind San Francisco's Justin Smith, Cleveland's Shaun Rogers and Tennessee's Tony Brown."

That pretty amazing, since Idonije doesn't play in a 3-4

Hey Creighton........really?

You jump on the diss Angelo train (not that i am defending him) pretty quick.

Your logic is based on that PFF ranking? Please you can't be that ignorant. You say that Peppers was a bad move based on that ranking. The same ranking that has Idonije ranked 4th in the league. 4th in the league! And has Jared Allen, a monster and as good as pass rusher's were last year 2 places behind Pepper.

Please, continue ranking on Angelo. Just don't do it ignorantly.

Signing Peppers is a good move I guess. However I dont know why we keep overlooking the 8,000 lbs. elephant in the room. WE NEED A WR(and a good one)!!!! there is no one to throw the ball to. some might say OH we got best he is a 3rd wr not a number 1. and olsen is coming around. So a dominant wr will solve a lot of problems. A not so bad safty would hurt too. OMG!!! why did we get Brandon Manumaleuna??? He is the biggest joke out. since were just givin money away, why dont we just sign air bud to play OT...

I really like Idonije and if he were used and developed properly, I think he could be a top D lineman, probably at end. But the Bears keep jerking him around: one year they tell him to lose weight to play end, then they play him at tackle. The next year they tell him to gain weight to play tackle, then they play him at end. And on top of that, they've done nothing to develop his talents. They're wasting this guy and I feel sorry for him.

Izzy is one of the most underrated players in the NFL.
He was having a Pro Bowl year except his injury really hampered him.
He will make the Pro Bowl this year.
Give me Chester Taylor over L.T. anyday, just wait and see what a good running back this guy really is.
Pace, Vasher and McVie should not even have been on the roster last year.

I completely agree. Idonije deserves more playing time. He earned it yrs ago in my opinion. But Lovie moves EVERYONE around. He does that with everyone not starting on the d-line. Even played 230-240 lbs DE Anderson at tackle. I don’t get it. Does it with Linebackers and esp the secondary. Even had Vasher at FS last yr. Sign O-tackles to play guard and moves CB to WR.
I wish they wouldve just taught D. Manning how to play FS. He's as athletic as anyone in the league. Seems like every yr he's learning a new position. This yr he's suppose to start at SS.
Specking of players that deserve(d) more playing time. I really liked our A. Peterson. He never got a lot of carries, but when he did he always ran hard. Wish him luck.

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