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How marketable is Brown?

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With his future with the Bears in doubt, the question for Alex Brown is where he would end up.

Brown's due at least $5 million in base salary in each of the next two seasons, a steep price for the Bears, who obviously believe they've got some younger, cheaper options behind him.

But Brown could be appealing to a team that believes it's a contender and needs a player like him.

What does he bring to the table?

Although he'll turn 31 in June, Brown has been very durable, he's been productive (averages 5.4 sacks per season), and he's a leader in the locker room.

Brown also has the ability to play in a 4-3 scheme, or a 3-4 scheme, given his athleticism.

He could be appealing, in fact, to tams that use the latter scheme. Within the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers just lost Aaron Kampman in free agency, to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Teams don't like to trade within their own division, but the Bears -- if they could create a market -- would clearly take the best deal, especially since they need more draft picks.

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He is easily worth a 3rd or 4th round draft pick. You have 5 years left in a top notch, hard nosed, play to the whistle DE. He is also a great leader and locker room presence. I do have a novel idea for you Mr. Jensen and the rest of the Chicago media who have flooded the websites questioning his worth and doubting he can bring any draft picks. Maybe stop trying to hurt the team and allow the process to continue out and then complain about how some team gave to little, or to much. Even if they know he could be released WHY OH WHY would you make it more difficult for the team to trade him. After Kampman and Peppers he may be the best DE available. I know you work for the suntimes and not the Bears and I do enjoy your blogs, but as a Bears fan and a reader of about we don't question Alex Brown's worth so much so Chicago can actually get something in return please :)

love A. Brown. he has been a warrior for the Bears. he is good not great. time for a change. can't understand why Bears reporters are saying keep him. it is such hypocrisy. for years the Bears hold on to players out of loyalty and take heat from the media. now when it is the perfect time to move him certain media members are crying that they should keep him. lets be honest the defense will not be any worse without him.

Trying to get draft picks out of teams at this time of year is very difficult. Draft picks are overvalued because everyone sees only the best potential of every possible selection (please see Greg Olsen, best offer reportedly so far, 6th round). So if the Bears try to trade Brown, I think at best the Bears will get a 5th this year, more likely a 6th or 7th - if there are even any takers.

I've been busy lately so I haven't been able to keep up with much Bears stuff lately so I don't know if he is due a big roster bonus before the draft and that is why there is this big push to get rid of him. If they wait after the draft this year, then there might be a market for him from a team that thought they were going to get a defensive end in the draft but the draft didn't go their way. Teams then undervalue the next year's draft (and this may especially be the case this year because of the potential lockout in 2011) because they are so focused on the upcoming season. This doesn't help the Bears for this year and unfortunately for Jerry and Lovie, draft picks for 2011 might be too late.

As far as what Bryan is wanting reporters to do, please do NOT stop reporting this information. Reporting this and having fans speculate does not hurt the chances of the Bears trading Brown. Teams know if the Bears are trying to shop Brown because, well, they are calling other teams to see if they are interested. Plus, they told Brown, and Brown told reporters. It is ridiculus to expect Chicago reporters not to report this and allow the national media to report it instead. If the Bears can't trade Brown and end up releasing him (I would prefer they keep him), it will not be the medias' fault. And besides, while there will be a little hometown bias in the media, I still want them to report the news (the good, the bad, and the ugly), not treat us as unworthy subjects.

I hate to see the Bears lose their second best DE, AB does not generate sacks by no means, he does not worry most teams with doubles etc...he does play hard evry down..but its all about sacks and he does not do that with consistency.

I feel the Bears would be better with AB but still he is by no means a great loss. Their other DE are not worth it either. We have 1 great DE, and 1 kinda good DE and 2 mediocre DE. If we can get a 4th for Brown, I would do it, not sure Angelo can make a good pick with that trade but still, maybe we can sign Sharper...Atowge will be matched by the Rams people, quit dreamin they wont. Look at Browns/Goons/Andersons stats and tell me we paid too much for Peppers.


This is why the Bears should keep Brown: there is a lot more to the game at this level than stats or the quality of physical play, like sacks, tackles, disruptions of plays, etc. Of course the level of play is important, and Alex Brown has been to the Pro Bowl several times. But like Thomas Jones, while he's an above average player who will occasionally make the Pro Bowl, not a top notch player. Brown's biggest value is his leadership and attitude. Tommie Harris has a lot more athletic ability, but I'll take Brown over Harris any day.

Just compiling superstars won't win a championship or even necessarily get you to the playoffs. The team has to have the right mental attitude, and players like Brown provide it.

Since when is averaging 5.4 sacks per year productive? I also wonder how in the world can Brown hold up at the POA as a DE in a 3-4 scheme? He's 260, and typically DEs in that scheme have to be at least 290 or more.

Karl- I agree wholeheartedly about the hypocrisy in the media and yahoo fans. He's old, overpaid, and not very productive. Why wouldn't they consider trading him to fill one of their holes? Anderson and Idonije are more than capable, and I can't imagine they can't duplicate his 40 tackles, 6 sacks, and no forced fumbles. Plus, it will give Melton and Gilbert some much needed reps. It's time they find out what draft picks can play.

Arent we placing too much into peppers? What happens if he breaks something day one, God forbid then we are toast.

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