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Holt still holding out hope

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Although Bears brass has indicated that they're happy with their depth at receiver, seven-time Pro Bowl receiver Torry Holt still is pushing for a reunion with former St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz.

In fact, Holt suggested he would beat out some of the young, incumbent Bears receivers for playing time.

"If I come in as a vet, I'm going to challenge those guys for a starting spot, and probably more than likely, beat quite a few of them out for a position to play on that football team," Holt told ESPN Radio in Los Angeles Thursday, according to the website "So I guess that's something that they would have to evaluate."

The receivers currently under contract are Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox, Devin Aromashodu and Juaquin Iglesias. Both general manager Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith have expressed confidence in their young receivers. Angelo even suggested at the NFL combine that a veteran might deny a young receiver a chance to get important reps in practices and games.

"Our experience has been, and we learned this a couple years ago when we brought in Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker, is they are going to take reps. Whose reps are they going take? They are going to take younger guys' reps," Angelo said.

Interestingly, Holt even suggested that Martz, the Bears' new offensive coordinator, may even want him. That wouldn't be farfetched since Holt was one of the stars of his high-powered Rams offense. But Holt is 33 now, and he's scored three touchdowns in his last 31 games over the last two seasons.

"If you think of it, it would be a natural fit with coach Martz being there. I know the system, I was in the system for many years and had a lot of success within that system," Holt said. "So it sounds quite natural, but coach Martz doesn't make the final decision. Some of the other people in the organization are going to make the final decision."

Holt said he's made clear to Angelo and "that staff" that he would be interested in playing for the Bears.

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Look, I understand the level of confidence needed to compete in the NFL, and applaud these guys for it, but why does anyone think Holt would be a mentor for the younger players? Isaac Bruce mentored Holt when he came into the league, helping make him one of the top receivers in the league. How did Torry pay that forward? by giving himself the nickname "Big Game" Torry Holt.

Sure sounds like a mentor to me. He has done nothing in his career that would suggest that is willing to mentor young receivers. Did he help Avery? No. Did he help the young Jags receivers last year? I have not heard anything to suggest he has.

Torry is holding out hope because no one else wants him. He may not be as outlandish as OchoCinco, Steve Smith, and T.O., but he is equally as self-absorbed and focused only on himself. There is no mention of wanting to help the younger players in his interviews, just that he thinks he is still worth bringing in. Considering Martz got Manumaleuna $17M over 5 years, don't you think he would already have Torry in here if he wanted him? I think he would, and he has not. He can hope in one hand, and crap in the other, and see which one fills up first, but this guy does not need to be in a Bears uniform in 2010.

Ha Tory Holt is weak, I could be a better reciever than him. In fact I should be a reciever for the Bears, my Bears, my wonderful Bears. Yes let me see you beg for a job Tory, beg!

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To finsih the Bears are my team and only my team and I do not want Tory Holt on my team, plus all you other bloggers need to leave this is me and Sean's blog now.


You crack me up. I love the passion of the fans on the blog. I just would appreciate it if people would not make personal attacks against anyone, from Jerry A., to me to each other. Let's try to keep things civil!

Wow, is this a sports column or an opportunity to attack people? Tory Holt would take reps away from who? Johnny Knox who was always in the wrong spot and his only move was going deep? Or Hester who belongs returning kicks only. The Bears are the only team I know who can take arguably the best kick returner of all time and make him an average to below average kick returner/wr. If you want to fix the this issue it is simple.
1. Use Knox and DA as starters.
2. Return Hester to returns ONLY and restructure his contract to give bonuses for return TD's rather than the #1 receiver bonuses they gave him. Use him similar to the way Browns use Josh Cribbs.
3. Either trade for Brandon Marshall or TJ Housh. (Housh would only be available if Seattle got Marshall.)
4. If #3 is not possible, pick up TO for one year. I know he is a pain in the a**, but just imagine a play where you go three receivers deep. Send Knox and Hester on streaks deep and have TO run a ten yard middle route. You cannot defend that play. Add the element of Olsen doing the same. Someone would have to be single coverage.
*** Again these are not long term solutions and eventually I believe Iglesias will be a starter, but the tO solution would help for a year. The position of great importance that no one is mentioning is safety. If this situation isn't resolved with a good safety, it doesn't matter how good you are elsewhere. Anyone that wants to argue can be defeated by simply mentioning two words from last year... Pittsburg Steelers. they went in the tank without Troy Polameau.

why not convince Holt that his better years are behind him and instead of offering a contract to play, make him a WR coach...the $$s wouldnt be the same, but he could start on a path and establish joe mentions, he never talks of being a mentor, so give him an opportunity to be just that...

Agreed, No Holt! I still believe the Bears need to make a strong push for Atogwe. Sean, is it possible that the Bear brass is developing a contract with a poison pill to get Atogwe and keep the Rams from matching? Isn't that what the Bears did when they signed RFA Tait?

If the Bears can sign Holt to a cheap, short term contract, then why NOT sign him?

Sean, "Brando K. Schrute" is actually Creighton posting in an attempt to be funny and get back at the real Brando. The problem is the real Brando hasn't posted on here for a couple of years. Yet for whatever reason Creighton believes that anyone who disagrees with him or makes fun of him must be Brando in disguise. The guy is such a moron and he fails to realize that, because of thing like that, most people on here don't like him and so it's probably a bunch of people that rip on him daily. But if he wants to believe it's this one guy named Brando then let him.

By the way Creighton, didn't you make a bet and lose? Weren't you supposed to dress up in a pink dress and stand outside Soldier Field during a home game?

why not give him a shot? he sounds sincere hungry and confident,, if anything like stated, he can mentor if given that criteria before signing? if it doesnt cost a lot why not????????????//

O.K. That was eye opening. Brando K. Schrute???
When ever you want to make fun of someone make sure you dont give out too much info.
Someone who know that much about Harry Potter must be a personal fan of him. Dude ahhh......

That was disturbing who ever was behind the K. Schrute deal. Sick dude sick....????

They want to develop their young receivers, I get it. But what's the risk? These are supposed to be professional coaches running this show. Can't they tell by what they see on the practice field if the dude still has it or not? More importantly can't they tell if a young player has enough game that it's time to sit the vet?

Holt would only take reps from the other receivers if he clearly out competes them for playing time. Lovie Smith has a saying he always uses: "it will become clear." If he is better than what they have, use him.

If not, just cut him. What does it really cost to give it a try?

another indication that this is not 'martz's' will be way different than in St Louis.....this is Lovie's team..and he will
tell Martz what kind of offense he wants him to run. No that will keep the D off the field as usual......that means running.......running and more running.....(in case you have not noticed..they signed running backs not receivers) this league, Qb's don't generally hand the ball off to receivers......,.in this league, the inches we need are all around us. In this league.......crap....who am I kidding......pass, pass, interception,, pass pass intercetpion. I fear the Bears are scheming up some kind of Martz twist on the Wild cat.....
where running backs catch and receivers block(or at least get in the way.) Does the QB still throw the ball? Is the Center still in the middle?....One things for sure...If Cutler doesn't get any receivers who can be where they are supposed to be....the tackles ....will.....

like mentioned in the article, holt will just take away valuable playing time from receivers who in my opinion have a lot of upside. if we dont get another YOUNG receiver before the season starts we need to throw devin a at the #1 because of his size and speed. knox and bennett both playing role of #2 receiver and have hester playing the slot like wes welker does in new england. you ever watch welker? the guy waits for the snap and casually outruns everyone for a five yard catch and runs for five more. speed kills and it would be put up against safeties and linebackers with hester at the slot. make it happen martz

Brandon Marshall would ensure that this offense would be a top 10 offense. I hope the Bears holt off and don't sign Holt, his really good days are long gone, serviceable but would take valuable minutes away from the youth movement under way in the Bears receiving corp.

Brandon however is worth next years first round pick and Vasher. You know that the ego maniac coach of the Donkey's is going to get rid of Marshall, no question. There is room for only one sheriff in that Donkey town and it ain't Marshall. JA could do it and you know that the Cutler is bending JA's ear.

Get er done JA, Cutler to Marshall (TD) sounds good to me and a Bears offense with Marshall and Cutler would be pretty unstoppable as long the Bears fix the O line. The Bears should be able to get decent talent in the draft at OG or even right OT in the third round of the draft.

I would love to have Marshall, but the Bears do not have enough to get him right now. I've heard people suggest using next year's first round pick and someone else (Vasher or Olsen) for Marshall. That would be a great trade - for the Bears. It would be terrible for the Broncos. There is a very good chance Vasher is going to get cut during training camp. Why trade for someone who makes too much money and might get released? Olsen is not better than the tight end the Broncos already have. And historically 1st round picks in the next year are worth only a second round pick in the current year. I think someone (maybe Seattle) might give up a first this year for Marshall. If he is still on the Broncos after the draft, then maybe the Bears have a shot. But if it gets to that point, even though the Broncos would love to get rid of him, I think it would be more likely the Broncos will just hold their noses and keep him.

As for Holt, I didn't see him play much last year, so I don't know how much he has left. If he has something and you can sign him cheap, go for it. The Bears have a history of just handing jobs to young draft picks and claiming they are "developing" them instead of having to compete for playing time.

Tell 'em, Sean. There is a big difference between an honest difference of opinion and attacks of invective of one sort or another. Clearly some bloggers seem unable to make that distinction.
As for Holt, he may have some quality performances left, but that's what the Bears thought about Pace. I'm for sticking with the young guys.I really wanted to see Iglesias a lot more last year, and the speed of Knox is unquestionable. He may miss a route occasionally, but he has good hands and can bust one for a long gain at any time.

Sean, you mention how people need to not take personal shots at you and each other and I have to add: if you are able to mediate what goes on why do you let those comments through? I am shocked when I see comments directed at you telling you to go back to Minnesota, why have you tolerated it? I feel that some people are just here to entertain theirselves and are not actually sharing love for the team. I actually skip certain posters for that reason.


You bring up a good point. But, I'm more inclined to let the comments critical of me pass through, although I am responsible for filtering the comments on this blog.

I really like the vast majority of comments people make on this blog, and I do like the dialogue that takes place. It's inevitable, though, that there are going to be some people who too far, or some people who, in a moment of passion, say something they don't really feel or regret.


Good for you Sean. Apparently some bloggers forget that this is America, Land of the Free. I know you have the power to filter all the comments on here and to let those go through that criticize you, well, that to me shows a lot of character. Now let's analyze, if we shall, someone who lacks aforementioned character:

By WRD on March 4, 2010 6:50 PM
I'm sorry but I am a free thinker and usually disagree with most of you guys...

Well hey, if it isn't the distinguished outsider trying to make that point about himself for the umpteenth time. What if Sean blocked some of your posts WRD for being too arrogant or too critical of certain players that you didn't like? Boy, I think you'd be singing a different tune wouldn't you old boy? This is a democracy WRD, and not an absolute monarchy like the one you must have grown up in.

Sean, keep up the good work and please continue doing what you think is right.

Keep in mind that Martz's system is predicated on the QB throwing to a spot and the receiver being there. Holt knows how to get to the spot when he's supposed to and his diminishing physical skills wouldn't necessarily detract from that. Sign him for one year on the cheap and let him help the younger guys out.

I didn't see Tory Holt play last season, but the player I saw in 2008 is better than any receiver the Bears have. Add the fact that he knows Martz's system and none of the other receivers do, and it would be yet another idiotic move to refuse to sign him, unless he's declined precipitously from 2008.

And to h*ll with this garbage about taking playing time away from younger players. That's only a concern in rebuilding years. Is that where the Bears are? If so, they should say so publicly. If not, the best players should play. When the younger players can win starting spots over the veterans, then they deserve to start. Until then, they can watch and play when they get a chance. Oh, and comparing Tory Holt to an old Marty Booker and to Brandon Lloyd? Priceless, I'm still cracking up over that one.

Anyone seen Hitman?

Broncos Trade for Brady Quinn!!!

= stink!

I agree jared, sign Holt as an assistant Coach, WR. Except what if he did work out better than our WR? - Maybe sign him as a player and Coach??? I feel our WR were in the wrong spot alot last year, Holt could not hurt our WR corps at all. If he doenst beat any of them out, then let hin Coach them in the finer ways of (pushing off) getting open. Their are so many things a veteran WR learns and Holt knows Martz system better than anyone except maybe Martz, and as far as WR goes, he probably knows more than Martz.
Sign him - hopefully to tutor our YOUNG, Inexperienced WR.


I think all ya all are figments of this blogs imagination,

Mike, I can disagree with someone without resorting to name calling. Everyone wants the name calling to cease. Not one person says they like the insults. So, what's the big idea going back 10 days to prove a point that isn't valid. You are the main one with the name calling. Plus, anyone who knows people who are trying to be writers can see that you are the shrutes and tom dees and all those guys trying to make yourself laugh. That's why you are the only one insulted that I asked Sean that question. You are telling on yourself my friend. What does free thinking has to do with insults? Every single person on here dislike certain players and talk negative about the ones they don't like. You do it too. Nobody cares about downing players. That's what fans on either side of the forum do. When a player comes on this blog and tell us to knock it off I'm sure whoever dislikes him will ignore his request. And since this is America how come Sean won't let you use curse words that begin with S and F? And I grew up on the south side of Chicago where people don't talk smack just because they think they can get away with it. And I only mention that because you brought up where I grew up. So I will tell you without you wondering wrong. Please dude, take a month and just be yourself and not 20 other people going for the laughs that only you find humorous. Shining an unnecessary light on yourself serves no purpose whatsoever. Why start something for nothing. You knew I was ignoring those shrutes and that was you... I actually was reading the Mikes lately because they were talking about football and no one here.

Holts 3 TDs in the last 31 games tell you that that won't help anyone. If we really want him it's because of his past but not counting his most recent past. I think if his numbers reflect that over 16 games in 2010 then he is keeping us from developing what we already have. And those numbers aren't better than Booker's or Lloyds over the same time period before they got here. So comparing that is an insult to those two instead of Holt. I think his bad numbers will decline even further.


The idea of not allowing aging veterans to take time from developing young players makes sense where you have young receivers with a lot of potential, the veterans are not that good anyway, and you are rebuilding. The Bears have garbage for receivers, Holt -- even at his age and diminished capacity -- is probably much better than any receiver the Bears have, and the Bears have not said that they are rebuilding. And Holt knows Martz's system and playbook, which none of the Bear receivers do. Without a salary cap, I don't see any downside to signing him.

My thing with Holt is that he totally refused to even talk to Chicago last year when we were even less sure about what we had at WR. Part of that could've been because Angelo may not have wanted him to begin with and put that out there thru channels but he practically laughed at the thought because he wanted to go play in either a dome or a warm weather place. We are still Chicago and we play in an open arena when it's cold. His skills are deminishing very rapidly and this year he has no suitors to keep him laughing at the thought of coming here. I don't want to down him cause of age because that may not be the reason his skills are declining. But more than likely age is the reason. In my opinion I just don't think he would be an upgrade for the whole season. Honestly, I think they are preparing for the future. They have so many young players and are getting younger every time someone gets cut and another guy signs. Their centerpieces are the big money free agents they signed and the roster fillers are the secondary signings that are going on now. That tells me that they are secure with taking chances on the future without taking reps away from someone who won't be here next year. Holt doesn't have two years in him. Between him and T.O. for example I would take T.O. because he went to Buffalo where it is as cold as Chicago and he was on his best behavior. Recent history to me is more a barometer for what a vet is about. And between those two Holt has been seriously declining.

Holt - you're a bum hanging around an ATM machine. Get thee hence to endless night. Agree with Diesel on everything except Housh.

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