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Harris excited to have Peppers on board

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There were a lot of smiles at Halas Hall on Friday, when they introduced Julius Peppers as a Bear.

But one could argue that no one stands to benefit more from the signing than defensive tackle Tommie Harris.

Harris was already pumped up about this off-season, since he didn't need any surgeries. But he was thrilled when the club added Peppers.

"I'm just excited to have a player like that, a caliber player like that," Harris said. "We're getting ready to go to work.

"He's going to open up a lot more for me."

Harris mentioned the inside/ outside duo in Tampa, Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp.

"Those guys were unstoppable. You had to pick your poison," he said. "With all the guys we have, and to bring him, is great."

Harris said he's been working out, although he'll take a break to take a trip to Africa with a few former Oklahoma players, including Minnesota's Adrian Peterson.

"I've already been in it," Harris said of the gym. "It's the difference from knowing what you want to do to actually being able to do it.

"Instead of saying I wish I could, I can actually do it. It's a big difference. It's the best I've felt in a long time."

Harris said he's excited about Brian Urlacher coming back. But he said the key is for everyone to stay healthy.

"We don't have no room talking about what we're going to do," he said. "We just need to do it."

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With all the guys you have? What guys do you have? Alex Brown is okay. Idonije is okay. The rest of you are serious disappointments. When you stop talking like you're all great, maybe, maybe you Tommie Harris will get back to being okay. And we would all be delighted if you were at least okay.

I hope Tommie understands the seriousness of his situation. 1 more bad season, and he is out, and no one will touch him if he gets flagged for bad effort and attitude. Early in his career, he thought his ability was enough to get it done, and as soon as he started getting injuries, he fell apart. Most players who put in crazy effort in the offseason (Thomas Jones is one who springs to mind) manage to avoid nagging injuries, and keep playing at a high level into their 30s. Tommie needs to see the value of being in the best shape of his life, because having Pep on the outside is going to give him a chance to be the 8 sack guy again, if he is willing to put it all on the line to get ready for August, not November.

If he comes to camp in the best shape of his career, this could be a very good defensive line. If he does what he has done his entire career, it will still be decent because of Peppers and Brown, but we will still be in the bottom half of the league in overall defense because we have nothing in the middle.

Wait did Harris just compare himself to Sapp. Hahahahaha, what a chump. Does he even realize that Sapp and Rice only played togther for 3 years. The Year before Rice arrived with the Bucs Sapp had 16,5 sacks something Harris has never come close to doing. In 2001 Rice arrived and Sapps numbers took a drastic drop to 6 sacks, in 2002 he had 7.5 and in 2003 his final year he had 5 sacks. Rice on the other hand continued his consistant double digit sack seasons but didn't see much rise in his numbers.

Dungy as head coach
In 2000 the Bucs defense allowed 269 points,and had 55 sacks.
In 2001 (With Rice) they allowed 280 points, and had 42 sacks.

Gruden as head coach.
In 2002 (With Rice) they allowed 196 points 43 sacks.
In 2003 (With Rice) they allowed 264 points 35 sacks.

Outside of 2002 with a new head coach and offense, the teams defense didn't really change much and the sack totals dropped.

Other intresting numbers.
2000 ints 25 Record 10-6
2001 ints 28 Record 9-7
2002 ints 31 Record 12-4
2003 ints 20 Record 7-9

You can see the addition of Rice didn't really do much to help the defense in terms of sacks, points or ints. They were very good pre rice and vrey good with rice, till in 2003 the defense started to really show its age. It had a big year in 2002 but that was also Gruden's offense controlling the ball and the clock and keeping the defense off the field and fresh. Just like the Martz offense is known for doing. Oh wait, oh this could get bad. In the three years Lovie used his defense in St Louis with Martz they gave up 273 points, 369 points and 328 points. Good news was, the offense scored lots of points in two of those years. Like 450 points or more twice.

Intresting not is that in 2002 the Bucs had 24 fumbles and only 10 picks. 10 picks being the key as over half the fumbles were recivered.

They caused 31 ints and 21 fumbles.

So they really need to win the TO battle, good luck with a Martz offense doing that. Hello safety.

I agree with Joe about Harris being on the hot seat. Harris needs to shut up and let his play cash some of the checks his mouth has already written. That said what he says this time has some truth. "all the guys we have" is what I've been saying all along.

The Bears have good football players all up and down their roster. Good football players pull the weight of their individual positions, do their jobs, and are vital to the success of the team. The problem is that "just" good players alone don't make enough game changing plays to win consistently in the NFL. What the Bears haven't had is enough blue chippers like Peppers who create serious matchup problems for the opponent. Peppers will hopefully make it so that when "all the guys" win an individual matchup, it will mean something.

The experimental players have to work out as significant contributors for this line to succeed this year. If we rely on Peppers, Harris, and Brown, that is not enough. Gilbert and Melton have to each manage to get a couple of sacks, Idonije needs to be steady at 3-5 sacks, and harrison and Adams need to get 3 apiece to make this work.

I just hope they figure out where they are going to play. If Gilbert is a DE (which I think he is), then get his weight to about 270-275, and at 6'5", he should be able to maximize his quickness and explosion. If you put him at 290-300 at DT, you get a quicker DT, but a tall one who in many cases will struggle against the guards in the NFL. Melton, who is a little shorter, is a better fit at DT, because he is already starting lower than the guards. He can probably bulk up to 295 and be a decent 3 technique in rotation.

Izzy, Gilbert, Peppers, and Brown should be the rotation, with Anderson as a potential wild card in the rotation.
The only exception would be is if they get any action from 3-4 teams that are looking for 5 technique ends, and Gilbert and Idonije both fit that mold. Maybe Melton has some value as a 3-4 OLB, but if they are bulking him up, that could be a problem. A scheme like Dallas, or San Diego is more likely than one like Pittsburgh or New England, as they are on the smaller side, and a lot more active on the line.

On another note, we should be a lot better at blocking kicks if we keep them all. Idonije a 6'7, Peppers at 6'6, and Gilbert at 6'5 all in the middle with their paws in the air. There should be a few more blocks this year, back to our old ways of 3-4 per year.

Hey Creighton, you want some water to wash down that foot in your mouth? Again, you show your true colors!

Tommy Harris is going to Africa. Before it was Iraq. He can do those things the rest of his life. Now. he should have nothing but football on his mind. He's always the politically correct guy.
I don't want to take out the trash, mom, because I'm watching the world news. Any excuse for old Tommy. He is all mouth. Get rid of his phony hide.

I love how people love to jump all over Harris but when he's not in his back up does absolutely nothing. How many sacks did his back up register? How many sacks did the guy next to him get all year? I know he's suppose to be their best lineman but if the guy next to you is crap and the guy playing behind you is crap the sum total of all that is... crap! The games where he didn't play teams scored 40 points easy. After that first couple of 40s teams got the other 40s because they knew when to exploit the D. Plays where he come out the game teams just run straight up the middle. I love the guys on the line and I pay attention to who is out there and when he is not out there it is a sieve right up the middle. The guy is no longer great but he is still good enough to be avoided. Guys can throw stats around but you don't have to watch a single game to know stats. Watch a game and see a trend. Tell me about that. The pressure that Peppers will bring even if he doesn't get a sack will be phenomenal. QBs won't have time to exploit a decent secondary. There isn't a secondary in the NFL that would be successful when a QB has all the time in the world to throw. Peppers will close the window that QBs had to throw. A great player can play next to a decent player and make him look good. Urlacher did that as well the first 8 years of his career. You guys know that. His decline couldn't mask decent players any longer. You have a top 5 DE in a Bears uniform RIGHT now. Don't take aim at people because of the past. He will more than help Harris and the other crap/decent players on the defense.

Sean, I see that you did publish my first email, so I owe you an apology.

ahhhh....did taht BUST Harris just compared himself to Sapp??? Hahahahaha man waht a LOOSER!! SApp is more a complet athelete like ME loosers. here lookie some randome stats:

2009 Chicago Fire Stats

20 F Brian McBride 22 22 1963 7 2 47 22 9 33 0 0
17 F Chris Rolfe 28 20 1854 6 1 62 26 10 22 5 0
10 M Cuauhtemoc Blanco 21 15 1452 5 8 39 17 10 39 2 0
16 M Marco Pappa 30 28 2314 5 4 60 29 28 29 2 0
14 F Patrick Nyarko 30 22 1983 4 2 33 20 22 35 0 0
29 M Peter Lowry 9 8 659 3 0 13 8 7 3 1 0
18 D-M Mike Banner 22 8 942 2 3 10 4 6 17 1 0
22 D Wilman Conde 19 18 1614 2 2 11 4 16 9 2 0
21 M Justin Mapp 21 11 1013 1 3 16 4 3 17 3 0
32 D Dasan Robinson 12 9 908 1 0 2 1 19 13 2 1
25 D Gonzalo Segares 12 12 965 1 1 6 3 13 15 4 0
2 D C.J. Brown 18 17 1454 0 0 3 1 11 15 1 0
3 F Calen Carr 10 0 90 0 0 1 0 2 2 1 0
23 F Stefan Dimitrov 7 1 124 0 0 1 0 3 1 0 0
9 M Baggio Husidic 10 5 449 0 1 6 1 1 6 0 0
7 M Logan Pause 26 26 2287 0 3 5 1 13 16 2 0
6 D Brandon Prideaux 19 16 1414 0 1 6 1 18 13 2 0
4 D Bakary Soumare * 16 16 1364 0 1 3 2 18 6 5 1
11 M John Thorrington 19 19 1574 0 1 14 3 28 34 6 2
5 D Tim Ward 19 19 1685 0 3 16 3 9 13 4 0
34 D Austin Washington 8 4 360 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 0
24 D Daniel Woolard 8 4 409 0 0 1 0 2 5 0 0
Own goals rcvd. - - - 2 - - - - - - -
Totals 30 30 2700 39 36 356 150 251 372 46 4
Opposition Totals 30 30 2700 34 21 336 136 372 251 65 6

Game Winning Goals Chris Rolfe (3), Patrick Nyarko (2), Cuauhtemoc Blanco (1), Wilman Conde (1), Brian McBride (1), Marco Pappa (1), Dasan Robinson (1)
Game Winning Assists Cuauhtemoc Blanco (3), Mike Banner (1), Justin Mapp (1), Marco Pappa (1), Logan Pause (1), Tim Ward (1)
Penalty Kicks Made / Attempted Brian McBride (1/2), Cuauhtemoc Blanco (3/3)

1 GK Jon Busch 30 30 2700 136 103 34 1.13 5 5 11 7 12 10
Totals 30 30 2700 150 103 34 1.13 5 5 11 7 12 10
Opposition Totals 30 30 2700 136 109 39 1.30 4 5 7 11 12 8

wich PROVES my point taht Tommy HArris is a one big BUSTO! hahaha! man i am allways write ans i only give facts! ans you loosers cant argue with teh numbers. go ahed ans try! hahaha!

but yoyu guys now me old crap-ton ...jus trying to be posative

p.s. wehn will people lissen to the grateness that is me? :)

interstring not in this story i found from MY "expert" sources. hahaha man i am such teh king!

Staley's annual mascot halftime football game proved to be yet another letdown for this year's hopeful fur balls. This year's group of youngsters, hailing from Naperville's St. Raphael League, dominated both sides of the football and ran away with a 14-0 victory. When asked how the Naperville Bandits managed to prevent the Furballs from scoring a single point Staley had little to say. Then again Staley rarely says anything…Mascots don't talk!

"We had a strong drive going on our 1st possession until I fumbled on the three yard line", said Staley. "It all comes down to fundamentals…you have to protect the football!"

how truu staley how truu....gots to protetc teh football. maybe you could teach these LOOSERS someting abot REAL footballs? :)

Tripper I know I will regret asking, but WTF are you talking about moron?

WRD, while one of the biggest losses occured with Harris out of the game. The Bengals game he did start the Arizona game in which they were blown out. Granted he got kicked out but thats all on him. Then you have the Min game 11/29 Harris played that whole game, but the defense gave up 36 points, not to mention Min called off the dogs in the third qt. Then you have the Baltimore game defense gave up 31 points. Then you have the second Min game in which the defense started strong but gave up 30 second half points, 30 points in a half. They also managed to let detroit score 47 points in two games, well above their average. Fact is the Bears where not playing mediocre or really bad teams they where not winning. The Beat 1 playoff team this year.

The only difference in the Bears defensive line from 06 and today is Tank Johnson. The guy who has gotten worse isn't Brown, it was Harris who got worse. The guy was almost never doubled and played one on one all year. Stop making excuses for him. He got himself suspended and he got himself kicked out of a game, he is the guy sitting out practice. Teams ran over Harris all year. Your comments about the 40's doesn't even makes sense. By the way the stats I posted the one's that have upset you so much are not the Bears stats. They are the Bucs stats. By the way their is a reason the nfl keeps stats.

By the way WRD you asked about sacks, well Harris had 2.5, Brown had 6 and he doesn't play next to Tommie, including two big sacks in the Pit game which were crucial to the Bears winning that game. Last year he single handedly save the day in the second GB game when he blocked the game winning FG. Harris has seen little in the ways of doubles for two years. He has one job, disrupt the backfield, which is hard to do when you are being knock five yards backwards.

Also I believe it was Hunter who stripped Peterson in the second Min game that got the Bears the win after he blew right by Harris. Harris had a sack in two losses this year, GB which was really a coverage sack, and SF niether team is bragging about their O-Lines. The year before he had two sacks against the Rams, 1 against detroit. Wow what a shock 2 of the worst teams in football and he shows up. Adams had 2 sacks as a part time player, and he is nothing more than a run stuffer, but at least he is good at that, unlike Harris. Not his fault the Bears tried to start Harrison over him or Dusty over him yet he proved to be better than both. If I recall Sapp who he compares himself to didn't have much help in Tampa but boy did he produce. Who did Sapp play next to in 2000, McFarland and Ahanotu. How about in 99, Culpepper and Ahanotu.

Spare me the Harris BS, the guy has stunk for the last two years and does nothing but make escuses and run his mouth.

Joe, Kevin Williams is 6-5 and 300 pounds his first year he played end and had about 11 sacks. Its not about how tall a guy is, its about talent. If it was about height Reggie White would have struggled so would Hamp and Greene.

Lets take a look at some of Tommie's key numbers

Pen. 5, tenth among all DT's
Pre. 10, tied for 21st among all DT's this is his main job, this is what his position is designed for he is an under tackle, Tony Brown had 33. Izzy had more pressures than Harris.
Tackles. 18 tied for 57th among all DT's
MT. 4, tied for fifth among all DT's, here is a hint in this catagory you want to be at the bottom not the top. This also refutes Lovie's claim that he missed 8 sacks with poor tackling. He would need at least 4 more missed tackles.
Stops. Some calim he stopped the run, well he had 18 stops tied for 43rd amond all DT's.
PFF rated him as the 80th best tackle rushing. Izzy once again was rated far higher than him. In fact Izzy beat him in almost every catagory.
He was rated 43rd against the run. Its funny how stats don't matter yet all the good players have good stats and all the bad players have bad stats.

Its funny cause if you look at the top of their lists you see all these good players doing good jobs. But then when you look at Harris he is down at the bottom. Its funny how guys like Rogers still manage to play well on bad teams, but Harris doesn't.


You are dead wrong. Anthony Adams has been the Bears' best defensive lineman the past two seasons, not Harris. However, everyone has to admit that Harris played a lot better the last 3-4 games last season. Considering that and that he's not coming off surgery for the first time in years, I think there's a 50-50 chance he can get back to somewhere near his old form.

WRD, man what games have you been watching, Harris has been pretty much a no show for 2 years until about the last three or four games last year. Physically he has talent although his injuries have diminished his physical talent but it is still good enough to play well in the NFL.

The problem with Tommie is his head, he is a loose cannon, he was suspended from a game, he was suspended by the team, his effort has been poor at times, he has been up and down in the locker room. Actually unless he improves dramatically I would love to see him get traded. And the worst part is that Tommie portrays himself as a team leader, what a joke.

Creighton and Wrigley Field Bear essentially hit the nail on the head with Tommie Harris. When he puts it all together he is a force, have not seen that for years.

Alex Brown in my opinion has been the best lineman with Adams right behind him,

Let me be specific. I'm taking about DTs being out there. DEs are doing their usual 6 sacks a season which isn't great by any stretch. Creighton I'm not upset in the least about you and stats. It's not even you I am calling out. It's the fans who keep ragging on the same series of things. Everyone knew that he had knee surgery before the start of the season. Everyone should've known that his play would've gotten better after his knee was better which in all honesty how can you get better playing on a bad wheel. He is coming off an off-season where he didn't require surgery. Of course he should be better. Let that play out since we know he was playing better at the end of the season. But the DTs beside him and the Dts behind him are not that good. Adams is a fan favorite but he isn't anything to write home about. Adams had 2 sacks and led the linemen with 39 tackles. Harrison who plays alongside Harris had 1 sack and 24 tackles. They both played more than Harris and what I see when they are in that isn't that great. Tackles to me don't say anything. If anything it says that plays are going your way and the way the Bears scored that stuff you falling on the ground and touching the guy who is really being tackled by someone else will get you credit for the tackle. If I want to talk about DEs even Anderson registered 6 sacks and everyone says to let him go. Why? If that is a great number to have for sacks. Creighton you have to stop taking things so seriously. I didn't question your I.Q. or say anything to make you want to fly off the handle. You take this stuff so personal like you are a one-man wrecking crew who knows every single thing about the Bears. Chill dude. You must live only for this stuff. That's....scary.

Everyone has to agree our DT did not play well overall at all. Yes, I like Adams, and Harrison. But I have to wonder what happened last year when Rod was supposed to even make them all better. Didnt happen thats for sure. So we really have to wonder about that position this year...not, as Peppers will make those positions better this year, and a Free Agent will do what a Coach was supposed to do in the first place, last year. I am more worried about Rod DC than any position except Safety now. Harris can only be better for sure, how much better is the question, and Harrison Adams will have the benefit as well, as you know the Offense will have to commit their TE or RB to Peppers.

Howsa bout....


for a mid first -

then go after B. Marshall???

We can cover the loss of Briggs as we have young LB waiting to step up.

Het, these signings have me dreaming huh?

Creighton, please... please... spare us the history lessons. You don't really believe that just because a similar defense had certain stats means every defense is going to perform the same way do you? There are too many variables in the NFL to make those comparisons. We get it. You know how to use the internet to look up stats. I'd comment on your opinions, but I stopped reading your posts after I got bored with too much information. You do know that when guys play with injuries they're not going to perform at a top level? Yes, he's had a crappy attitude lately too, but let's see how this year plays out before we crucify the guy. He's finally healthy (allegedly). Let's see what he can do. He's not chopped liver. He was the best player on one of the best defenses a couple years ago. Before the injuries. And with less double teams and a better health, I think he'll bounce back. If he doesn't, he won't be around much longer.

Oooooh boy we got peppers.Great angelo bunked it up again.Peppers is a play when i wanna play def end. watch hell be injured half the year.And it just so happens that lovie aint gonna push him or anyone else to play either.this team will not b good until angelo and lovie are gone!!

Management at least listened to the criticism of the fans for once. That should be applauded, and they have now for two off seasons spent money the way they should all along. Peppers will make a difference if he is healthy, and Harris will play better because he wants another pay day. That is real motivation and logic for why the line will be better next season. The linebackers will be better as well because we will have players back healthy.
We are past the top five form of four years ago, so what the cover two scheme has always won with great offenses. We just need to get turnovers, and improve to around middle of the pack. That should happen on defense, and the offense will improve merely because we have an intelligent coordinator.

This should make us more competitive for next season, meaning with a more healthy defense (tillman healthy, no surgery for harris, urlacher back, pisamona back, an emerging bowman) bounds well for us. Plus an offense with a healthy center (kruetz played hurt for three seasons, a stable left tackle, a natural right tackle), a complimentary running back, a healthy running back (forte played on a bad wheel all year) and still had the same stats practically), and in sync quarterback bounds well.

It will make for a much more competitive season, and that is all we asked for, so wait for the draft and expect better things.

Agree Josh except we can never believe when these players say they are all healthy now, as they have been saying that for years and they were lying. So the jury is still out on
and still not sure what Omiyale will do.
But I am feeling with the addition of Taylor, TE,Martz smarter play calls, we will be better on Offense, I just wish they would grab a OG and move Beekman to Center as I have heard Olin is healthy for too many times now, same as Url, maybe we need to just move these guys we do have capable backups.

and geez mike, why all the negativity?? Do you not feel Peppers is an upgrade over what we had the past few years? That is what to look forward to, not hypothesis about his health etc.. that is an unknown. All we can go on os what he did in the past and he avgd over 10 sacks a year, Ill take 10 sacks this year from Peppers ( and probably more)

You are correct in that height is not always the best barometer for measuring a DT vs. DE discussion, but Kevin Williams is a lot more of a power player, and he has leveraged that explosiveness into pass rush moves. Same with Reggie White, who was a freak at his size that could do both power and speed moves. Mean Joe Greene was pure power player. My impression of the film I saw on Gilbert coming out is that he is more of a quickness guy, and was able to bull rush lesser competition college guys. I think his strength is in the body lean type moves from the edge rather than the gap shooting style of the DTs in our defense. I might be wrong, but that's what I think.

I guess more than anything else I am trying to figure out who is going to play end, as Peppers and Brown can't be the only ends. Melton supposedly is bulking up to play 3 technique. Idonije is more effective inside than outside, but could be a LE or RE in the rotation. If Anderson is back, that is our 3rd DE, but if they lose him, then it is Izzy and Gilbert as the backups in the rotation.

Maybe someone can refresh my memory, but didn't Gilbert only move inside in his last year in college? I can't remember if it was 2 years as a DT, or just one. I wouldn't mind seeing Izzy or Gilbert alongside Harris in nickel situations, but I think Gilbert needs to be set at DE, and left there.

The talent is another story, but we have seen the physical skill set there to translate into NFL ability based on his work leading up to the draft (nothing to do with the pool thing). We are too lean at DE right now, and need to set the depth chart. Gilbert is the best of the tweeners to play DE in my opinion. Izzy plays much better inside, and Melton is going to be Harris' backup this year.

I think anyone getting $.042 Billion guaranteed better darn sure be a savior. If not something is very wrong. We don't need another DE that can't earn his pay check.

What about the O-line and the secondary? Jerry? Lovie? Anyone?

We didn't need another TE, wasted money.

Taylor I like, hard runner. Now try to run without blocking, Lovie.

Peppers? Too much money.

With all that said, I now have to say this is great!

Jerry and Lovie have proven they have no idea how to draft top players. The FAs haven't been so good either. We all know Lovie can't coach.

So when we fail to reach our potential again, after another $.121 Billion it should be clear enough to everyone that Teddy, Jerry, and Lovie must go!


Just curious why my last post did not make the board for this specific blog, was it because I was critical of Lovie?

Try again Anonymous and use a name. Perhaps your post was inappropriate in some way. Sean does not seem to be anything like the extremely unfair, biased, Lovie loving, far left Roman M. who manipulated things to support his views and those of his homers.

Peppers could very well bring out the best in Harris.

Gloss over it all you wish, but Harris has not been healthy. Harris also has recieved little help from other members of the offensive line, as only Brown has been consistent.

Peppers will immediately help Harris, due to the double teams he is bound to draw. In fact, I would put Peppers next to Harris.

He's healthier now, and he seems to already have a more positive attitude now that Peppers is on board.

If Harrison develops next to him, or possibly a draft pick -- I'm sick of Adams -- Harris should have the players around him that will relieve him of some of the pressure he has put on himself.

He doesn't have to be the anchor anymore. Just productive.

Let's see how it pans out, instead of making baseless assumptions.


You said, the Bears "have now for two off seasons spent money the way they should all along."

Um, no they haven't. The way they should have spent money is to fire Ted Phillips and hire a football guy as team president. A good football guy would almost certainly have gotten Scott Pioli as GM, who instead went to Kansas City. And Pioli would have fired Smith and probably hired Bill Cowher.

Wasting money by paying top players to play in a lousy organization won't bring a championship or even a playoff berth. Look how signing Cutler worked out. And ask the Raiders how well Randy Moss, a future Hall of Famer, worked out there.

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