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Grossman to Redskins; Simms to Bears?

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According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Rex Grossman will play for his third team in three years next season after signing a one-year deal for the league minimum with the Redskins on Wednesday.

The former Bears quarterback, who appeared in one game for Houston last season, will be reunited with Kyle Shanahan, Washington's offensive coordinator who filled the same role for the Texans last season.

Grossman played in only one game last season, completing three of nine passes for 33 yards with an interception.

The Redskins were also reportedly interested in signing Chris Simms to a backup role. Simms has been on the Bears radar in the past and could be again.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo gambled by not signing a veteran backup for Jay Cutler last season and may opt to bring in a veteran like Simms rather than rely on the inexperienced Caleb Hanie and ex-Northwestern signal caller Brett Basanez, especially given what is at stake in 2010.

The Broncos cut Simms after acquiring former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn from the Browns. Simms, 29, played in three games last season, including one start.

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What do you think the chances are of the Bears signing LG Simms? Thanks.

Nope, why would they waste their money on a bad 2nd stringer, and pay too much for what he really is, a 3rd stringer, injury replacement or someone to run your scout team?

Is Simms really that much better than Caleb Hanie? I'm skeptical of that. And Brett Basanez seems to do a pretty good job scouting what defensive coverages opponents are in on game day.

I'd rather keep what we have, and I suspect the Bears would too. If we were to aquire another QB, wouldn't be make more sense if he was an accomplished former-starter, or someone at least familiar with Martz's system?

From various angles, Simms makes zero sense.

Who cares about Rex! The two back ups we have right now at least are familiar with the rest of the team and have some experience with our recievers, Simms would be a rookie all over again if he came here, besides an unexperienced Caleb is better than a seasoned Simms any day! Just sign a safety Angelo!!!

I say stick with Caleb Hanie, he's going into year 3 and looks to have potential. I like his ability to make things happen in the pocket with his feet. What I've seen of him in the pre-season over the last couple seasons, with his feet, and he isn't bad with the long ball, he could be a pretty good QB, at the least a solid #2.

And ask yourself, would Chris Simms really be an upgrade? I don't think he would. Simms has major durability issues and hasn't really played the last couple seasons. Go with Hanie, he's younger and seems to have potential and more of a ceiling than the injury prone Simms.

Creighton, don't take anything I've said to you the last couple days personally. Dude, I got no problems with you and don't want to make enemies with other Bear fans. Me and you just have different opinions when it comes to the Bears, theres nothing wrong with that. In the end, we're all Bear fans, and thats all that really counts GO BEARS!!

What are the odds that they will sign G Andrews form Philly

Simms to Bears? Then just speculation. No news, might as well post on a message board or something.

If Cutler gets hurt, the season is done anyways, doesn't matter who the back up is.

Besides, Hanie has shown in preseason that he's not a bum, and it's his 3rd year in the league. He should be the backup.

Man these Chicago papers stink...Making up news when there is none then completely being worthless when there is some...Oh BTW the Sun-Times Nate Vasher has been up the good

Kevin you and me have differing opinions? Really when did that happen? I have not noticed all these years. Kevin we debate all time, I don't take it personel, like you said we all want the Bears to do well.

Oh and speaking of Bear fans, I heard through the grapevine that Sean Jensen maybe planning on some form of fan Q&A similar to 4 down territory on the blog here. So some of you may want to ask him about it and maybe he will post something about what he may or may not be planning. I know 4 down was usually one of the most popular posts on the blog so maybe it will happen I know a lot of people have a lot of questions.

Sean could probably tell us more about Tice and Taylor than anyone in Chicago. Anyway if anyone wants a 4 down type of thing brought back you may want to let him know, here on the blog or email. I will post this a couple more times over the next couple of days so people will get a chance to see it.

Creighton repeating yourself a hundred times doesnt mean that those things will happen. For crying out loud are you gonna be bugging Sean for 4th down......

You all will prolly laugh - but I would've taken Rex over most available guys. I don't know what he could bring compared to Hanie, because Hanie has no real snaps. I do know that Rex had a couple good years in Chitown & went to a SB. That says something - right?

hhhhhmmmmmmmm. how about batch or daunte? ha

Forget about Simms. He is not gonna help anyone.

Chris Simms lost more than his spleen that day, he lost his heart. He's looked woeful in his only game action the last few years. Afraid to take a hit. He earned some cash, it's time to go coach high school ball.

A 4 downs clone would be good.

Simple: Simms - NO

Wow, Creighton and Armstead not arguing? No anti Creighton posts on this board (im discounting Timmer, he's an idiot)

Anyway, glad to see no stupid arguments going on, so people can actually talk Bears.

I do not like Chris Simms. I used to, but not anymore. We definitely need a FS and O-Line help more than a back up QB.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, we should do whatever it takes (poison pill!!) to sign OJ Atogwe away from the Rams. He would be the difference maker and our defense would be insane!

I don't see many OL in free agency, so the draft might be our best option there. Lets continue building this team!

Simms was a bust in Denver, what is Jerry thnking? Leave the QB position alone. And start looking for Offensive linemen.
You still have Hanie and Basanez who know the system and will do fine as back-ups.

I see no benefit in getting Simms. As Anonymous stated, if Cutler goes down, the Bears' season is in serious trouble.Hanie is an adequate back-up, so I still would not rule the Bears' season as finished with a Cutler injury, but yes, the team would be much weaker offensively.

Compare Simms to Jeff George and George looks like Billy Kilmer. Going back to UT Longhorn days, Simms has always lacked heart. Never has lived up to what his dad could do with a football. A lot of image really and not much substance. If the Bears can't develop Hanie into a reliable backup, and have to look at guys like this for a #2, then all the other free agents in the world aren't going to help this team win under any circumstances, because somebody in charge is not doing their homework. -LH

Caleb Hanie has represented himself very well and has done everything asked of him. Unless Chris Simms can play safety, forget about it!

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