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Forte "excited" about Taylor signing

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The agent for Bears running back Matt Forte said his client doesn't have any issues with the addition of Chester Taylor.

"Matt's excited," agent Adisa Bakari said. "Chester is a great running back. He's certainly helped the (Minnesota) Vikings for a number of years, and helped the (Baltimore) Ravens before that.

"Matt's primary focus is to help the Bears win a Super Bowl, and Chester is just another piece to that ever moving puzzle."

After breaking several team records and gaining 1,238 rushing yards as a rookie in 2008, Forte endured several injuries during the 2009 season, from a toe to a hamstring to a sprained MCL.

He played all 16 games, but he gained 929 and averaged 3.6 yards per run for a run offense that ranked 29th in the NFL.

Bakari said Forte is already working out.

"Matt's training vigorously each day, so he can be in tip-top shape," Bakari said.

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He had better start working out now. Ball security, speed to the hole, and lower body strength to break tackles were all issues for Forte in 2009, much of it due to injury. If he is not on top of his game, Taylor will take his job from him, and he could feel even more pressure from Bell behind him if the youngster improves from year 1 to year 2, which Forte was unable to do.

We certainly are a lot stronger than a position group of Forte, Peterson, and Wolfe going into 2010. Have we released Kevin Jones yet? We have him for another year if I remember correctly. I do not see us keeping Jones, since he is not a special teams guy for the most part, even thought he did play a little coverage team 2 years ago. But he might have value to a team like the Texans who are looking for improvement across the board at running back. Maybe a 5th or 6th round pick (conditional) can be obtained for him.

I have to think that based on how he performed when given a chance, Bell is going to move ahead of Wolfe on the chart, which means Wolfe is gone too. Not sure anyone else will take him, as he does not have the speed or elusiveness to be a factor in the return game, which puts him a huge step below Sproles and Washington as far as undersized backs.

Joe, I agree that Wolfe should be gone and I was never a fan of his playing. It was hard to meet him several times and not want to tell him that but I kept it to myself. He's smaller than my son when he was 13 so I didn't fear any physical reprisals from him. Forte better be motivated. He is a nonchalant guy and hopefully this signing gives him a little fire to play with and a little more intensity. These guys on this roster don't have great talent so pushing them to the limit will help a great deal.

I'm astounded by guys like you who use this forum to disrespectfully express their repressed reptilian rage!! No, I wouldn't be afraid of any NFL player who was shorter than me either!! Gimme a break!! And I'm sure you know Matt Forte well enough to see deep inside his soul to quickly lable him nonchalant. [CODE:Effeminate] Guess what! There are other things more important in life than sports and your infantile need for a one upsmanship.

The only thing i dont agree with is getting rid of Wolfe. This guy may ot be all elusive to you, but he is quick, and a diffrent look at times. Now with that said Besides the additon of Tim Shaw, Wolfe was our greates defender on Special Teams hands down. If he was on the field on special teams he always made a tackle, he's stopped others from returning kicks by himself, even after being knocked to the ground. So I wouldn't write him off just yet guy's... Go Bears..........

i would die laughing if either one of you talked smack to an NFL player shorter than you... with all the exercise they get not to mention the weight training....i think you cupcakes would last 2 seconds with a short nfl player..i bet a punter would do some serious damage

Martz wants Taylor for a reason, and its probably because he is a better reciever than Forte and better in the open field. Either way one of these guys is going to see his receptions drop drastically. No offense but Forte without his receptions is a very average back. Then again so is Taylor, but Taylor is probably a little better overall and fits the system a little better. Forte's numbers will probably be going down.

Well said Tom. WRD sounds like a real horse's you know what. Forget his physical size. When it comes to heart and character I'm sure Wolfe is a giant next to you a sorry guy like you WRD.

Wolfe is on the team because he played balls-out special teams. He's secured his roster spot so thanks to all of you mini-parcells but there's a reason you're not running a team.

By Tom Dee on March 6, 2010 1:07 PM
"I'm astounded by guys like you who use this forum to disrespectfully express their repressed reptilian rage!! No, I wouldn't be afraid of any NFL player who was shorter than me either!! Gimme a break!! And I'm sure you know Matt Forte well enough to see deep inside his soul to quickly lable him nonchalant. [CODE:Effeminate] Guess what! There are other things more important in life than sports and your infantile need for a one upsmanship."

Gay, oh so very gay. Oh man this made me laugh, Mr.WRD, LMAO. Perhaps he will challenge you to a duel, Chip chip cheerio good sir. Hahahahahaha.
On guard Mr. WRD, hehehehehehe.

i think wolfe will still be a bear. he is a great special teams player. jones will be cut or traded and ap will won't be re-signed giving us 4 rbs just like last year. let forte, taylor and bell fight it out for the carries it'll make them all better players in the end and give us a distinct advantage having 3 solid rb's.

Wolfe should be kept.
He had 5.5 YPC without a huge run like Bell had that messed up his stats. (Without that big run, Bell averages 3.8 YPC) Wolfe is also better on Special Teams.

Thankyou Bruce for getting us back on track to the overall contributions of Mr. Wolf and his obvious value to the TEAM. You have ignored, however, the GLARING HARBINGER OF REALITY--That Wolf is shorter than you and I and therefore incapable of commanding the respect of Real Men like Mr.WRD let alone the Menacing Beheamoths in the NFL that we all wish we could be like!! If the diminuitive Mr.Wolf cant intimidate Mr. WRD how could he possibly intimidate someone like, say, LaDamian Tomlinson on a kickoff??.. Picture yourself, If you will, Middleaged, unathletic and with no football experience....yet somehow given the chance to return a kickoff for the PACKERS against the BEARS!! Rock in hand you stumble downfield, in an intoxicated daze when SUDDENLY!!, you see speeding toward you like a BB shot out of a super cannon--the same stubby and vertically challenged individual who must not be named. Do you even think about a half hearted dodge of this miniscule meteor?..Or do you Guffaw and laugh derisively until you barf out all your Old Style??Well, one thing is CERTAIN, YOU ARE TALLER SO THE DAY IS YOURS!!!You prance effortlessly into the endzone where the paramedics await and are overcome by the sheer joy of the moment while you slog out a tipsy and heavy hoofed version of the superbowl shuffle And THIS, THIS GREAT MOMENT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE UNTHINKABLE,INCOMPREHENSIBLE INCLUSION OF GARRET WOLF ON THE CHICAGO BEARS ROSTER!!!! ARMCHAIR MACHISMOS UNITE!!!! THIS UNSPEAKABLE RUNT MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPRESENT THE SACRED MANHOOD OF THE CITY WITH GRABOWSKI SHOULDERS!!!

I see the Wolfe fans are out in force, when he was first drafted you are the same clowns that said Wolfe was going to be a star in the league, he is a waste of a pick. He is doing about what an average gunner does. You can fill that void with any number of players as Toub has done sense he has been here. Does he block punts or kicks? No. Does he return punts or kicks? No. Does he punt or kick? No. Is he a wedge blocker? No. Teams find top RB's in the third round not some special team contributor. Wolfe as an nfl RB is a total faliure, wow a third round pick managed play special teams. Let this be a leason to the sad sack NIU fans who can't get it in their heads that the nfl is for real football players from real football programs. 5'7 179 pound back who gets hurt every year even though he is almost never on the field. What a waste of a third round pick. We need offensive line help which we could have got in the third round in 07 but know we took a runt who can't get it done in the nfl.

Mark I don't think you have ever been in a gym in your life. Yeah Wolfe would show all you guys. Yeah name all the great nfl players who have become fighters, now named all the guys from the nfl who have tried to become fighters.

If Wolfe has a big heart why doesn't he play for free or how about he join the peace corps. Like any of you chumps even knows Wolfe talking about his character. This is the NFL, its about talent, if you don't have it then goodbye. If Wolfe has so much heart lets start him at LG, cause his heart will make up for his size. Hahahahaha.

Wait Peppers is suppose to lack heart, lets start Wolfe instead of him. Welcome to football tard school. Wolfe had a job to do when he was drafted, be the change of pace back. But he failed and in so doing hurt the team.

Other than size, there aren't many other reasons being used. Brandon Jacobs is bigger than Chris Johnson, which would you rather have.

Creighton, I couldnt agree more...that you should spell your name the way it was intended..C-R-E-T-I-N...Cretin!! Please have the person who has been typing your emails look it up for you. Now cant we please get back to something a little more dignified, like piling on someone because they're smaller than you???

I am laughing my butt off with all these comments from an offhand remark. You guys need to get a life. The guy is holding up a roster spot of a better player. Say what you want. Push your pop bottle glasses further up your nose and adjust your pocket protector. Quit with the spittle when you talk to others and maybe you can graduate from Geekdom. The only thing Wolfe does well when he is playing in the backfield is let another player get highlights from leaping over him while he is standing up. Get real. You guys live with too much of the potential of players and what they did in college. When do you say enough is enough? The guy does nothing a RB needs to do stay on an NFL roster. He has no speed, seperation, moves, excelleration, cutting ability,strength or elusiveness. When has he displayed that? In college? No pun intended, but this is where the big boys are. What you did in college stops the day you are drafted. AND,he was a waste of a draft pick. Special teams? Get somebody else for that. I'd keep Peterson over him anyday. I've seen Peterson drag guys. I've seen Peterson make guys miss. I've seen Peterson do enough to hold up a roster spot as a back. Wolfe has done nothing other than get drafted and played locally. That's why this team sucks so bad. Wolfe this year with the fans and last year it was Rashied Davis with the fans clamoring for him to sign with his 17 catches. And he ended up worse this year. Cut the cord with Wolfe. I made a one sentence remark and you guys see fit to write all that crap jumping on me and accusing me of being smaller than Wolfe and being scared of a player because he plays football. Dude, my torso weighs more than Wolfe's whole body. Have you seen him in person? He is little person. Not just a small man. He is smaller than most high school RBs sitting on the bench. He may be your hero because you have a lot in common with him but I bet you with Lovie and Angelo fighting for their jobs this year he is GONE. No more potential over real talent. See ya. And would you rather have Wolfe or Brandon Jacobs? Next question...Next wet dream you wrote Tom Dee about Wolfe. I know phone sex is your job and the GUYS must get a rize out of you. To each it's own. Ozzie called Mariotti a name but you are IT.


Micheal "the Burner" Turner went to NIU.



And Tom Dee I forgot to add: you say there is more to life than sports then why are you on a sports blog? Get on with your life away from sports, by all means. Forte is such a player that they had to bring in an older player because he has such high expectations. Non-chalant isn't about being effeminate. In your world maybe. It's about a player who runs with no authority. How many yards will he get turning his back to the line acting like that's going to make someone miss? Backs run forward when they are 6'2". The lower their shoulders on contact. They don't turn their back to a tackler like he did all year. Non-chalant means he's not aggressive. Why do you guys spend so much time fighting battles of weak players just because you like them? Seeing my name written 6 times in someone's post doesn't elevate my ego it makes me question your motivation for even coming on this blog. I see dolts writing material showing a vast imagination but most likely by someone with no friends. For company you must get tired blowing up Ms Dolly. Do whatever makes you happy.

He ran a 4.38 at his pro day so he's not slow
He benched 225 18 times at the combine and 22 on his pro day so he's not weak
He ran a 4.08 in the 20 yrd shuttle in the combine (Best in the combine at the 40 yrd shuttle) so he's quick
Other than size what are the reasons we shouldn't keep him. He has 5.5 YPC, He is a special teams ace, and he's young. Peterson is 30, Bell had one big run that inflated his YPC, Wolfe should be kept over those two. We are probably not keeping Jones since he's injured every year.
Our HBs next year should be Forte, Taylor, Wolfe and someone (possibly Bell)

I'm sure Wolfe is a very hard worker who is a good gunner on special teams. This would be fine if he was drafted when he was supposed to be drafted - at best in the 5th round but most draft publications thought more like 6th round. However, he was drafted in the 3rd round to be a playmaking change of pace back for Cedric Benson - not just to be a special teams gunner. Because of his draft status, he is considered a bust. It is not his fault that Angelos selected him way too early, but that doesn't mean he is a good running back.

I do think he still has a pretty good chance of making the team. With the Taylor signing the Bears will probably not draft another RB, so he will be competing for a roster spot with (assuming Jones will be cut soon) Bell and Peterson - not exactly Payton and Sayers.

By the way, if I were to get into a fight with Wolfe, I'm not too proud to admit that I would be putting my money on Wolfe to kick my arse...

Hey WRD I suspect that probably you are a decent guy and a good father-- My point was obviously-BE RESPECTFUL- Garret Wolf is a good kid who with all his limitations plays with dignity and leaves it all out on the field. Sorry I upset you so much. Go Bears!!!


Micheal "the Burner" Turner went to NIU.



WRD and Creighton--so wait, u fools are seriously making fun and assumptions of people who are doing the same thing as you.....posting their thoughts on here. and so why do u get all salty? oh that's right, because they are able to string together thoughts that actually have some truth to them and are well thought out. gee what was everyone else thinking to disagree with your idiotic musings!!! and cretin....did u actually imply that forte isn't a good enuff receiver? FOOL.

wOLFE is a a hard bet, as he would seem to have the tools, and we dont know his real abilities as he had one of the worst run Olines in the NFL. But he sure didnt excite anyone either. I would say one more year ---maybe. I saw more from Bell as well, its tuff letting a high draft pick go, but if not this year then next year if he doesnt show soemthing, which he wont of course as we just made it more difficult.

It has nothing to do with stature, it has to do with filling out your roster with the right players for your scheme and special teams. Forte and Taylor are similar in style, both good at catching the ball, and neither a home run threat with the ball in their hands for the most part. Forte has done it a few times, but neither is a "speed" back per se. Wolfe has not shown the breakaway speed with pads on, despite his workout numbers, and is not stout enough to pass block like he would need to in Martz's offense. backs in a lot of cases will chip or show block and then slip out to be the safety valve for the QB. Wolfe can't get off the chip and clear as fast as he would need to be. He is the new Dennis Gentry, where he gets a chance on draws only, and usually when we are at 3rd and long, and his YPC is more a result of poor play calling and field position than overall talent.

If that is the case, then his value is only on special teams. Peterson and Wolfe basically were only special teams players until injuries forced them into duty in the offense. Will we be better off with Bell and another LB on special teams instead of Wolfe and Peterson? I would rather keep developing a young back on the practice squad and go with Bell, Taylor, and Forte as the 3 RBs. Instead of a 4th RB, I would go with an extra WR, or extra TE, or an extra LB.

The high YPC was not a result of draw plays. He had a 27.3% YPC which is great. IT's better than the Vikings AP(23.6%) and way better than Forte(15.1%)

Tom Dee be respectful of what. I didn't say that he was some little runt who wasn't anything. I said that I wasn't scared of telling him because he was bigger than me and I thought he would kick my butt. But I didn't because I was being respectful to him and that matters more than what you guys are talking about. I'm not trying to turn his staure into the reason I don't like his play. Ididn't like Benson's either and he was a big back. But just like Benson was sitting his butt on the bench in the fourth quarter of the Bengals playoff game I was not impressed with his overall play as a RB. But I tell you what J-Pac I wasn't making fun of anyone until they made fun of me. Just like you called me a fool you are opening yourself up to being called a name yourself. Where did anyone put together thought about Wolfe's playing ability. All they are talking about is wishful thinking that he would pan out in a 16 game format which he hasn't. We pointed out enough to say that he isn't much of a back-up and his roster spot should go to someone who is a capable back. Fill out special teams with a guy who can be brought up if needed to play a real position. I too think that Bell's stats are inflated because of one run. Take that away and he is very pedestrian. When have you seen him block well on passing downs and catch out the back field. Bell is not beating Jones out if he's healthy. Bell was on the practice squad for most of the season and they waited a very long time to elevate him to the roster. If he was so good they would've brought him up the next week after Wolfe was hurt. They went with two backs for a few games until they couldn't do without. And I don't see Taylor and Forte being similiar catching out the back field. taylor sets up his blocks and get low enough to get leverage. Forte does catch well but makes a big target for tacklers no matter what he does. Taylor plays smarter. And I'm not saying Forte is dumb so don't even go there.

Guess Jones wasn't healthy enough to get a shot during the season. I tell you I am not broken up about it one bit.

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