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Contract should motivate Peppers

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As we all know, Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith could be gone if the Bears underachieve again next season.

Here's the surprise: Julius Peppers could follow them out the door.

According to Peter King of, Peppers will receive $20 million in 2010, almost all of which is guaranteed. Evidently, the $22 that he is set to receive in 2011 and 2012 is guaranteed for injury only.

In other words, if Peppers fails to make the expected impact for any reason other than injury, the Bears can say goodbye and pocket the $22 million. In that case, the six-year, $91.5 million deal would be the equivalent of a one-year, $20 million deal.

This is a smart move by the Bears because the criticisms of Peppers for taking plays off and disappearing for stretches are real. Giving someone with that reputation so much guaranteed money is a recipe for disaster. The way the contract is structured, Peppers should be motivated to be the kind of player the Bear will want to stick around.

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Right!! (sarcasm key on) Fortunately for the Bears nobody in this country would ever consider faking an injury for money, especially a piddling amount like $22 million. Even if somebody wanted to, they would never be able to find a lawyer who would lower themselves so far to take a case like that. (sarcasm key off)

It would matter if Peppers decided to go all PacmanPlaxiVick on the Bears.

Take away the bikinis and SI would be dead. (Well, actually take away the bikinis and they would be Playboy, but you know what I meant;)

John Foxx said it wasn't true. He says JP plays hard and doesn't take plays off. Look at that Bolt dude. He doesn't look like he's running hard either, until you check the stopwatch.

This seems like a big deal? I mean 22 million is a ton of guaranteed money but its in a non-capped year. Considering that Peppers doesn't have very much injury history, doesn't this mean we basically signed a bust proof deal. I wouldn't think peppers agents would want that to go through with that? But it makes this deal seem to have only positive implications for the future of the franchise, if doesn't work out, we aren't committed to anything. Weird.

Well if Harris and Vasher can manage to stick around with their bloated contracts I am pretty sure the only way Peppers would get cut is if Lovie and Angie get canned and a new GM and Headcoach take over. That of course is only if Peppers doesn't live up to his deal which pays him as the best defensive player in football.

Nicely done Bears. If he plays well, he gets paid. If not, he doesn't. I like the sound of that...

Very smart indeed Neil. It doesnt surprise me that the Bears made the contract that way but that Peppers and his agent had agreed to that contract. Loop hole contracts in the NFL gotta love them.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Peppers and his agent agreed to that contract. They contend that Peppers isn't a slouch. Now they can try to prove it.

Hey Ms, remember when Harris had exploritory surgery on his knee last off season, he complained all through2008 that he was hurt. Then everyone said he had surgery. But then about 1/3 of the way through last season it came out that the doctors found nothing wrong with him. Then Lovie let it be known that he wasn't hurt and then benched him and used the media to send a message to him about effort. Bears still gave him bonuses though.

Now I don't think Peppers will do that, but he does seem to be very streaky. He does also tend to get his sacks against the weaker lines in the NFL but thats a lot of guys

2009 WAS 2 sck, TB 3 sck, Buf 1 sck, ARZ 1 sck,
2008 Oak 3 sck, DET 2 sck, GB 2 sck, TB 1.5 sck.
2007 I'll just skip 2007 he had bad year

The one thing that surprises me about Peppers is that with all his gifts he has yet to have that MVP type season, he's a pro bowler and an All pro for sure but he hasn't had that 2005 Freeney, 08 Harrison, 02 Strahan type season or the type of season where you just see him constantly pushing back the pocket and having an effect on every down. Thats the only thing I don't get about him for 3 games he will look like the best defensive player in the nfl and then you don't see him make a impact play for a month. All the best players see double teams, he really needs to step it up when they double him instead of just letting it happen and going with it.

Creighton, Harris's injury was not fake it takes a full year and a half to recover from an ACL surgery, the guy was playing hurt in his first year right after surgery and he had no confidence in his leg, nor did he have the time in the off-season to rebuild the strength back in the joint to give him the explosiveness he needs to be effective, and there way no way he could not be on the field to heal because of his contract. I believe his play at the end of this last season is what we should expect from him this season, now that has has a chance to actually work on building his legs back up.....

As for the other comments about his contract, its funny how everyone on the blog always talk about guys being overpaid, but never seem to stick up for the ones who get shafted; getting cut out of the non-guaranteed deals....I for one think its great the BEARS are finally not being looked at as the cheapskates of the league, that in itself is a positive for Chicago....Go BEARS.....Now let's gets some WINS.....

Peppers is now on board, the Bears Defense will respond next year and have a very good year. The pressure that Peppers will put on the QB will help create positive Bears turnovers and turn them into some game changers for the Bears. MOre Sacks in 2010, maybe 50 would be a nice start, more interceptions, more fumbles by QB's and the offenses in the league, more negative yardage plays are going to happen.

The D line will now be a top 10 defensive line, the linebackers also top 10, maybe top 5 if healthy, the D backs top 15 with special teams in the top 5 as usual. Translation, the Bears should be in most games and should not get blown out like they did in too many games this year.

Win the division they will, despite all of the poor coaching they will get from Lovie. Beat the Packers twice (pay back time) split with the Vikings and sweep the Lions. 10-6 wins the division next year.

The only thing that scares me next year are the turnovers in the red zone that takes points away or gives the opponent easy points. Cutler, if he uses his head could really take them places, without the huge turnover numbers, take the 3 if the TD is not there, take the first down if the long gain is not there, smart football from Cutler will make the difference how far this team goes in the playoffs.

It's too bad the Bears did not have a similar deal with a few other players. Urlacher and Harris immediately come to mind. Even so, twenty million would be pretty good severance pay and would ease the pain for the rest of the world's poor working stiffs, who can't even afford a beer at the games because the admission tickets took all their money.Maybe the party Peppers threw should have been a fund-raiser to allow a few hundred more people to attend a game and watch him play.

You have to remember that Peppers hasn't been playing for peanuts anyway. He was francised last year for what?.....$10 million guaranteed?

Next time we fuss about one of the Bears contracts all we have to do is look at Antonio Cromartie. Did you guys see that news? Dude is in the last year of a $12 million contract, but the Jets still had to front him $1/2 million for this year's pay. Why? He has fathered 7 children with 6 different women in 5 different states just in the last 2 years. The court is about to throw him in jail over child support.

The Jets said they advanced him the money so "hopefully he can resolve some things and go into the offseason program and concentrate on being a Jet."

Ya think? And we thought the Bears had some characters.

Let me see if I have this straight. Peppers has to guarantee no injury bench sitting but Harris/Url? hmmm thats weird. As Peppers has been virtually inj. free except oneyear and then he came back the next year with a vengance, but the bears mainstays are huirt every year AFTER they signed an incredible extension. That to ne is the difference in those players and Peppers.. Peppers has been non inj. but Harris Url have not been and it was right after or even during their injuries they got new contracts. Maybe the Bears learned a valuable lesson with those 2 contracts. Say it any way you want but the facts is They are sitting and non contributors and getting paid a Bears ransom.

and I agree SI is worthless....

I think you guys miss the point. You live and you learn. How many fans said that they hope he is worth the money and then talk about players who were not after being hurt after signing their contracts. It's exactly what most of you guys wanted and it's exactly what they got. I only got SI last year because they gave the Madden game free. I was buying the Madden game anyway and basically got S.I. free. I don't need them now that they money is up. Now if Madden is thrown in this year: I will think about it.

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