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There's a lot of talk that free agency may not necessarily start with a bang tonight.

But, either way, Neil Hayes and I will be checking in with a lot of people and providing lots of updates.

We'll keep you updated on what we're hearing about Julius Peppers, Antrel Rolle, Chester Taylor and other players within the NFC North and even the entire league.

So make sure to keep coming back to our blog and following me on Twitter (skjensen)!

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It was just reported the the Bears have entered into contract talks with Rolle. You wanna pickup the pace Jensen.

Come on Bears we need to sign someone due to no draft picks. Win now or be unemployed in 2011. Im pumped to see what we're going to get done in the next few days.

It appears as if the Bears were, yet again, outbid by the NY Giants. First Perry Fewell and now Rolle. Great job Jerry. Hey McCheapsky's, perhaps if you opened your wallet to people with talent, we wouldn't suck...

McCheapsky,L.O.L,this is priceless,like one player stated in the past,Halas throws nickles around like sewer covers,and the family has not changed.The Bears will get some type of free agent like Orlando Pace ,past his prime,someone who Lovie coached before,had career promise,but suck,rip the Bears off for a few million,and get cut in a year or two.Like the Coach said before the Bears fired him,this is the type of team you get with the money you spend.It takes money to make money,ask anyone trying to start a buisness.

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