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Brown bids farewell to Bears' fans on Twitter?

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Alex Brown sure sounds like he's no longer a member of the Chicago Bears.

On his official Twitter page, Brown sent out what appeared to be a farewell message.

See for yourself:

"I am extremely grateful for my time as a Chicago Bear and I wish the Bears the best. I am glad that they gave me an opportunity to realize...

"...A dream I had (as) a child. I appreciate the fans but as we all know this is the nature of the business. Bear down!"

The Bears were shopping Brown, but the club's challenge was his $5 million base salary in 2010 and the distinct possibility that they would release him anyways.

Brown certainly will command interest but other clubs would rather try to negotiate with him as a free agent instead of potentially giving up a draft pick or a player.

Brown has been a durable and consistent performer. But he became expendable after the Bears signed Julius Peppers last month.

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The Bears are making a mistake releasing Brown, if they can't get a draft pick for him. Over the past few seasons, he has been the most consistent lineman and a team leader. We've already spent so much money, is $5 million too high a price to pay for leadership, experience, grit, and determination?

This is a tough decision for the Bears, and I think if the choice was between Brown and Harris, the smart money would have been to drop Harris. We all know there's politics involved at this point in the decision, and Tommie, despite all evidence to the contrary, can do no wrong. There is also the fact that Harris is considered damaged goods around the league, and a shell of his former self, so he has basically zero value to other teams.

But if they do not get anything for him, and end up releasing him, that would be a disaster! If we were able to get Rob Sims, or a mid round draft pick, at least that would be something, but to have to release him outright, and get nothing in return is just plain shoddy work by Angelo and this organization. If the sticking point was his $5 mil this season, is it stubbornness on Brown's part to not work on a new deal for his new team, or has no one even explored that option?

Either way, this decision is getting worse by the day, especially if they can't get anything out of it.

Sometimes this business sucks, but I do understand that it is a business. Alex Brown as well as Mike Brown are/were great team guys who made the Chicago Bears better just by being on the team. They were great leaders and you can all see that the Bears secondary hasn't been the same when Mike Brown left....we will see what happens when A Brown goes. Some players come and go and you don't care what they do when there are with another team, but guys like this we keep an eye on because they were significant to this team and the fans!!

Bears Down....Alex Brown!!!!

Johnny P Dunmore Pa.

This is the move that will doom Jerry A. If Peppers gets hurt or performs poorly and or the backups play like backups, the fans will ask where is A Brown. Unfortunately Brown will be in Seattle.

Thomas Jones...Chris Harris...Ron Rivera...Cedric Benson...Mark Bradley...Bobby Wade...and now Alex Brown, dont worry Alex if history repeates itself you will be let go by the Bears and become a Star on another team.

Plain and simple.. bad move here. How dare the bears comment about money. Its an uncapped year you idiots. Brown may not have the flashy stats.. but hes a guy thats always in there..fighting for you. Hes a leader. Doesnt complain and always seems to make a big play when needed. He had some huge plays in the monday night win against the Queens. This will hurt us in the end... JA you are an idiot.

Thomas Jones...Chris Harris...Ron Rivera...Cedric Benson...Mark Bradley...Bobby Wade...and now Alex Brown, dont worry Alex if history repeates itself you will be let go by the Bears and become a Star on another team. By MarcoV on March 31, 2010 9:38 AM... When did these guys become stars, Jones Release by the Jets, Rivera defense is average at best with the Chargers, Benson needed a good year, was on his way out the league, Bradley and Wade under average receivers......

He's one of the good guys; that's for sure. However, the Patriots or Steelers would have let him go already. I love the guy but he's just not that talented. I hope they sign him back and let him help in the rotation. His agent won't let him take a pay cut to stay-- that would be stupid. Better to get released and be able to allow the market to set his value. He still has value to the Bears but I suspect 2 other teams will want to pay him a little more. Goodbye Alex, you will be remembered fondly but not necessarily missed.

Alex Brown has been money in the bank. The Bears are burning it again.

Remember Bobby Engram? Angelo's first move when he got to Chicago.

Yes, it does sound like he's almost gone, and that's a shame. I'll be curious to see where he ends up, and I hope Emmett B. is right and that Brown makes the pro bowl with some other team. I do doubt that will happen though and asm still looking forward to seeing what the youngsters can do.

The bears are a joke!! What are they doing?? They just signed Peppers, and now letting Alex go? Are they kidding? I hope Alex goes to another divisional team and kicks our (butt).
Get rid of Lovie!!

Mistake, mistake, mistake. The best way to assure that Peppers is worth the money being spent on him is to have a solid or good end on his opposite side to keep offenses honest with their protection assignments. Even if Brown were to have ended up on the side he feels least comfortable with, he's still better than any other options we have since Ogunleye is gone as well. Once again, the Bears are undermining themselves.

aaahhhh/ long LOOSER!!1 brown was such a BUST is not even funny. another pivk by ANGELO so no surpirse to me sense i am allways right ans only give facts.

Brown is not a 5 million dollar player he never was this attachment to a hard working mediocre play is touching but silly. Some are acting like they are releasing a perrenial all-pro he isn't. There will be more DE's availible in July. All this touching but the combination of Izzy and Anderson will be as productive or maybe better. I really believe Izzy is the wild card given a chance could be the answer.

I agree with Deputy. Mediocre wins the day far too often. If you guys knew the day before free agency that Brown was gone to get Peppers would you have still made that move? If you say no then you might as well get rid of Cutler because it's basically the same circumstances. You have to pay for those playmakers. It's an uncapped year but they still will act in a restrained manner when it comes to paying combined salaries. They've been trying to get rid of Alex Brown since the end of 06. But replacing him with Dan Bazuin and Mark Anderson just didn't work out. Peppers isn't even in their category. Tommie Harris is a DT and there isn't another one on the roster who is better when healthy. Putting his name in a discussion about DEs isn't close to accurate. For the defense to work well you need people on the line who gets real pressure. No one fears Alex Brown. No one game plan for him. He is blocked by a singluar lineman and is so streaky that he disappears more than Peppers is documented as disappearing. Yeah, when Angelo came he dropped Engram and that D linemen whose name excapes my mind at this moment. People were more upset at the linemen than Engram and the linemen went to Detroit and disappeared soon after. Engram had a better coordinator and a much better QB and offense than we've had in a couple of decades. He only prospered because he had more to work with. You can't get better as a player without a better unit. Even those players that someone else mentioned went to teams that had star players like Peppers on their line(see Chris Harris) and better offensive players to take pressure off them like they didn't have here. Benson was a stud all year running the ball but when his team was losing last year in the playoffs he was sitting on the bench because he couldn't help them since he isn't and never has been a COMPLETE back. Give him the ball with a lead and he can churn out yards cause his linemen are much better than his 07 line. But lose the lead and try to catch up he isn't helping anyone because he can't be trusted to catch out the back field or block on blitzes. His play in 07 doomed Rex more than anything. Thomas Jones is a good back but his Jets must know that he's a product with them of having a great line blocking. His replacement is a player who people say was declining rapidly but the Jets must know that his production will be similiar to Jones with all their weapons. Bradley is practically out the league and Wade is on his 3rd team. Sad to see Brown go but I won't cry about it.

Well Brown is gone and they got nothing for him, so basically its a waste. Lets take a look at a few things shall we. First a lot of people have praised Peppers recently in response to comments he doesn't give his all.One problem with that is that none of these guys where on his team last year. What nobody seems to mentioning is that during last season Jon Beason and 3 other players called Peppers out for not playing hard. Peppers stated he didn't like the new defense he was playing in and through the first three games of the season had what was described as zero impact. After he was called out Peppers turned it up a notch for three games against Was, Tam and Buf, having a mutch bigger impact in those three games against lousy lines. Bu then the last 10 games of the season he had only 4.5 sacks. Then came the news article in Carolina that pointed out that Peppers was not being doubled very often and was struggling to beat his man, ESPN followed it up with a study of the game film and confirmed it. But hey Peppers didn't like that defense anyway.

Do you know what system the Panthers used last year? Here is a hint his new Coordinator was Ron Meeks from the Colts. Meeks used the Colts defense with the Panthers last year. Thats right the Tampa 2. So Peppers who basically got his defensive coordinator from 2008 fired, hated playing in a Tampa 2 system and saw his numbers drop. He is wildly streaky and who on the Panthers line did he ever make better? But hey now that he is in Chicago he is going to really give it his all after being given 36.5 million dollars in two years. But don;t worry if he doesn't play that well Tommie Harris and Mark Anderson are ready to dominate this year for sure. Thats why the Bears got Peppers because they where positive Harris and Anderson would be dominant. But even if they don't dominate Peppers is going to make everyone better. But if he doesn't they have that covered because Rod Marinelli will make everyone better. In fact this will be the greatest line in football history according to the Bears Lovie Smith and some fans.

Yes getting rid of a consistant solid player who is a good character guy and Bringing in a streaky premadona player who gets people fired and quits during game, oh and needs his teamates to call him out in order for him to perform is a great idea. Yes and Soriano and Bradley where the answers for the cubs. This year for sure, and this time the Bears mean it.

Alex may never have been great but he was good and their was just no reason to get rid of him in an uncapped year.

I wouldn't worry about Peppers. All I can say is if a guy gave his all and only got 4.5 sacks a year then you are right he will be missed. You can blame one player for getting a coordinator fired and that's not true. Ron Turner had just about everyone from 2008 in 2009 so I guess you can say that Cutler, Amiyole and Pace got him fired. Then we know that's not true. Any way you cut it you can't down a player for what he did in the past. You guys aren't blaming Brown or downing him for what he did for us and you can't blame Peppers for what happened to the Panthers. There is no one on the Panthers line with or without Peppers. He didn't have a replacement and their fans are still up in arms that they lost him. Let's let Peppers have a game wearing Navy Blue before we call him a bust with us. change of scenery does everyone good. People keep saying uncapped year but which team is spending money like it's falling from the sky? Salary caps used to keep the big spenders like Washington from going ape-crap. It was initially put in place for teams like the 49ers and Dallas because they used to hoard talent. It is outdated because rarely did any team get close to going over. It leveled the playing field for a while but parity has flown out the window as of late.

How does Alex Brown get released but Hillenmeyer, the definition of average, still is on this team?


While I don't necessarily like the move, the fact is, Alex Brown was nothing more than a servicable defensive end. At no time was he every "the guy" on defense.

We all know this. And frankly, if this had been a new coach or GM making the move, everyone woould probably be calling Brown a bum, and praising the move.

I don't think Anderson is the answer, but I do agree that, at some point, you have to let go of average players to see if other guys can step up and do better.

I would not have liked cutting Harris. If he is healthy, he's a better player than Brown, at a more significant position. I was far more excited by the Peppers/Harris pairing than Peppers/Brown. Brown is a six sack per season guy. Doesn't matter who is around him.

As far as Peppers, I'd like to actually see what he can do before accusing him of anything. Sometimes, guys just need a change of scenery. Thomas Jones was a malcontent in Arizona. Benson was a malcontent here. Difference is, they were below average in their hostile situations. Peppers was productive.

And would people quit acting like Bobby Wade, Mark Bradley, Chris Harris, Mike Gandy, Justin Gage and other cast offs are studs. While i didn't liek getting rid of Harris, they are all guys -- just like Brown. Not a single GM who has one of those players is actually thinking "wow, we are set at this position."

And had Benson not been a whiner, he could have been productive as a Bear.

How does Alex Brown get released but Hillenmeyer, the definition of average, still is on this team?


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