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Briggs: We need a veteran safety

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The Bears need a safety. You know it, I know it and Lance Briggs knows it.

"We need a safety, a veteran safety, and obviously we have to protect No. 6," the Pro Bowl linebacker told host Laurence Holmes on Thursday night while appearing on WSCR (670-AM). "We have a couple draft picks coming up and free agency is still open. There are a lot of fine players out there and I know we'll do what we have to do."

Briggs said finding a safety that can excel in coach Lovie Smith's system is not an easy thing to do.

"A safety in this system, you do everything," Briggs said. "You play in the box, deep pass, deep thirds, you control a lot and make a lot of adjustments. You have to know just as much as the [middle linebacker] in this defense. You have to be extremely vocal and make sure everybody is on the same page. You have to do all that and make all your own adjustments. You have to be able to play in that box, come up and hit and you have to cover. It's probably the most versatile player that's on that field."

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Gee even Briggs knows we need a veteran safety! Why not Angelo you ask?? Don't know why either but all I know is Sharper is still out there, get him on a 2-3 year deal and that way we aren't spending a 3rd round pick on one when instead we can get the LG that we need in Mike Johnson from Alabama. I don't want them trading a pick next year either to get into the 2nd round this year because that would be a total JA move! I'm so sick of the incompetence of the Bears management and it sickens me to know that if we make the right moves, wer can be right back in contention for it all. Get you heads outta your aces over there at Halas Hall!!

Wow somebody said it Right now we have prospects which are good,but we need a right now safety,otherwise we'll get torched again all year

I don't think Sharper could be used in Lovie's base cover-2. During his year for the Saints, he was pretty much allowed to do whatever he pleased (which doesn't work for Lovie.) Plus his asking price is way too much for a 34 yeard olf safety..

I would go for Sharper as well, he sure would be an upgrade over what we have now...just we spent so much on FA already maybe is the reason....but if they want to win now, then they surely know they need a Veteran S?

I heard there were 4 teams looking at Sharper but I didnt read which teams.

So Briggs thinks they need Eric Berry?

Pretty sure Mike Brown is available and coming off an injury free year!!

Is it Angelo or is it Lovie, thinking he can make do with the talent he has? Manning, nope,maybe a good strong safety, Steltz, a little too slow and natural strong safety, Payne, too slow and a natural strong safety, I can't remember his name from New Orleans, probably average at best, Afalava more of natural strong safety.

Wouldn't you think that instead of trading Alex Brown how about trading one or two of these players instead or better yet I think the Bears should pick about 2 or 3 more in the later rounds of the draft this year.

Heck yes the Bears need a free safety!!!!

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