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Bears sign Jennings, cut McKie

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The retooling continued at Halas Hall on Tuesday as the Bears announced they had signed cornerback Tim Jennings to a two-year deal and released longtime fullback Jason McKie.

Jennings was the Colts' second-round pick (62nd overall) in the 2006 draft. In the four seasons since, he had appeared in 53 games (including 21 starts) with157 tackles, four interceptions, 25 passes defensed, three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 29 special-teams tackles.

McKie, who became expendable when the Bears signed fullback Eddie Williams last week, has been primarily a blocking back during this seven season in Chicago. The former undrafted free agent caught 62 passes for 344 yards during his career while rushing for 84 yards on 29 carries.

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I'd like to say Thanks and well-wishes to McKie who gave us all he had while a member of the BEARS, he showed up to play each week, and rarely made a mistake on the playing field. He might not have always been used correctly by his team, but he made a name for himself and a place in the league. I'm sure he'll be on a roster this season that uses the fullback, maybe Miami........Jennnings Huh!, this says that Moore has done nothing to inspire the coaching staff at all to this point, they are pretty much the same player and you don't give 2 years to someone you don't plan to have on the opening day roster, plus they still have Turrene stashed away as well and I have to believe he'll get a long look in camp this season. the purging has just started we'll see whose next....
Sean: Please with the stats on the supposed top 10 by position, if your trying to tell me that Idonje is one of the top DT's in the league, I'm drinking Mad Dog and I haven't done that in must be getting slow if we are blogging about stats that don't mean anything in terms of Wins and Losses......Go BEARS....

Do the Bears now lead the league with most CB's under 5'9"?

Yes I am going to say it. Told you McKie was gone, I don't know why anyone even argued that.

Before anyone says anything, no Jennings will not be a safety.

Looking for depth at corner, not a bad move, but the guy should really be a nickle back. Oh god are they going to try Manning at FS again? Well looks like the Bears thought they needed some help at Corner, they would be right in that thinking, this is a decent depth guy. Not really good enough to be a starter but helps with Bowman and Tillman having injury issues. Oh wait sorry Bowman is perfect and the best corner ever. Don't want certain people getting all upset again.

He is also a gunner on special teams.

Well at least McKie is gone, back down to two fullbacks, and both are still more valuable than Brady Quinn.

McKie was the finest reciever coming out of the backfield I've ever seen...His blazing speed was unmatched.

McKie, did a good job for the Bears during the years and should be appreciated for his efforts as ChiTown noted.

Yes, it was time for the Bears to move on with this position and find someone more dynamic, still wondering who that will be but maybe they have the answer at Fullback lets see.

Good luck to you Mr. McKie, you gave your best to the Bears and deserve good things in the future.

Jennings, hmmm, must have some talent or he would not have been picked in the second round by the Colts. A Gunner to, we need a great one. Maybe they are planning on making Tillman a free safety. He would be stellar as a free safety, albeit Tillman is still the best corner for the Bears. I need to read up a little more about Jennings.

We might as well have "Smurf D-Backs" to go along with our "Smurf WRs".

Sure don't know what took so long for them to realize that McKie didn't bring much to the table.

Jennings is a perfect fit for Lovie's defense.
He gives every player a 15 yard cushion and is undersized.

This guy was a complete bust with the Colts so why even waste the time and money on him?
Bears take one step forward and one step back once again.

Totally get the McKie move. He played hard, but he just didn't fit. So using that same logic, why does Jennings fit? Is this a precursor to Vasher being let go? I sincerely hope so. If Vasher is not going to start, which he obviously is not, then he makes way too much for a special teams player.

Jennings could also be the replacement for Rashied Davis' role on special teams, where he plays on the outside on punt team, but outside of that, there is nothing he brings to the table defensively that we don't already have on the roster. Not to mention that the Colts thought so highly of him that they neglected to tender him an offer when he was an RFA this season. They preferred to let him walk rather than have him for another year.

I am starting to think they are being active for the sake of being active. None of the recent moves (Williams, Jennings) make sense from any other perspective than that they are trying to look busy. If you take Vasher's salary plus what they offered Jennings, would that have been enough to make a push for Atogwe? Maybe not, but it would have been a good start.

McKie is GONE !!!! A fullback who can't block, can't catch or can't even get ONE yard when we need him to...IT'S ABOUT TIME!

I'm all for beating the bushes looking for somebody to play in the secondary, but it sounds like the Colts basically dumped Jennings. He was a second round pick and all they had to do was tender him at the lowest level. Not a good sign.

The handwriting was on the wall for McKie. Dude is salt of the earth as far as I'm concerned. How can you like football, but dislike a player who basically nothing but a blocker?

Way more than a wide receiver this team has needs a fullback who can 1) bust through the line for the one to two yard first down when it's needed; 2) catch the short pass and make yards with it; 3) lead block effectively; and 4) consistently protect the quarterback. McKie was never the answer. As far as this new FB guy goes... who knows. The smart play would be get a tight end type to fill the position. But that's innovation, a playing field trait that this team's not really known for. -LH

Finally! Mckie did nothing in 7 years. While we brought in guys who had talent at the position and let them go because "Camp Lovie" doesn't trust new blood.

Lousaka Polite? Yep, let him go...he didnt do anything but become an alternate for the Pro Bowl.

Jason Davis? Didnt he wind up a fullback in the Jets league leading rushing attack?

LOVIE CANNOT EVALUATE TALENT. DePaul brought in good players and Lovie let them flourish elsewhere. True story.

Looks like all of Mckie's relatives and agent are posting on here.
7 years of "Why is this guy on the team" now end.
He couldn't catch out of the backfield.
He couldn't run
He was an avg blocker at best.
Zero impact on the field.
Definately one of those guys, at the least, that needed some competition each year....and yet slipped through the cracks.
Its players like him and people praising him are the reasons why this team is 7-9.
I'm beginning to like Martz more and more
P.s. No more 1 yr stuffs at the goal line

Aren't there any tall defensive backs out there? I know height is not everything, but one hears all the time how tough it is for backs to defend against receivers six feet four inches or taller.Let's hope Jennings has the speed and smarts to compensate, as well as a vertical leap of four feet or so.

To all you fans that can't get enough of the Bears...

How about a reality check....

Just a reminder that the Bears don't necessarily have a stellar record at either choosing draft picks or free agents. If fact...its just the opposite. They may have gone south with this full back and even this cornerback. It's not like a bunch of teams were knocking on the door of this 2nd round pick.

Anyone here think the bears are going to the superbowl?
How about making the playoffs. Anyone think they will make the playoffs.

Reminder 1 - 8 games against last years playoff teams
Reminder 2 - Additional 3 games against 2008 division champs
Reminder 3 - Team no better than 500 since they fired Ron Rivera which is also the year they went to the superbowl.

Reminder 4 - No top draft picks this year
Reminder 5 - No more good free agents available in a year that had very few to begin with.

Reminder 5 - New defensive coodinator and offense has to learn his system by September 1st, assuming they can play his style offense. Having a team ready by the beginning of the season to play a new offensive has never been done in the history of the NFL.

Reminder 6 - Cutler has no O-line to protect him. He won't make it to game 16.
Reminder 7 - Even a new running back isn't going to help if you don't have an O-line to open up the holes.
Reminder 8 - The bears will not be able to fix the O-line this year.
Reminder 9 - When are we to see a number 1 and number 2 wide out on this team.
Reminder 10 - The bears will continue to play the cover-none defense that the entire league has figured out,
Reminder 11 - The guy that was called our savior and was to save the D-line and improve it never succeeded. For that, he was promoted. So now we have an 0-16 ex head coach coaching our defense.

Reminder 12 - Do you really think getting a new DE for $98 Million is going to fix our entire defensive line problems?
Reminder 13 - We are still missing a premier safety to make this defense work properly. No draft picks and no free agency means...not this year.

Reminder 14 - The last game against the lowly Lions was without their number 1 QB. They still hung in there for 3 quarters. It won't be the same this year. Their QB will be back and he will be better. The Lions have the number 2 overall pick and most likely will choose a bluechip Tackle....and immediate fix for this team. They also have a high second roung pick to fix another problem.
Don't expect it to be a given that the Bears will beat this lowly team. Most likely...the bears will trade places with them.

Look for 5-11 season at best...and that is assuming that the bears beat the lions twice.

And Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Creighton, I ve been reading your posts for a few weeks now and I must admit that Ive never met a woman more self sure or opinionated than you. And I mean how many chicks follow football so closely? It's quite the turn on. Wil you please answer me back? Thanks, looking for ward to it babe. ;)

Sincerely, Mr. Big

Freedom of speech, it seems whenever I bring up negative comments about Lovie, I don't get any love and my posts don't make the board?

Are we entering the no spin zone or the spin zone for the Bears.

Neil, allow me to address the Polite and Davis situations. Let's start with Polite who failed to do anything with Dallas after he was there for three years. Polite got into 5 games with the Bears and didn't do anything with them either. So Miami with a totally different offense was a better fit for him and them. It happens. His stats are not overwhelming and other FBs had better numbers and they didn't make the pro-bowl which isn't as prestigous as it used to be. But still, Dallas gave up on him too and they had him longer. What good was his selection when his team had the exact same record as our team? Miami keeps their FB in to block three times as much as we did. We double up on TEs blocking and still sucked not because of McKie and his limited reps but because Clark missed a lot of games and we became one-dimensional with our tipping our pass/run plays. We also didn't have McKie attempt any rushes for 2009 and in all honesty you have to wipe the slate clean since Ron Turner's game planning stifled a lot of what we could do the past few years. getting rid of McKie wasn't the wrong thing to do because we do have to get hungrier and only young players do that well. I'm not sure we struck gold with our recent FB pick up but I will reserve judgment until I see what's going on this year. Now onto Davis. Davis was with Philly in 06. Out of football for 2007 and was released by the raiders after he played in one game. In 5 games with the Bears starting 3 he ran once for no gain and caught one pass for 12 yards. He has no stats for 2009. Did he even play with the Jets in 2009? Looks like he was just on their roster. Their line is even better than ours. They know that and that's why they let their leading rusher leave and signed his replacement for just a million dollars less. Their leading rusher had twice as many vital stats as his replacement. I don't think Jason Davis is the reason for all those yards and TDs. If you are going to release a veteran you have to do it for someone who has done something besides get cut after sitting on another team's bench. If the Raiders are cutting you that says a lot. They are worse than the Bears who aren't as bad as people are making them out to be.

I'm with you Dahlillama, although I think Lovie is an excellent coach.......many of my posts absolutely ripping on braindead-ton...
never get posted....yet he is allowed to continue to berate other posters....not only are we victims of censorship, but favoritism ....
as well...but, what are gonna do about it?.....FCP is a ghost town, and I think these two knuckled heads are the last of the Suntimes people that didn't jump to FCP/tribune...or Aol......I never thought
I would see the day where the tribune was the preferred periodical......nor that the liberal Suntimes would censor me....but
here we are.....wishing for Stu Courtney and Roman Modrowski.
Well, at least they are not 'Mary Mitchell'in' us.

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