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Bears sign FB Williams

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The Bears signed fullback Eddie Williams, a seventh-round draft pick (221st overall) by the Redskins last season, to a one-year contract.

Williams spent the majority of last season on Washington's practice squad before being elevated to the active roster on Nov. 2. He was inactive for three games before being placed on injured reserve later that month.
The 6-foot-1, 249-pounder caught 100 passes for 1,205 yards and 11 touchdowns while rushing for 195 yards on 19 carries in four years at Idaho.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Totally fits Martz offense, Martz loves to run his shallow cross concept which uses a RB and H-Back/TE in somce cases in the backfield as checkdowns for the routs. McKie is probably done. Olsen is terrible out of the backfield or else Martz would try to find a use for him there but again he can't block and often his H-Back is called on to block while the RB runs. He does this when his blocking TE is off the field and and runs a 3 reciever set with two backs. The H-Back is usually called on to block, but he will mix it up sometimes and release the H-Back and keep the RB in to block just to keep the defense honest. All this once again allows the Martz offense not to be dictated by personel.

He could also use 2 RB's for this job, but if he usually wants a better blocker on this play sense it takes a little time for the deep cross to develop. Its not a big role for the new guy to try and land, but Martz does need a guy like Williams sense Olsen and McKie don't really fit the job. Its a good pickup again you see more protection being brought in for Cutler plus flexability for the spread attack.

Can't wait for the Wolfe fans to suggest him for this role instead, "Gerret will use his big heart to block the 280 pound DE". Although if it makes the Wolfe fans happy I did find a good role for him in the new offense where he will be very effective with his speed, heart and team work.

He can hand out towels and water bottles to the real players.

I bet anyone this beast will be a probwler! He and Taufoo monsters they are!

Well said Creighton. I think McKie is toast.

Unfortunately McKie's nice-guy attitude or locker room cred isn't enough of a good thing to offset his age or lack of a skill set. In fact, the only reason he wasn't cut or forced to compete for his job in the last 3 years was lack of usage in Turner's "playbook" (which let him earn money as an invisible man). I'll admit he could block and catch enough to not be confused for CFL player, but only just barely. By the way, what ever happened to FB Will Tau'ufo'ou?

....another player who gets injured????? WTF????? Mckie isn't going you kids know how long it takes to become an effective Fullback?????
Creighton, I really don't care for you're opinion regarding whether or not someone fits Martz's system. have not seen Martz with the Bears, and have no Idea what he will be doing with the Bears. FOR THE LAST TIME. SHUT=up and post something that you
did not hear Hub Arkesh say(you do know that he is an idiot?).

Sigh come on bears trade olsen for a wr marshall please and safties then we good to go

It really doesn't matter.
This new offensive scheme will take much longer that Sept. 1st to learn and be comfortable with. The bears are still missing a O-line and legit 1 and 2 wideouts. All of this does not grow on trees. Martz doesn't have 2 or 3 years to build his offense. He only has till which time, he starts to meet 8 opponents that made it to the playoffs this past season and 3 teams that were division champs the previous year. Even though the Bears were 7 and 11 last season, everyone seems to forget that 2 of those 7 wins were against a very bad team in the Lions....which suggests that the Bears were worse than 7 and 11. Peppers will help the D-line but he surely isn't the whole solution. It's a wait and see on this D-line but the bears can't afford to loose any games to practice or development, not with the schedule that confronts them. Schedule will be out in mid April. Lets see who the opponents are in the first 5 or 6 games. That may determine how the bears do next season.

Most likely, the Bears will trade away Olsen for a draft pick. The Bears will most likely trade away next years 1st and 2nd round (and more..maybe) to save their hides this year. That won't bode well for the new administration that comes in before next spring, after the bozos all get fired.

Creighton, Think "sense" = "since"

Otherwise, good post, I too agree that Garrett Wolfe was a R.Turner idea and will excel in concession sales. The true verdict on the Bears efforts to win lie in solving this FS problem - like a nagging case of Plantar Fascitis - this weakness just keeps hanging around and they just keep whistling away

I couldn't agree more with Creighton. I have also wondered why we have kept Mckie I have always thought he was a terrible lead blocker,and not as good a reciever as Turner thought he was. Olsen can't block, drops to many balls, and is tackled to easy on the balls he does hang onto. I hope the trade rumors are true! And Wolfe just another of Jerry Angelo's head scratching draft picks!

Wolfe? Wolfe was history when he got hurt for half of the season last year.
Does anyone see him making the team this year?

You look at fullback Eddie Williams size, 6-1 250lbs, and you think blocker right off the bat, but I don't think thats the case with Williams. The scouting report on Williams says he's not a great blocker and won't manhandle defenders. What Williams does excel at is catching the ball out of the backfield, thats probably why Chicago wanted him, because he has the right skills to handle the h-back position. He'll make the roster for that fact alone.

Its starting to look like Chicago is gonna go with 3 running backs and 2 fullbacks. My guess right now is Forte, Taylor, and Bell will be the running backs with Wolfe being the odd man out. And Eddie Williams at fullback with McKie and 2nd year player Will Ta'ufo'ou battling it out for the other spot at fullback. I'm thinking Ta'ufo'ou will win a spot because he is a better blocker coming out of the backfield than McKie, it should be interesting either way GO BEARS!!

I'm with you Creighton ! val, 7-11 ? When did the NFL go to a 18 game format ? WAKE UP! While I too think Mckie will be gone (should have been gone already), I am more anxious to hear that the Bears have addressed their lack of a FS. Jerry, getting Peppers, Taylor and Manumaleuna is a GREAT start. Now, make an offer to O.J.Otogwe. As soon as you start dumping all the dead weight on your roster, the money will be there.Nate Vasher has done nothing to deserve the contract he signed. D.J.Moore is a head scratcher as well, why draft a player who is too small to play ? Be creative Jerry, it's your last chance to save your job !!

I know Williams is listed as a FB but I'd guess he'll do the whole H-back role as he was primarily a pass catching TE in college. This gives Martz plenty more flexibility with his personnel groupings as Olsen was gash whenever put in the backfield last year.

I see Wolfe coming back if either Martz sees a role for him, unlike Turner, catching passes out of the backfield and making guys miss in space or if Taub presses for him to be kept for ST. It will depend on how Marts wants to use his backs though, Forte can make receptions in the passing game but he's not quick/shifty enough to take them the distance or be a threat while Taylor hopefully can. Wolfe was great on ST last year before going on IR though and I'd expect AP to be cut so it looks to be a straight fight between him and Bell unless they keep 4.

Its always so sad to see one of these guys cut; until you remember how lousy they were. The Bears simply couldn't score from the 1 yard line. Bye Bye McKie. What draft choice was Wolfe again? Bye Bye Wolfe.

You know. Sometimes it takes a new administration that is not in love with "their guys" to properly evaluate (and I use this word quite liberally) talent. About half the guys on this roster would be dumped immediately. FB that can't block. SS that can't tackle. FS and CB that can't cover anyone. OL that can't block. RB that can't make people miss. WR that can't run routes.

It's too bad Martz can't have Cutler for a couple of years to get him thinking right in the system. We are going to see flashes of brilliance and flashes of what looks like idiocy as he tries to learn it. Then we will have the new coaches putting in yet another new system and he'll be ruined forever.

I would not let the current front office trade away any future picks. If you want real football people to come here you have to give them something to work with -- and it ain't the present roster that's for sure.

Y'all are getting a lot of mileage out of a 7th rounder off somebody else's practice squad. You realize they could easily wind up cutting him after taking a look in mini-camp right?

And another thing.....seems like just yesterday somebody was pontificating about how the Bears should not be signing players cut from other teams who have shown to be injury prone. Surely that person is not in favor of this move?

Hey Kevin why don't you post a link to your scouting report. The only thing I found about his blocking is that he had been working on it with Sellers. OMG what a concept working on blocking. I remember when Olsen was asked about blocking and said he didn't want to be that kind of TE. Here I will post a link for you sense you don't seem to have one. Read the first senstence the one that says he is a highly productive blocker. Please post your link that says he can't block.

If the main objective is to block, then just put another lineman at halfback and at tight end.

Not sure if Wolfe is the product of Turners lame offense or just cant do it. But he has been a bust either way. 3rd pick too??

I dont see us making any more FA Top moves as the Bears spent way too much. I see them drafting the rest of our needs...Safety and Olineman early and often.

I do like the fact they are picking up players to play Martz system, better than drafting players to play Turners

Come on people let's get real here, everyone is saying Wolfe is gone, must not be looking at the big picture, BEARS special teams are at the top of the league, we are already losing two stallwarts from the special teams in AP an eight year vet and Rashied Davis a four phase performer on special teams. Most of you forget but wolfe led the team in special team tackles in 2008 and was running neck and neck with Shaw before his injury, with Toub carrying the clout he has on the squad their is no way special teams will be gutted that deep for guys we don't even know can contribute in that area at this point in the season...look for Wolfe to be a Bear in 2010 fellows, special teams cannot be gutted that deep that's for sure.

As for the Fullback competition williams, Ta'ufo'ou , and Mckie may be in a battle for sure for a spot but none of this has anything to do with Wolfe being on the roster, I'm not his biggest fan as a back, but the guy is young and a solid special teams performer. Go BEARS......

A Fullback SWEET! Yeah man im all tickled pink. Pink lol not the Best word on this Blog.....

Were gonna see the FB maybe 15-20 snaps a game. On top of that the FB might touch the ball once maybe twice a game. Not realy a game breaker.
Here I will post a link for everybody to see.

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