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Bears shopping Alex Brown

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The Bears are actively shopping defensive end Alex Brown, according to two sources contacted by the Sun-Times on Friday morning.

"What you're seeing now is fallout from the [Julius] Peppers deal," said one of the sources, who said the team is looking to shed salary after agreeing to pay Peppers $20 million guaranteed in 2010.

The source went on to say that it's unlikely that the Bears will receive any substantial offers for the nine-year veteran because the Bears will likely release him to avoid paying him the $5 million he's due to collect in each of the next two seasons. The fact that Brown is reportedly unhappy with that deal and wants a new one may be forcing the Bears hand, especially since coach Lovie Smith recently said he wants to turn tackle Israel Idonije into a full-time end. Smith and defensive line coach Rod Marinelli also believe Mark Anderson is a viable third option.

Anderson, who will be 27 next season, makes significantly less. He may be considered the better long-term solution because he's four years younger than Brown, who has registered 16 1/2 sacks as a starter the past three seasons, and cheaper. Anderson and Idonije, meanwhile, have combined for 15 1/2 sacks during that same span while playing more limited roles.

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1 step forward and 2 steps back, way to go McCheapskates. I was under the impression that ticket prices increased to help pay for Dr. Pep? Somebody please buy this franchise that gives a shit.

Alex Brown, wow that one is a tough one to swallow. Alex has been a pretty good defensive end and he played with heart while others on the D line (how do you spell Harris) took plays off, Alex was the consumate pro. When the Bears failed and did not perform it was Alex Brown who stood up and accepted responsibility for the defense admitting that the D did not play to expectations or with heart and emotion.

Lovie probably has a problem with Alex because he tells it like it is to the press, Lovie does not. It is not Alex's fault that the D underperormed for the last three years, that they were not disciplined, that they played with little emotion, that they could not protect a lead, that they were the worst in third down conversions allowed, that players like Harris were allowed to skate, that players were changed from position to position and the players that clearly had won the position like Anthony Adams finally were placed as the starter. Lovie, stating in today's article Harrison played well last year, are you kidding me?

Lovie has been the problem with this team, Lovie has finally surrounded himself with better talent and better coaching so maybe the weak link, Lovie will survive as head coach.

Yes Lovie get rid of the players that play with some heart, that stand up and admit the teams past underperformance like Mike Brown and Alex Brown have done in the past and keep protecting Tommie Harris who has great physical ability but has been protected like a spoiled child and has acted like one as well.

Lovie are you going to ever make the players actually practice during the week?

Dumb move if they let Alex Brown go. He's a heart and soul player, a leader and a one of the few stand up individuals we have on our team. He doesn't place blame on others, is the first one in front of the camera and doesn't take plays off. Mark Anderson? Didn't we see this movie before? Issie Idonije is a great rotation guy and special teams guy but a full time end?

Unfortunately, I think A. Brown will get cut, picked up by a team like the Vikings (Ray Edwards still hurt) and come back to Soldier Field on a mission.

its too bad hes bee a solid player and a good media guy.. but with the the dough spent on peppers, his age and his salary demands, well its business...

If we can get a second for Brown, this is a good move. I think Peppers is a better player on the right side than on the left side, and so far in his career, Alex has not done much from the left. If he can move to either side, then I would be interested in seeing in that setup, where they both flop sides depending on matchups. If Alex can't be equally as effective on the left side as Idonije, Anderson, or Peppers, then we have to make this move.

I don't see this one happening..."Big Paw Brown" has been a stalwort player for the bears defense since he got on the field after being a fourth round draft pick, overlooked with something to prove he has helped the Bears win many games over the years. I think he is a team player and it would be a major mistake to let him go.....If we are looking to deal someone off the d-line then we are not improving the unit that needed improvement only substituting one good player-Peppers for another-Brown.
I don't think Lovie has a problem with Alex, I think this is more Angelo trying to find ways to move up in the draft, due to the depth that is out their on d-line this season. As for Mike Brown the contract and injuries led to his departure last season...You have a lot of hatred towards Lovie similiar to those against Delnegro coaching the Bulls, but remember who we had coaching before Lovie got here, the man has to Win this season or he's gone, he knows that, you know that and the bloggers know that, let the season play before you give out the final grade you may be glad you did...go BEARS....

This is the biggest hunk of garbage I have heard from the Bears in a long time. We finally sign a really good defensive end and instead of pairing him with the only consistent performer the D-line has had in the last decade, we are now trading Alex Brown? Didn't they learn anything from 2007 when they benched Alex Brown for Anderson and the D-line tanked? I am so angry right now that words can't describe it. One can only hope this team tanks from the lame decisions being made and we get Cower next year. This decision has to rate as one of the worst from this regime.

is it too late to fire lovie, angelo, and the rest of those clowns?

Any chance they could package him with Greg Olsen for a 2nd or 3rd rounder? I know the best offer they were getting for Olsen was a 5th rounder, so it's doubtful, but worth pursuing.

Sad & stupid. How much young talent in the past 5 years have developed into good players with this coaching staff? Lovie & Company is the problem & the management hasn't provided the solution.

Who is gonna give a second round pick for Alex when every team in the nfl knows the Bears are going to cut him if they can't trade him?

Chi you can mark it down Alex is gone.

This isn't about the draft, this about money alocated to a position and Peppers wanting the RDE spot.

Anderson played 522 snaps last year its not like he wasn't on the field waiting for an opening, 522 snaps and little production in pass rush situations. Teams will do what they always do to him, they will run over him.

So for Alex Brown a guy who Anderson couldn't beat out for a job, a guy who has been the most productive linemen on the Bears, a guy who has been a class act, is being tossed, while guys like Anderson and Harris sit around and have everything handed to them. Yeah thats a great way to build a team. Its not right and the Bears are going to pay for it.

Well said Creighton. I just hope this is a rumor. A. Brown is a solid player.

Don't do it - He is a true pro & classy guy. No one works harder on that line. He was the only bright spot on that D last season.

They have cut my cousin???? Bad mistake!!!! Well the team that pick him up have a major plus on his side. GO AB!!!! LOVE YA!

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