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Bears release Pace and two others

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The Bears released offensive tackle Orlando Pace, along with guard Tyler Reed and tight end Fontel Mines.

Pace started the first 11 games but was benched for the remainder of the season. Pace, who signed a three-year deal, $15 million deal last year, didn't play anywhere close to the level that helped him earn seven Pro Bowl berths.

But don't feel bad for Pace: he earned $6.1 million in 2009.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said on Friday that Chris Williams would start at left tackle.

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Hey Jensen, how much does Pace get for being cut? 6.1 million for last year, ouch. Tyler Reed is gone? Oh boy that was Kevins All Pro RG of the future. Sean was Pace cut or arrested for fraud?

Looks like they are making room and clearing some space at the offensive line. If Omiyale moves to RT as some people suspect then the Bears have zero depth on the interior line and no starting LG. We know they don't like Beekman at guard, they have made that clear, so that looks like a spot they are going to address, they may look for a LG in the draft. Tice was said to be very high on Eric Olsen, but I think their are better options out their. If they address the Safety and End positions in FA as it seems they will, then guard seems like it would be their first pick or at least offensive line.

"Bears coach Lovie Smith said on Friday that Chris Williams would start at left tackle."

He said that in 2008 and 2009 as well. Well he did get a couple of starts at LT in 2009.

And the bears are looking at Tackles, not OG. Guess Omiyale stays at OG?
Too bad, Orlando had a great career! Too bad he couldnt have had a couple productive years here with Martz.

Like I said before 2 secondary players a D-End and a Right tackle that could wall off his man and also run block when needed.

It might just look as if the Martz system might just change up a little.

Why I think its not gonna be the Rams of yester years.
The Lions with Kitna, a above avg. WR group and a big O-Line to give Kitna somewhat the time he needed to suceed in Martz's complex system.

Also Why it would look nothing like what he had in San Fran.

When Martz took over for the Rams, The Rams were a tweek away and a defence that could sustain oposing teams. They had Real Pro players on offence to do that. Well as far as Defence that was a takeaway machine the year they won the Super Bowl.
Not the Bears!

Ahhhh the Lions and Kitna making the probowl??? What....
Again not the Bears!

Well the 49ers got their act together after a coaching change and some hard nose running football. They had No QB with QB smarts.
The Bears have better players in place
They have a INT machine with a crazy strong arm.Mobile and just maybe by the shortest and the shorter staw, Cutler combine might have as much smarts as Alex Smith and Sean Hill Combined!

Now with the Bears having a 1 year starting cast of wide outs, a QB that can throw any throw but not always to the correct team, a Lego Block line seemed to be put together by a 2year old, also 1 running back that has proven one thing he can catch and block but run for 4.0 ypc for a season?.... has yet to bee seen.One other thing the Bears have 1 proven vet in Clark and one up rising star in Olsen.

Therefore my thoughts are, Martz will run this system with a moddest run game and a middle of the field attack with at least one player down field for the deep threat. Not quite the gratest show in Mud but hey its 2010 baby remember 2001 who would have thought........

Be back in 30 minutes..... Whent to lunch????

I would have preferred to see the BEARS let Pace retire rather than cut him, why was this not able to be worked out behind the scenes, Pace was a class act the last few games of the season he never complained and his performance as a RAM speaks for itself, maybe that is part of the plan to cut him let him sign with the RAMS and retire.......

As for O-line help we should be able to get a serviceable player on the interior in either the 3rd or 4th round, I think spending money on the defensive side of the ball is the way to go this year.....I feel we have a better shot to shore up the safety position than to get Peppers, but Creighton was wrong last year when he said we could not get "Cutler"....Let's hope my boy is wrong again this season and Peppers ends up in a Bear uniform.......

I feel like I'm dreaming just talking about Peppers in a Bears uniform and then I'm woken up by all the manhole covers flying around my head.....LOL.....Go BEARS..!!!

I never liked the Pace signing from the get go, the Bears should have went with Chris Williams from day one last summer and they would have been a lot better off. Williams will prove to be a very good NFL left tackle. Williams wasn't great as a first year starter, but as the year went on, he got better. All the Pace signing did was set the team back a season. The team needs to get younger at the position, it looks like they finally are.

With Pace gone, tackle James Marten will probably get a chance to make the roster this summer. The 6-8 310lb tackle out of Boston College has been on Angelo's radar for a couple seasons before he eventually got him last year. This summer could be the 4th year tackles chance to make it, maybe as the teams right tackle or swing? Another young tackle could be brought in to compete. Maybe Indiana's Rodger Saffold? The team was impressed with him at the east-west shrine game, (much like they were with receiver Johnny Knox a year ago), and could spend a draft pick on him, maybe a 4th rounder? Saffold was a 4 year starter at Indiana and impressed scouts with his quick feet. The 6-5 312lb tackle could be a nice fit in Martz's pass happy offense.

Left guard is still hands down need #1, as it has been since the season began. I'd like to see Chicago use a 3rd rounder on one. I like Alabama's Mike Johnson, Illinois Jon Asamoah, or maybe Arkansas Mitch Petrus. Petrus has impressed me as of late with a great performance in the senior bowl, and his 45 reps on the bench at the combine, he'd be a nice addition to Chicago's front GO BEARS!!

So, this is JerryLogic: you can't sign free agent wide receivers because it will retard the growth of your "promising" stable of 3rd and 5th round picks, but you can sign a free agent offensive tackle who will retard the growth of the 14th overall pick in the first round. Got it.

Chi I never said they wouldn't get Peppers, I said it would be tough to get him. I also am not as high on Peppers as most, at least not for that kind of money. I hope Kampman is healthy, plus the big cuts are coming so we don't know who is really on the market yet.

Randy where did you get the Bears are looking at tackles not guards? They interviewd Olsen who is a C/G. What tackles have they looked at, anyone good?

Timmer did you just say the lions had above average wide recievers and a big O-Line when Kitna and Martz were together and thats how they succeeded.

Well lets just take a look at all that sucess.
2006 Lions. 3-13 record which is two fewer than the year before. 21st in points, 22nd in yards, so the bottom third of the league. You call that good? Lets not forget Kitna though. He had 4200 yards and all of 21 TD's to show for it, but don't worry he had 22 picks. Why isn't that more picks than TD's, gosh thats suppose to be the worst thing you can do.

2007 Lions.
7-9 record, 16th in points middle of the pack, 19th in yards. Not really impressed. But Kitna had 4068 yards, wow thats so good, but wait he had 18 whole TD's to show for it, and 20 really solid int's. Yes cause thats what you want more picks tight? Oh wait thats bad.

So in two years with Martz Kitna had 8068 yards 39 td's and 42 picks and that Timmer is your idea of success? The Lions were 10-22 in that time.

Hmmm now lets take a look at your much hated Cutler over the last two years.

2008 Broncos, 8-8 pts 16th yards 2nd. Cutler had 4526 yards 25 Td's and 18 int's. My goodness he threw less picks than Kitna and more TD's. Not to mention more yards and he did it without Martz, how ever did he do it.

Now to the 2009 Bears Cutlers first year with the Bears, and compare to Martz's first year with the Lions. You described the Bears as having weaker recievers and a weaker O-Line and a worse QB than the Lions from 06-07.
Record 7-9 so thats better than Martz's 3-13. Pts 19th(so better in points to), 23rd in yards (just below Martz 22nd). Now for Cutler, 3666 yards so fewer than Kitna, 27 Td's so more than Kitna, and 26ints also more than Kitna, however he threw moreTD's than Int's and that is the main stat.

Over a two year window with Cutler compared to Kitna.

Cutler 8200 yards, 52 TD's and 44 int's
Kitna 8268 yards, 39 td's and 42 int's

Who is the better QB? You yourself said the lions had better recievers, and a better line than the Bears, plus Martz and not the horrible Ron Turner. So with a worse team a worse coordinator, Cutler in his first year with Turner, managed to put up better numbers than Kitna and Martz who you claim had better talent. More wins and More TD's and he through More more TD's to int's With a lesser team yet you claim Kitna as being successful and Cutler as being Stupid.

Its really clear that you are an idiot, Enjoy your lunch.

Its kind of hard to stunt someones growth who's starting at left tackle next year like he did the last 5 games of last season. Who do the bears have to play RIGHT tackle? Seems they could use a tackle. Why in the world would the Bears want to sign a veteran wr when the Bears have Aromashadu, Bennett, Knox, Hester, and Iglasies. Who's reps do you want to take away to sign a veteran wr?

Creighton while thinking it was a joke that the Lions did anything at all when Martz was their, he did send a qb to the pro bowl. That also was somewhat of a joke.
The deal is that the Bears dont have the players that Martz did when with the Rams. Yes Im calling the Lions wide outs the years Kitna had more sucess the Cutler in 09, Better. Cant tell me they werent. Roy Williams and Fury put up some good numbers, better numbers then 09 Bears wide outs.
As far as San Fran well that was a complete mess alltogether.

Overall what Im saying is that it would be in the best intress in Martz to "Dumb Down" his offence. Ron Turners offence by far is way more mild mannored then Martz. Cutler in a more ball sucure offence still found a way to Rex out the season. Blowing many of chances in the red zone, middle of the field and when back up in their goal line Cutler still dint have enough smarts to throw away the ball or even dump off and let a player make a move.
Cutler said himself that this up coming season his main focus is getting the INTs DOWN in the single digits! So "MR. All that Counts is Cutler Had More TDs the INTs" Cutler even knows that his MOST IMPORTAN thing to do in 2010 is to NOT make so many brain dead mistakes.

This Forum was created and produces by fans like you.

Hey Creighton: I know you didn't say that Angelo wouldn't get him, but you believe he's not capable of pulling off the signing, that is why I said I hope you were wrong, because I have my doubts too about getting him on board. The only way the BEARS get Peppers is if Peppers wants to be the one to re-establish the leagues oldest franchise as a winning organization again, similiar to what White did for the slackers up in Pee Green Bay.......

Another thing I have a little worry about is the notion of Martz changing the entire offense to fit his system rather than tailoring it to the players he has to work with, we do not have the time to completely re-tool both sides of the team and expect to get to the Playoffs, we need to continue to build on what the offense did in the last three games and shore up the defense to make any noise at all this season.

The only problem I have with your Cutler bashing Timmer, is the fact you use `brain dead' comments alot. I feel Cutler is way smarter than you yourself is, and me as well, and as far as the int. You act like they were all Cutlers fault when in fact, you need to look at the fact he had not many options, with no running game, the D knew we had to throw and were waiting on that, and Cutler had to win the games by himself as we had no D to speak of, our WR were ALL young and inexperienced, which meant he could NOT WAIT for them to get open, as he was BASHED bc our Oline was not any good as well. (you seem to have forgotten that). Let the WR (or whoever)make a move? Dude! your talking about Rooks and Forte who was inj.! Did you see those guys make many moves at all when they had the chance? I didnt. My Gosh, for anyone to blame this teams looosing on the QB is just plain brain dead, as its not the QB, its the fact we have no talent at the other positions and last year, No good play calls, that would be the goal line plays.
Yes, he made some mistakes but to call the man dumb is pretty stupid on your own.

You guys see the first couple days of the combine!!?? Talk about BEAST factor!

Yeah I know it's not real football, but it's just fine with me that the Bears are making room for some new O-line guys this year. It looks to me like it's going to be a great year for guards and right tackle types. They can't all go in the first two rounds.

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