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Bears release Nathan Vasher

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The Bears released cornerback Nathan Vasher, which is only a surprise because general manager Jerry Angelo indicated at the NFL Combine last month that the veteran would be with the roster when training camp opened.

Vasher was considered the team's longterm solution at cornerback when he was signed to a five-year contract extension before the 2007 season. His play declined soon after signing the deal, which a source close to the former Pro Bowl performer attributed to a "lack of confidence." Another team source said Vasher, who has 19 career interceptions, but had no more than one in any of the past three seasons, was suffering from a lack of "aggressiveness."

Vasher's lone Pro Bowl appearance came after the 2005 season when he had eight interceptions, which tied for the third most in franchise history. He set a then-record for the longest play in NFL history when he returned a missed field goal 108 yards for a touchdown in a wind-blown win over the 49ers that same season.

''He's on the roster,'' Angelo said of Vasher while speaking with reports in Indianapolis on Feb. 26. ''We've paid him his money. It doesn't behoove us to let him go. We're going to take him to training camp.''

Vasher's release was likely related to the team signing ex-Indianapolis cornerback Tim Jennings on Tuesday. The 5-foot-8, 185-pound Jennings, who was a second-round pick by the Colts in 2006, signed a two-year deal.

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Nooooo!!!! Why Jerry A why!? First the "bulldozer" Mckie and now "the interceptr"? What next are they going to cut Adrian "Silver Wind" Peterson. Whatever the bears a re doing I dont like it. I dont like it one bit. Cutler? Pepppers?? Who cares if there good thre not "true bears" like Orton and Bazuin was. Oh well ican never question Angelo as he is perfect so Go Bears!!

I don't know what to think of this. It would suck if he signs w/ someone (especially in the NFC North) & gets back to his old form. Prolly won't happen, but who knows? I hope they find someone solid that can back up Tillman or Bowman. Both are injuries waiting to happen.

Haven't we all learned by now that Jerry stinks at smokescreens and subterfuge? If he speaks directly to a topic (Vasher will be at camp, We aren't going to spend a ton of money, we need to upgrade the safety position), he is almost always going to do the opposite?

Everyone but Jerry was talking about Peppers before free agency started, and Lovie was on a plane the day before.

This move had to happen, but unless they were calling around to see if anyone would give a conditional pick for Vasher, why the deception? Seems like a lot of energy for something that all other 31 teams, and 100 billion people already knew...

dude i liked nate vasher but come on he is getting old and can't stay on the field for a full season out with the old in with new jennings is good pick our linebacker core was hurt last year it cost us wins our secondary has been hurt since the superbowl al afalava daniel manning dj moore and now jennings watch out charles tillman all in all i like the bears moves cutler vs. orton== cutler has a better upswing on his future period-- peppers==big addition to help with the 4-3 defense pressure wins games cause pressure get turnovers

Vasher had his chance last year and did not take advantage of it. Vasher has nobody to blame but himself. We need starters on this team, we have enough back-ups. Vasher has been paid 18.6 million over the last 3 seasons, it is time to start getting rid of the dead weight. Tommy Harris maybe next on the block if he doesn't show something in camp. Angelo needs a back-up plan for him also.......

Wait Joe does that mean everytime Angelo has said "we are going to work even harder in the draft this year" that he is really kicking back and laughing while he eats bon bons and watchs family guy? That SOB, wait till I get my hands on him. However you are correct Angelo's smoke screens are among the worst.

I don't know why he would smoke screen Vasher. I think the Bears lucked into a chance to upgrade the secondary depth the other day and decided Vasher was the most expendible. I don't think he is calling many shots though, I think Lovie and Martz are getting what they tell him to get.

Now on to buisness.
Do you want answers? Do you have questions? Do you want answers to those Questions? Sean Jensen Bears beat writer and former Vikings spy may or may not have these answers, to those questions. But it never hurts to ask. Sean Jensen has seen Peppers play against the Vikings, more than once, live. He has spoken with Tice, he even once saw Jay Cutlers and his hair, in person. He saw Bret Favre cry, a lot. He may even have secret viking information. He once stold all of Dan Pompei's sport coat shoulder pads just to watch him cry. If you want to pick Sean's brain(no Brando not literally) then help Sean bring back Bears Insider fan Q&A.

Let him know you want it back, post here or email Sean, twitter him if you have to. Nag him if you have to, be persistant, send more than one email if you want.

If your sick of Pompei only answering questions about Greg Olsen, and would like a new opinion from someone with more of a outside or national view, rather than someone who Grades Lovie's time managment skills as an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Then let the man know.

This is a good move by the BEARS, Vasher had been a major disappointment over the years since he got the contract. Yes, he's had injuries, but he also has not played like he has something to prove when he was getting playing time, I like the size we have now at corner when you include Graham in with Turrene, Tillman and Bowman, we still don't know what we have with Moore either and Jennings if healthy actually will be an upgrade over McBride who had a roster spot most of last year.

The draft is shaping up to be a safety and two o-lineman with the third through fifth round picks, it will be interesting to see how the draft board lines up in these areas, fortunately for the Bears the draft looks solid this season for value in these areas for both need positions we have, now the scouts must do there job and get us the right players....looking forward to April.....Go BEARS.....

I agree, seems to be a mental thing with him. He never liked to tackle, which is a problem for a defensive player at any position, and even more so on a team that's supposed to be hard-hitting. If another coach gets Vasher's head screwed back on straight, it will be just another in the long line of failures for Jerry, Lovie, and gang.

I agree, seems to be a mental thing with him. He never liked to tackle, which is a problem for a defensive player at any position, and even more so on a team that's supposed to be hard-hitting. If another coach gets Vasher's head screwed back on straight, it will be just another in the long line of failures for Jerry, Lovie, and gang.

Well, it seems that Da Bears are going for "broke" (don't worry McCaskey family, that was a pun). First, they got Peppers, Taylor, and Manumaleuna for 121 million. Then, they cut Jones, McKie, Vasher for scheme and salary reasons (You still with me folks?). Next, they signed Williams, Jennings, and Bullocks for depth and roster spot competition. So, what's happens now? I predict battles between Wolfe and Bell, Tau'ou'fu and Williams, Gilbert and Toeaina, Melton and Anderson, Graham and Jennings, Manning and Afalava, Bullocks and Steltz, Shaffer and Marten, Asiata and Louis, Moore and Turenne. Also, I predict they will cut "Silver Wind" AP and Davis too. By the way, why did they sign WR Peterman and TE Brock anyway

Good move by the Bears but it should have been done right at the end of the season to send a message to the rest of the veterans that they better get their butts motivated.

Wrigley, if Vasher finds success elsewhere I wouldn't count that as one of Jerry's failures. In fact, it would be just the opposite. Angelo's found a bunch of decent players that Lovie and company have ruined, only to watch them be successful elsewhere. I'm not a huge Angelo fan but I think Lovie is by far the bigger problem.

Gotta love how after three seasons of total incompetence, now the Bears are "really trying."

Big Bear,

Angelo hired Smith and has retained him, so he's responsible for Smith's failures. (Angelo is also lousy at recognizing and getting the proper talent, but that's not what we're talking about here.) If Smith & his staff could not properly develop Vasher, that's also on Angelo.

Angelo is a much bigger problem than Smith, because a GM is more fundamental to a team's success. A good GM will hire a good head coach and get the coach good players that fit his scheme. If the GM is incompetent, like Angelo, the team will not be any good. I'd rather the Bears had gotten rid of Ted Phillips and Jerry Angelo. A new GM would have fired Smith.


I agree that Angelo should have fired Smith, and that he's made plenty of personnel mistakes, and that ultimately it's Angelo's team and he's responsible. But, when it comes to evaluating talent, I don't think Angelo is the total idiot that most people think he is. I'd say he's about 60% idiot. And that's only because of the players that flopped here but were good players elsewhere. Then you look at what Lovie's done with the left guard position, or safety, or Devin Hester (the list could go one) and I think it's obvious that a better coach would have done a lot more with the talent that Lovie was given.

That being said, I won't be sad when both of them are gone. Here's to Cowher in 2011.

Can Chicago use the money saved by cutting Vasher to sign a guard or get a S? Can the money be used to out bid the Rams for their starting safety? Is there a great guard out there we can pick up? I love the move and I am very angry at Vasher for doing NOTHING as the starting cb. He was given a lot of money and he did not even start.

Can we get a G in the 3rd round or 4th ? Are there great ones who would fit Martz's system? I love Lance Louis I think with the right coaching he can be great. I think Tice is perfect for him. He has all of the physical tools.

Gotta go with Big Bear on this one. Lovie is absolutely more of a concern for the Bears than Angelo. Lets face it, Lovie was protected by Virginia and the family because of one reason and that is the dinero it would take to pay him off and send him packing.

Unfortunately, I do not think Angelo and Lovie are all that buddy buddy right now, Angelo probably had his hands tied by the family.

I have written way too many blogs about why Lovie is a poor coach so I won't state it on this blog today. Angelo is not that hot either.

Odds are Angelo & company draft a d-lineman with at least one of their top three picks, citing the reason as being a talent they didn't think would slip and couldn't pass up.

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