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Bears release Jones

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The Bears released running back Kevin Jones.

No surprise there. Since the team acquired Chester Taylor on the first day of free agency, Jones has been expendable.

The former Lion signed with the Bears in 2008. He was expected to be Matt Forte's primary backup last until tearing ligaments in his ankle in an exhibition game and missing the entire 2009 season.

Taylor, who backed up Adrian Peterson in Minnesota, will complement Forte this coming season.

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Tough sport and tough business. The guy was and probably still is a decent running back. He just couldn't stay healthy. Not his fault, but you can not blame the Bears. NFL teams can't afford to keep guys who can't stay healthy. I wish him well.

This is HORRIBLE!! I had to wipe the tears from my eyes on hearing this. What a dark day for Chicago. You don't just get rid of such a durable guy like Jones unless you're going to replace him with a super stud like Curtis Enis. Oh, well, I have my undying faith in Jerry. GO BEARS!!

I still can't believe Jerry Angelo didn't give up a high 2nd round pick for him.

The REALLY sad thing is that I can think of half a dozen other players that should be sent packing as well !

I was never a big fan on the whole Kevin Jones experiment from the get-go, the guy had durability problems even in Detroit, heck, he wasn't even 100% when the Bears signed him. Why would his time here in Chicago be any different? Back when Chicago signed Jones they would have been better off going with Adrian Peterson (our AP) as the #2 back.

Right now Angelo has the Bears sitting pretty with Matt Forte and Chester Taylor as Chicago's 1-2 punch at running back. Whats gonna be interesting is does Chicago keep 4 backs, Forte, Taylor, Bell, and Wolfe? Or do they keep 3 backs, Forte, Taylor, and Bell, and go with 2 fullbacks in McKie and 2nd year player Will T'ufo'ou on the 53 man roster? I'd cut Wolfe and go with T'ufo'ou, 3 backs and 2 fullbacks would be a better combo of personnel to go into the season with. Between Forte & Taylor, no other back is gonna see the field anyways. The one thing Forte & Taylor are is durable, with that in mind, having an extra fullback might not be a bad idea to give yourself an extra player at the position in case the starer (McKie) ever goes down GO BEARS!!

I feel sorry for Jones. He has a great deal of ability, but the injuries have virtually destoyed his career.MSBears fan said it best.Much as one might regret it, pro sports are big busines, and personal bad luck does not influence many decisions.I too wish him well.

All this means is that Jones will win the NFL MVP next year with whatever teams picks him up. Our RB's only flourish AFTER they leave the Bears........

Agreed Paul M - he did have a lot of ability. He actually looked quicker and more dynamic in preseason after reporting 15 lbs or so lighter. I was wrong but I was telling fellow bears fans in my Viking country office to watch out for Jones this year.

Kevin A. Why would you cut Wolfe, who is arguably our best returning special teams player other than Shaw on the roster, that would not be a good move I'd say. I think all four backs you listed will be on the roster this season. McKie might be expendable at this point now that the Bears signed the blocking TE, and that might give T'ufo'ou a shot at the roster.

Letting Jones go is not only a good business decision, but a fair decision to give him the best chance at landing a roster spot somewhere else in the league, he does get injured a lot but he's a stand up player, I remember him volunteering to play special teams for us just to be able to help out and get on the field in Forte's rookie season, best wishes to him to catch on somewhere in the league.

Why didn't we sign Thomas Jones for half of the Chester Taylor money?

No MS what you shouldn't do is sign guys who can't stay healthy, thats the real trick you see. Any team can sign a player, its signing the healthy productive guys that tends to be a key. Its easy to sign the guys with major injury issues because nobody wants them. Even Detroit didn't want Kevin Jones, Detroit.

Hayes you missed the best part. Martz is now calling Taylor and Forte co-starters. Taylor is a moving on up, and they have not even started a camp yet. I love it, the super secret society of Lovie Smith, hired the biggest mouth in football to coach the offense, can't wait for the post game interviews.

Lovie: I thought our offensive line played well.
Martz: Omiyale sucks, Garza sucks, Kruetz is old and my LT can't run block.

And now a duet from the co starters

Taylor, Forte: Wherever we go, whatever we do,
we're gonna go through it together.
We may not run far, but sure as a star,
wherever were hit, it's together.

Taylor: Wherever I run I know Matt runs.
Forte: Wherever I run I know she runs.
Taylor: Hey
Taylor, Forte: No fits, no fights, no feuds
and no egos, Amigos, together!

Through thick and through thin,
all out or all in.
And whether it's win, place or show.
With you for me and me for you,
we'll muddle through whatever we do.
Together, wherever we go. log k jones you LOOSER! hahaha anotehr BUSTS taht ANGELO signed. but i new it. man oi am allways write ans i only givbe facts. and nowes a duet beweetn me and my mommy....

crap-ton : lalala i am KING!

my mommy: crap-ton move out of the hous and get a job!

crap-ton: no can do mommy ima SCARRED of the real world!!! :(

my mommy: oh son is not so bad. stop playing xbox and blogging about the bears and just try!

crap-ton: but mommy wehn i blog abot the bears all teh fellas now ia mthe KInG sense ia am allways right ans i only give facts!

my mommy: sweet jesus you are almsot 50 years old!

but uou guys now me old crap-ton. just trying to be posative...

ps "i will be outside soilder field in a hot pink panties that say spank me" is it drafty in herr? ;)

Too bad about KJ, He did have alkot of talent, and I feel he wont be unemplued very long. And actually, this costarter is like most teams today, 2 RB's per team is the norm, nothing news here except we get to watch 2 RB's next year :) This hurts FF but helps the teams durability and matchups.

LC Boy1 has it right, and I was wondering about Jones, too. Not only is he very good in every aspect of the game, he's a good team leader and good locker room presence. Drafting Benson when they had him and needed a left tackle was dumb enough. But not realizing their mistake and trying to get him back is even dumber. Of course, he might not have wanted to come back after the way he was treated.

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