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Bears don't have pick for Marshall

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Signing Brandon Marshall will apparently require one thing the Bears don't have --- a first-round draft pick.

ESPN is reporting that the Broncos have placed a first-round tender on their wide receiver, which means that while he's free to sign with another team, the Broncos have the right to match the offer and if they don't will receive a first-round pick in return.

The Bears, as everybody who reads this blog knows, don't have a first round pick this year because they sent it to the Broncos along with Kyle Orton for Jay Cutler.

It also looks like a certain NFL agent owes me a steak dinner (actually, I never accepted the wager that I wrote about in the analysis that ran in Wednesday's editions).

The Bears could still get Marshall if some other team signed him and then traded him to Chicago but that seems highly unlikely. Theoretically, the Broncos could re-sign him and trade him to the Bears for a first- or second-round pick next year, which is even more far fetched.

The decision by the Broncos means Marshall has likely played his last game in Denver. Had they wanted to keep him, they would've used the highest possible tender, which would've required first-and third-round picks as compensation.

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Actually, I think the Bears do have a first round pick in 2011. They sent their 09 and 10 first-round pics to the Broncs, correct?

Dude check your facts before you write about the bears.

Yeah, Brett, you've got it right. Regardless, I can't imagine they'll let the Broncos take their first round pick for the third year in a row.

Dude, the Bears have all of their 2011 picks in tact. The trade was as follows:

Bears get:
Broncos 3rd round pick in 2009 draft (Johnny Knox)

Broncos get:
Bears 1st round pick in 2009 draft (Robert Ayers)
Bears 5th round pick in 2009 draft (Richard Quinn - move up via trade w/ Seattle) - I believe that this is correct
Bears 1st round pick in 2010 draft

The Bears are free after the 2010 pick.


Don't count your steak dinner before it is hatched. Something tells me that Cutler is bending JA's ear to get creative with Denver and somehow get Marshall. Maybe some d help for Denver and a pick in 2011 first round or Manning, linebacker and number 1 in 2011 for Marshall or better yet how about Tommie Harris straight up for Marshall. Harris is used goods and does not have that many years left on the knee, plus he has been a head case half the time. Although Harris does not really fit the scheme in Denver that well, it is unlikely.

Brandon would be a welcome addition to the Bears if it is at all possible but they should not give their 2011 first round pick for him.
Although the Broncos are crazy for even thinking of getting rid of Marshall, is anyone really surprised the McD is wanting to get rid of him? Unfortunately for the Broncos McMeFirst finds it hard to play well with others. He has yet to learn that he must be able to coach all kinds of personalities on his team.

Marshall is a literal monster of a player. Go ahead and give up the 2011 1st pick for him. What are they gonna do with it anyway? Pick a TE who can't block and has average hands? How about Chris Williams II?

Yeah, I'd trade that for Marshall.

Bearsfan75 You have it wrong as well. The Bear's traded 2009 & 2010 1st round draft picks, their 3rd round pick last year, #84 {which i believe Denver traded} and Kyle Orton for Cutler and their 5th round pick last year which ended up being Johnny Knox. If we could trade the 2011 draft pick for Brandon Marshall I would do it in a heartbeat.
Think about it. At the end of 3 years the trade off would be: Orton, Robert Ayers (did absolutely nothing in 09), Dez Bryant (projected in several mock drafts)Richard Quinn, TE {they had to trade up with the Steelers to get him and he had no catches in 09}. FOR: Cutler, Knox, and Marshall. I will take that trade off any day.

Let me ask an ignorant question. G. Olsen was a 1st rounder for the Bears. Denver is asking a 1st rounder for B. Marshall. Could a trade of Olsen for Marshall satisfy the tender criteria or does it have to be a future 1st round pick?

Let it go. It ain't gonna happen.

Here is the question you have to ask yourself. How did the BEARS WR's perform at the end of the season? Knox, Aromashodu and Bennett all wewre playing good for the experience level they had (hM three rookies basically) and only Aromashodu had any experience at the pro level before last season. Hester had a decent but nothing spectacular season and with Martz, these four will receivers will flourish. Everyone is clamoring for Marshall who is a proven head case and is not worth the risk, when we need desperate help at Free Safety (Rolle would be nice) and a bonafide rushing end to get pressure on the QB. The offense still needs O-Line depth (help more like it) and Greg Olsen is the wild card because sources from Halas Hall have said Martz wants use Olsen in multiple receiver sets which could make him more valuable than he has ever been.

While I'd love have Brandon Marshall, we can get Boldin for a 3rd round pick. Why not just go that route if we're going to trade a pick for a WR? Boldin will want a high dollar contract but he's not a headcase like Marshall.

why wont the bear make a move for Anquan Boldin all they asking for is a 3rd round pick.

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