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Bears' Bowman gets second-most in performance based pay

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Bears cornerback Zackary Bowman's base salary was $310,000 in 2009.

This week, Bowman actually topped that figure through the NFL's Performance Based Pay Distributions, which, through a formula, rewards low-salaried players who participate in a significant number of snaps. Playing 64 percent of the team's defensive snaps, Bowman, who started 12 games, earned $355,355 through the PBP system, the second-highest total in the league.

Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan, who started all 16 games, received $397,555.

For Bowman, that still doesn't seem just. A fifth-round pick in 2008, Bowman's total take is still nowhere close to Nathan Vasher, who started just two games but earned $2.95 million in base salary alone in 2009.

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Give Bowman a small raise with more incentives for next year based on performance. CUT Vasher, and use his money to pay Atogwe!

jim r., the salary cap just doesn't work that way. the bears are still owe $2.95M to vasher whether they cut or keep him in '10, the guaranteed money doesn't just go away by cutting him.

Bowman proved that he has hands last year. Now if starting he has to prove that he is worthey of the contract like Vasher recieved. Bowman was touted as a first round tallent befor injury. In 2009 he seemed to get his form back and doing what he was brought in to do... that is make plays.
I believe he made enough plays and showed enough improvements that he should go into camp fighting for the 2nd spot.

....till the next time> Be safe


Nope, base salary is not guaranteed. They would have to take a cap hit on his guaranteed bonus that's already been paid. Most of Vasher's "dead" money is already counted. If they cut him in training camp, they pretty much save his salary.

I don't think it's a situation where they need to cut Vasher to pay Atogwe. It's not a cap thing, and they have enough money to afford him.

MS, There is no cap this year, but in all likelihood (the owners are the descendents of Papa Bear, the cheapest NFL owner in history), they have a budget that they set for 2010. They also have to be cautious about money being laid out in guarantees in the case, no matter how remote, of a lockout in 2011.

If they were to pursue Chester Pitts (who incidentally could be signed to 1 year deal, as he told NFL radio this week to prove himself after his injury), Ryan Lilja, or Atogwe, they likely would want to clear salary to account for the new money. So Vasher could actually be tied to any of these signings.

The team probably has plenty of money to sign anyone they want, but they won't want to kick out too much new money without first trimming the current salaries a bit.

Vasher, Dez Clark, Kreutz, Garza, Shaffer, McKie, Alex Brown, Hillenmeyer, Omiyale, Briggs, Harris, and Urlacher are the big contracts that they have in play.

I would not expect Harris, Briggs, or Urlacher are on the chopping block, but they may decide that Tice can coach up players to take Kreutz's and Garza's spot. Or that Babich can use Roach or Williams to play in Hillenmeyer/Pisa's spot. Or that Anderson would be cheaper than Alex Brown, and could play either side, so both Peppers and Anderson can move around and cause confusion for the offense. That Williams is a better option for this offense than McKie. That Omiyale can play RT, and Marten can be the swing tackle. Or Omiyale could be cut for that matter.

I think that initial push for Rolle was fishing for the market, and as soon as it topped 5 mil per year, they bailed out of the bidding. Would Atogwe be less than that? Probably not, but as an RFA who is desperately trying to get out of St. Louis, he might sign the offer sheet for a deal like Peppers, where he gets a huge upfront salary and bonus in year 1, and then small cap numbers the rest of the way. So maybe we could get him for 6 years, $37 million, with $12 mil in the first year salary, and another $10 mil guaranteed. He is only 28, and should be able to play out a 6 year contract.

So I would bet they are scouring the books right now to figure out whether they can make a play for Atogwe or another free agent. They likely are not done, or at least they shouldn't be.

The biggest problem we have, and it is the same every year, is that we have no idea what we are going to get out of the younger players. Gilbert and Melton are almost complete unknowns, as are Iglesias, Moore, and Louis. As usual, we don't know whether they can step in and play, or if they shouldn't even be on the roster when the season starts. Given our track record of player development, odds are none of them will work out, because we can't make them better. So how can we have a plan in the offseason, when we have no starting point? Because we evaluate only the guys who play. We have no depth in our evaluation process, to evaluate the guys beyond the 25 starters (counting Gould, Mannelly, and Maynard). Sooner or later, we need to find out what the bottom half of the roster is capable of. Continual failure to do so is one of the biggest reasons we do not stay competitive. Great teams develop bench strength, so when contracts are up, they can make a true business decision on the future of that position. We are forced into desperation, where we either have to overpay to keep someone or sign someone, or count on a draft pick to step in and play right away with no real coaching.

Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

Hey Sports Fans

Optimism! Tommy Harris doesn't need surgury! Brian Urlacher will be back healthy. Using the eye test he is still a top 10 Middle linebacker! Julius Peppers! Is there a better pass rusher in the NFL? DA! Devin Hester finally where EVERYONE said he should be in the slot! Imagine the speed! JK, DA, 4.26s 4.35s with Devin Hesters 40 time of 4.27. Ok just based on speed which defense can defend all 3 and a pass catching rb! And because Jay throws Rocketballs! The defense doesn't have time to adjust between the throw and when the ball gets there. This is the perfect offense for Jay and the receivers! I am sorry Ron Turner didn't see the talent he had and create matchups to benefit him! I think Devin Hester should not have been a #1 receiver. However with a smart guy like Martz who is all about making life miserable for opposable defenses. Do you question Martz? This guy made the Lions' offense better ok? That is the equivilent of taking Ill Southern to a bowl game. In fact I'll take the Ill Southern team over the Lions!

No matter what anyone says, Martz has never had a qb as athletic, as strong armed and with as much fire as Jay Cutler! He has never had as much talent. Martz will make Jay better. In Chicago last year can you point to anyone who would have make Jay a better quarterback? exactly, now you got a guy who knows how to develop qbs and use the talent around him. He make the 49ers better and this is with Vernon Davis before his change. Who was there go to guy as wide receiver? Chicago as better receivers, a pro bowl qb, more depth at rb I meam wow! If Chicago can get one guard just one LG it is over! Done deal! Bring your brooms to the NFC North games. It will be a sweep of the Vikings, The Packers, the Lions!

Another thing Chicago has is head coaches on the staff. This means there are people who understand the NFL game, who have been in situations where they had to make the right decision. Despite anyone's record as a head coach, just to become a head coach means you have a scecial trait! Yes Rod was 0-16 but what did he have to work with and to be honest the Lions used to frustrate me because they were in a lot of those games until about the 3rd quarter where the whole house of cards came tumbling down.

Bears fans have a great offseason and I'll see you on tv. I don't live in Chicago so tv is all I have. I love all of you, btw if Olsen still can't block I say the Bears answer to TE is to line up Ozzie and have him block!

Well, Peter, I've said before that optimism is the way to go when one considers the alternative and cries in his/her beer. However, even I think maybe too rosy an expectation is perhaps not warranted. The Bears are definitely going to be better, and their additions are certainly going to help, but the offensive line still has a bit of a resemblance to a sieve. Like you, though, I do expect a great improvement, but sweeping the division is something I would be inclined to bet against.

How much do you give a guy that had to be constantly switched off talented recievers he couldn't cover? Johnson in Detroit, Johnson in Cin, Fitzgerald. Bowman was often given a lot help at corner, he had a good number of picks, but so did Payne in 2008 when some Bears fans claimed he was the best Safety in football.

Bowman does some things really well, and was pretty bad in other areas. He has nice instincts and plays the ball well. However while Bowman had 6 picks he only defended 3 passes, he was thrown at 89 times 64 percent of passes thrown at him where completed, he gave up an average of 12.6 yards per reception, 718 yards total, his yards after catch where 190 and he gave up 4 td's. Bowman is a high risk high reward player, but too often he went for the pick instead just defending the pass, this is why he gave up so many yards. Against the run he is a non factor, he doesn't like contact and you can also see this with how big recievers beat him up. Bowman can't cover elite recievers as he proved, but has good instincts when the ball is in the air, by he doesn't do well fighting against big recievers for the ball. 2 of Bowmans picks came when the game had already been decided.

The Bears corners where abused even more than the Safeties. They gave a up a lot more yards and where attacked far more often than the safeties. The Bears LB's where also killed in coverage. Say what you want about needing a FS, cause the Bears do need one, but teams attacked the Bears on the sidelines not the middle of the field. Teams completed 80 percent of their passes on Briggs. However Briggs was foced to play with more range with Urlacher out.

Almost forgot Bowman is not a half bad tackler in coverage but does not strip the ball well, something he could learn from Tillman, except unlike Tillman he does not play the run very well. He is a nuber three corner who is better in man then zone and better at free lancing than actually playing the actual coverage he is in. He will always be an injury risk.

Picks are like sacks they don't always tell the story of how a guy played. Brown doesn't get a lot of sacks, but he does get a lot of tackles for loss.

Zackary Bowman was a pleasant surprise from an other wise bad season. Bowman's 6 interceptions were 5th best in the league. You also gotta like Bowman for his size, 6-1 193lbs, he'll match up nicely with bigger receivers.

There is room for improvement in Bowman's game however, (the Lions game vs Calvin Johnson comes to mind), but to be fair, he was only a first year starter on a team with no consistent pass rush. I think with a year of NFL play under his belt, basic NFL player development, and a healthy Tommie Harris/Julius Peppers up front Bowman will only get better.

Zack Bowman was a 2008 5th round draft pick out of Nebraska, and just this last season the Bears got receiver Johnny Knox from Abilene Christian in the 5th round. The 5th round seems to be the money round for Angelo in back to back seasons. Hopefully he can get another 2nd day gem next month GO BEARS!!

Creighton, to answer you from the blog about FB Eddie Williams, I went into, I then went into player search, and then hit Eddie Williams. If you read their scouting report, you'll see one of the first things they say is Williams looks like a fullback but plays like a receiver. That was my point, you look at his size, 6-1 250lbs, and you think this guy is a great blocker, but that is not the case with Williams. During his time at Idaho Williams wasn't even used as a lead blocker, most of his blocking came as a tight end. Williams was most effective as a blocker downfield from his tight end/h-back position vs smaller defenders. But as far as a pass blocker at the line, this is a problem area for Williams. As a pass blocker Williams has to cut defenders to be effective, he can't take them on upright, especially defensive linemen or bigger linebackers. You can read all of this at, they are now with CBS sports, thats the link I'm talking about if you must know. Again, my point was the guy is a better receiver than a blocker. Williams can throw you some blocks downfield vs smaller defenders, but on the line as a pass blocker could be a problem. Not saying he won't be able to, or couldn't develope into a pass blocker, all I'm saying is he is a better receiver GO BEARS!!

Creighton, I have a problem with your breakdown on Bears cornerback Zack Bowman.

Creighton said: "However while Bowman had 6 picks he only defended 3 passes."

I'll stop there, Creighton your wrong, Bowman actually had 10 passes defended not 3, 6 went for ints, the other 4 were pass breakups, an int and a pass breakup are both counted as passes defended. So out of the 10 passes defended, 6 went for ints. Thats pretty good any way you look at it, I'll take a pick over a pass breakup any day. If you don't believe my numbers go to Chicago Bears at and look for yourself. So no Creighton, Bowman didn't defend 3 passes, he defended 10, taking 6 back for ints, again, thats pretty good.

Creighton said: "Bowman is a high risk high reward player but too often he went for the pick instead just defending the pass."

Auh....Creighton, so you'd rather see Bowman knock the pass down if he is in position to make a pick, thats basically what your saying, that makes absolutely no sense. The guy defended 10 passes taking 6 back for picks there by giving Cutler and co the ball back. The fact that he was in position to make 6 picks proves he's good in coverage. Thats good pass coverage from his cornerback position and Bowman has the makings of a good cover corner any way you look at it.

Also Creighton, no kidding the Bears corners were attacked. Your the same guy who will go on about the Bears not having a pass rush or effective play from their safeties, but yet you expect the corners to make up the difference? I hate to break it to you but defense is a team game there buddy? With no pass rush or safety help the Bears corners actually did pretty good. With a healthy Tommie Harris along with Peppers, watch the entire secondary improve, especially Bowman in year two as a starter, remember Creighton, player development.

One last note, Bowman had 1 forced fumble, no not as good as Tillman, but Tillman is one of the leagues best having forced 21 fumbles in 7 NFL season, the most by a defensive back since 2003 when he entered the league. So comparing Bowman's ability to force a fumble to Tillman, the leagues best, isn't really fair. And Bowman had 67 tackles, 6th best on the team, thats not bad for a corner. Don't give me any of that oh just because he chased down a ball carrier doesn't mean he is good, because yes it does. Corners don't play at the line like a safety does, its not Bowman's job to defend the run at the line. So saying he can't defend the run at the line in the box is a moot point. Bowman does just fine vs the run outside the box, where a corner is suppose to defend the run. If the runner gets to the corner the team has other problems anyways, thats not the corners fault. So yeah, a lot of Bowmans tackles are gonna be made on the run with him chasing the ball carrier, saying he can't come up and play the run like a linebacker makes no sense, he does just fine from his corner position. So admit it Creighton, Zack Bowman, a Jerry Angelo draft pick, is a pretty good player GO BEARS!!

No reason they shouldn't sign Atogwe. Vasher's contract is irrelevant to that situation. If he is that good, then they should sign him.

As for the O-line....
- The line played horrible last year. Period. But I think the problem was more of bad execution than it was the man just got beat repeatedly. All of these guys are big enough. 300 lbs is 300 lbs. All they have to is stop the momentum of the defense on passing downs, and start momentum in running downs. That can be done with double teams in the middle on runs up the middle. There are ways to scheme to the strengths of the offensive lineman.

The defense should be improved if they stay healthy. That is a big IF considering the injury history.
2007- Dvoracek and Brown miss the whole season. Harris hampered by knee issues. Urlacher by neck issues.
2008- Trumane McBride started a lot of games. Nuff said.
2009- Urlacher out for year, and Tinosimoa out for year.

2 things that must change for success in Chicago this season:
1. Cutler must play smarter and better. He can, and he should. He had good and bad games last year. Too bad they were mostly bad games. Cutler coast the Bears at least 3 games last year. The first GB game, The Atlanta game, and the SanFrancisco game.
2. There must be more tackling and blocking in practice. I see the biggest problem under Smith is that he has gotten soft since 2006 ended. Guys missing practice all week, then playing. No way your body is ready for a game if it doesn't get a taste of contact regularly during the season at practice. There is only one way to be in shape for tackling and blocking, and that is to tackle and block all the time. And injury fears should be the last of their worries. They are more likely to be injured in games when they didn't practice all week, then the other way around. There is law called Wolff's Law. Learned it in Physiology class. It states that your body will respond to the stresses you put upon it. Lifting weights and riding a bike is no substitute for live tackling and blocking. It is only good for lifting weights and riding a bike. Bassically, the law says to "use it or lose it".

The margin for making the playoffs, and missing is small. There are at least 6 teams that missed the playoffs last year that only had to win one more game. The Bears needed 3 more victories, presumably, to make it. But that margin was only poor tackling, poor blocking, and stupid QB play. Doing the first two in practice will help Cutler.

Get back to the basics Bears, and you will tear it up in 2010!

In my humble opinion, Da Bears are on the right track finally. They could still derail this momentum by September (or even afterwards), but it is good to see something happening. Paper tigers we have been since Cutler's arrival, but no more. Time for the NFC North, and the rest of the NFL, to remember that bears don't hibernate forever (especially these hungry ones in Chicago). Armstead and Creighton have valid points, which unfortunately seems to get lost amidst the constant bickering (this is a blog gentlemen, not a schoolyard or competition). Agree to disagree and lets move on. The consensus among many is that the Monsters of the Midway must develop ALL of their players, who in turn, must execute the scheme and basic fundamentals (like tackling). Meanwhile, the front office and coaching staff needs to be more creative and hold not only their personnel accountable, but themselves as well (stubborn nepotism and cheap appeasement be damned).

I like the job Bowman's doing. I think he has good speed and that lanky build of his allows him to spring into the air and make a play on the ball. His tackling could be better but I never felt like he was dogging it out there. He plays his heart out.

Creighton, I know what you're saying but the guys you are talking about are really the elite WRs in the league. Don't blame Bowman when his clueless head coach, for instance, has him covering Larry Fitzgerald one-on-one. Maybe Asomugah or Revis could handle that task but they are the best of the best and really any other corner in the league would struggle in that situation.

Also, I'd like to know what happened with Corey Graham? The guy has size, speed, tackles well...will he get a look at nickle this year now that Manning has been penciled in at SS?

Kevin I said he had 3 to go with his 6 int's, I point this out more than once. If the wording confused you, oh well. Either way its a horrible total given the amount he was thrown at. The int's are really good which I point out. I also never said you go for the breakup over the int, you never played football Kevin I already know that. If your out of position and go for a pick instead of breaking up the pass you get killed for a big gain. A pass breakup is a safer play than a pick, Bowman plays a little risky that way. Bowman gave up a ton of yards, a high average and he couldn't cover the better Corners at all, they killed him. He wasn't even allowed to line up against them after Johnson. He is not a number two corner, he gives up way to many yards and to many completions. Kevin you need to go back and reread what I wrote because you are confused.

By Kevin Armstead on March 13, 2010 7:38 PM
"So admit it Creighton, Zack Bowman, a Jerry Angelo draft pick, is a pretty good player GO BEARS!!"

Did you read any of this or did you just skip it as usual?
By Creighton on March 13, 2010 3:09 PM
" Bowman does some things really well"
"He has nice instincts and plays the ball well."
"Almost forgot Bowman is not a half bad tackler in coverage"

I don't think Bowman is anything special, a below average corner on a below average team. He does some things well and is bad at others. A number 3 corner on most NFL teams. Wow Angelo found a number 3 corner. Kevin why don't you tell me about Payne and Vasher, two guys you listed as the best players at their position. Your doing the samething with Bowman your looking at one stat and saying he is awesome. I warned you about Payne, Manning, Vasher, Afalava, and countless others but you never listen. Kevin I told you before and I will tell you again, I will let you know when Angelo has a good draft pick. Oh by the way, you better hope Forte has a great year after this lousy year, or I will be all over that too. Didn't I say that would happen, oh yeah I did. Fact is Kevin you love everyone on the Bears and always think they are the best players. Though you always fail to explain why they play so bad and keep loosing.

Bowman allowed 718 yards 13th most of all corners. He allowed 57 receptions 14 most in the league among corners. Passes defended he tied for 80th. If you want to see what a real Corner looks like, look at Revis.

Mike Bowman didn't give up his yards against elite recievers, he wasn't allowed to play them, he got beaten up by number 2 and 3 recievers. They tried not to let him cover anyone of note after Johnson. Johnson had his best half of the season against Bowman, of all the corners he played against, Bowman played the worst. He may have had six picks which is good but he got killed everyother way, plus he won't play the run. Like I said everyone is looking at one stat and they think that defines the season he had.

I got news for you, the Bears corners where attacked a lot more than safties and they gave up far more yards and more scores than the safeties did. Tillman didn't have a grat year either, nobody on defense did, maybe Briggs. Tillman was beatup and has never been a shut down corner, he was still better than Bowman. I didn't say he was bad but on a good defense he is a number three corner, nothing wrong with that. Teams are not affraid of Bowman, thats why he was attacked so often. In fact nobody was really scared of the Bears secondary, they where even less frightened of the run defense.

Point is Vasher had a big year once, people looked at his picks and thought he was a great corner, but later on his weaknesses where exposed and he got abused. So just like my opening statment says, what do you pay him? Do you say he is a top 5 corner because of his picks and give him that money like Vasher got?

Creighton, you didn't say Bowman had 3 to go with his 6 ints, dude stop lying, you can't cover this muff up with your usual personnel insults on me, its written above. It clearly says, "However while Bowman had 6 picks, HE ONLY DEFENDED 3 PASSES."

And don't give me any of that "oh if words confuse you" BS, I realize how you put the words down that way to make Bowman look bad. I just did what you always do to me and everyone else on this blog you don't get along with, I critiqued you. My boy Kevin Bumstead wanted to let you know, if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

The great Creighton also still says: "If your out of position and go for a pick instead of breaking up the pass you get killed for a big gain?"

Creighton, no $hit, but the fact Bowman picked off 6 passes out of 10 passes defended proves the guy is in position a lot. And Creighton, how in the hell do you know Bowman was out of position a lot, you got some kind of insider game tape that none of us other Bear fans know about? You go to every single game? Because by just watching the games on TV its impossible to know for sure he was always out of position. Oh, maybe you can read his mind that he was always going for the picks instead of just breaking up the pass? Creighton, come at me with anything your little heat desires on Matt Forte, dude, your no genius, all you do is bash everything that goes on at Halas Hall, and when things go wrong, you come on here and say, see, I the great Creighton told all you guys, but nobody wants to listen to my genius! Frankly Creighton, me and my boy Kevin Bumstead just aren't impressed so GO FORTE!! & as always GO BEARS!!

Sean Jenson Welcome! Its a plesure to read and let me post here. Thank you.

Did anyone here?

Brady Quin to Denver for What? Chump change. WoW 2010 6th round pick, 2011 conditional pick and Peyton Hillis. Unreal.

Top Ten Reason Why Its Unreal Bears Didnt Do This

#10-Bears have 3 FB under contract at this point(3/14/2010).

#9-Bears do have a 2010 6th round and a 2011 round pick.

#8-Bears need a NFL experience back up QB in Martz system

#7-Anyone remember Trent Green?

#6-This isnt Kurt Warner running Martz system!

#5-Angelo always loves other teams cast offs while seeing his cast off sucseed elsewhere in the NFL.

#4- Brady was from ND he must be good.

#3-How long has it been sence a Bears player was on David Letterman Show.... Quin would be a regular there after he tops Cutler for the Starting QB in 2010.

#2-Caleb Hanie?!?!?!?!?!?!

#1 reason why the Bears should have made this move., It would have ticked Creighton off so bad he would go in hidding.

Realy for that price the Bears should have nabbed him up.

By Kevin Armstead on March 14, 2010 8:16 PM
"Creighton, you didn't say Bowman had 3 to go with his 6 ints, dude stop lying, you can't cover this muff up with your usual personnel insults on me, its written above. It clearly says, "However while Bowman had 6 picks, HE ONLY DEFENDED 3 PASSES."

By Creighton on March 13, 2010 3:09 PM
"However while Bowman had 6 picks he only defended 3 passes"

This is the link where I got the stat.

What do you think that means Kevin? Can you not add 6+3? Are you that confused? Like said if you don't understan the wording thats your problem. I even posted the link with the actual stat written in that exact form. So please show me where I am lying.

By Kevin Armstead on March 14, 2010 8:16 PM
'Creighton, no $hit, but the fact Bowman picked off 6 passes out of 10 passes defended proves the guy is in position a lot.'

He didn't pick off 6 of 10 passes idiot he picked off 6 of 89. Do you think he was thrown at only 10 times in a season? 57 of those passer where completions, so no he was not in position a lot. By the way how do think the coaches evaluate if he is out of position, all you have to do is no the play. Watch if he jumped on a pump fake, watch if he goes for the ball or player on a pass. If the ball is constantly being thrown over his head after he cut inside, which it was, then he was out of position. Just because you don't know when a guy is out of position doesn't mean other people don't as well.

Every year we go over this and every year you ar ewrong. By the way you called me a liar, please show me the lie. Also you said I was insulting you, please show me one insult in my first three posts directed at you. I disagreed with me and insulted me a couple of times...

Oh my god Brando actually posted under his name, and its about the irish, hahahahaha, classic. Welcome back Brando, good for you for using your own name, but just Brando would be fine. Way to stay on topic. I have been in hiding for all of a day. You know I am almost happy to see you. I'll even let your post slide, even though its pretty bad. Ok one thing didn't Trent Green go to two Pro Bowls?

Ok I can't leave it alone its too funny.

Top 10 reasons why the Bears didn't get Quinn.

#10 They value a FB more than Quinn just like most teams in the NFL nobody else wanted him but McNugget, kiss of death.
#9 Is Quinn really worth a 6th round pick?
#8 "Bears need a NFL experience back up QB in Martz system" No kidding what does Quinn have to do with that?
#7 Yes I remember Trent Green, he was a lot better than Quinn, he went to a Pro Bowl on two different teams.
#6 He once threw a ball at the broad side of a barn, and still got picked off.
#5 Quinn likes to wrestle with guys in the pool, what doesn't scream football more than two half naked guys wrestling in a pool.
#4 What Brady are you thinking of Mike or Greg? Cause Tom went to Michigan and thats the only good one I can think of.
#3 Quinn got beat out for the starting job by Anderson. Anderson?
#2 He's not Jimmy Clausen
#1 It would have been the end all be all of rants, a 6th round pick for that bum. Way, way, way to much to pay for Quinn, maybe a 7th round comp pick in 3050 would be worth it as long as they gave something back for doing them the favor of taking Quinn and his contract off the Browns. Like if they gave us their next 5 first round picks I would think about picking up the worst player ever. Nope I change my mind not worth it, keep your 5 draft picks and Quinn. He is evil.


You've got to admit that Bowman breaks on the ball really well, and that's a very important thing for a corner. I don't think he's mediocre, I think he just needs more experience. He's one of the young players who shows real potential IF the coaches can develop it, a big "if" on this team.

All this is of only minor importance anyway. If the Bears get consistent QB pressure, the secondary will be fine. If they don't, it gets burned constantly like every other secondary that gets no pass rush.

Creighton, when I said Bowman picked off 6 out of 10 passes defended, I didn't mean every time he covered somebody, I meant out of the passes defended. Where are you getting I said passes? Again, I said passes defended. I just meant the guy put himself in position to get 6 picks, which was tied for 5th best in the league. That means only 5 other corners in the league were in position more than Bowman to make picks. Thats pretty good any way you look at it, especially for a first year starter on a team with no real pass rush. Bottom line here Creighton is the guy made 6 picks which was tied for 5th best in the league. Yeah he got beat 80 some times but so do a lot of other corners. Creighton, aren't you suppose to be the expert here, you don't realize that most of the time the receiver is gonna win, especially in todays NFL where the rules are geared toward the offensive side of the ball.


So the coaching and front office staff has started to hit the road for Pro Days, so in all likelihood, we are done from a FA standpoint for a few weeks. Lovie was spotted at the Ga. Tech pro day, most likely checking out Morgan Burnett, who put in a scorching workout after skipping at the Combine due to injury.
Burnett also had the eye of several scouts and coaches since he did not take part in the combine due to a hamstring injury. Burnett blew things out at the station drills, posting a 39 1/2-inch vertical jump, a 4.46 40 and an 11-foot broad jump. He also caught well in ball-skill drills. Burnett (6-1, 210) is a likely second-round pick who is coming off a season in which he didn't build on an All-American sophomore year.--courtesy of

I will be interested to see if his dropoff in performance was due to scheme or gameplan, or if he really did play worse than the prior year. If he drops into the third round, that would be a decent pick, but I am more concerned with getting the OL straightened out. Tice has until March 29th to evaluate, and then OTAs get underway, so hopefully he will have an idea of where he wants guys to play. Omiyale is the key. If they keep him at LG, then we can look at a developmental RT in the middle rounds (4 or 5), as Shaffer can get it done for a year or two. I am not considering Marten yet, but that is an outside option if need be in the short term. If we move Omiyale to RT, then we need a LG badly. Chester Pitts or Lilja might be a good solution for the short term, until we can develop a draft pick, but that would require the 3rd rounder to be used on a G in my opinion.

So is there something in the works that would help get us back into the second round, where we would have a much better chance at Burnett? Olsen or someone else perhaps?

Has there been any activity on our RFAs, such as visits or anything like that? I would expect that teams will have a hard time doing better than Jamar Williams in the 4th, and teams that need a return man could do pretty well with a 3rd rounder for Manning. Not sure Anderson or Roach are going to get much play.

Bowman did pretty well with a Bears team that literally had little pressure on the QB, as we all know in that scenario most even some of the probowl corners can get torched.

With Peppers, a solid injury free linebacking corp and a rejuvinated pass rush I look for the corners and defense including the safety's to perform better, more turnovers, less third down conversions etc..

Why, simple a pass rush makes all defenses look better than they truly are, even the great QB's can look mortal when they are getting their clocks cleaned on a consistent basis. Happy feet and losing the footwork throwing off of the back foot all of a sudden starts to occur.

This D is going to be a top 5 defense unless a key player like Peppers or Urlacher go down with an injury.

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