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Bears announce 5 p.m. press conference

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The Bears just announced in an email that they have scheduled a press conference for 5:00 pm CT today at Halas Hall.

No other information was included in the release.

Perhaps they are unveiling a new uniform for the 2010 season?

Just a guess...

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Sean - your lack of insight is shocking. Welcome to Chicago. Don't get too comfortable.

i get the sarcasm, but don't even kid about new uniforms... that would be a travesty to all.

Hey Sean first you get Allen now Peppers. Things exciting enough for you in Chicago?

Well the Bears stimulus plan has gone into full effect. If you get Peppers to play full go for 16 games its worth it, if not its a problem. Lovie is getting what he wants so no more excuses for him and Martz is getting what he wants, Taylor is a better reciever than Forte and he got that giant TE to help block.

Its a safe move for the Bears because it doesn't hurt them in anyway this year. But the Bears had to do all this because they put themselves in a bad position with poor draft picks and bad moves. I would still rather have a healthy Kampman, but if Peppers steps it up and plays to his full ability he is the far better player. Either way they gave the fans an intresting and fun free agent day. They did what they had to do and their are still some moves to be made. Safety and O-Line are big needs. But at least the Bears have got some excitment back with the team with these moves its been a brutal 3 years. Lets hope Peppers plays the way he can and just doesn't do what so many have done after they got their big pay day.

Nice job with the updates and the tight coverage of all this to Jensen and Hayes.

I couldnt agree more. You can't beat perfection.

Jensen is new here. He obviously shouldn't get too comfortable at his new job.

Geez. Tough crowd. It's called sarcasm... Maybe I'll save it for Twitter and not the blog?

I would never get comfortable, Chuck. Comfortable equals complacent...

Welcome Sean. Best offseason since.......last year.....hope the season is better than last!

Man where do i start... I personally thing the Bears are making good decisions with these free agents they just signed. I have all the confidence in the world that are "D" is gonna be legit probably to legit to quit. now that Urlacher is gonna be back and hopefully healtier than ever our "D" should be back on track specially now that we have Julius Peppers in the mix. We got monsters come from all sides on the Blitz. hense "Monsters of the Midway" Now to our offense. First things first Cutler just has to be smart and not rush or force any passes. our "O" line was kinda sketchy last year but I think they all know the Bears are gonna be rough this year. but with Chester Taylor and Matt Forte (the best thing to come out of Tulane) in the back running the ball we should be set on the run game. But our passing game I still think we need to get a dominate reciever we got good recievers and super fast ones at that but we lack height. our special teams has always been pretty solid as long as maynard and gould do there thing like usual we shouldnt have a prob. So look out for the Bears this comming up season.....we're back.

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