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Agent: Eagles are backup for Peppers

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It may be a "good sign" that Peppers is visiting Chicago first, but agent Carl Carey is keeping his options open, like any good agent would.

Carey told Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette that if Peppers isn't smitten with the Bears he could wind up with Eagles.

"Chicago will be our first visit and we don't want them looking over their shoulder worrying about other teams right now," Carey said.  "They were the first to call and they've made us a ballpark offer and it's good enough to where we'll make a visit.  Pending the outcome of that visit we may visit with Philadelphia and see where we are from there."

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7 Comments reported that Peppers may visit two other teams outside of the Bears. Any idea who the second team is? Seems like more of a leverage move to me, trying to raise the bid of the highest bidder. Seattle is probably the third team but is their any conformation of it.

The one difference between Chicago and Philadelphia is simple, Chicago doesn't have a first or second round draft pick they have to worry about paying this season. Bears GM Jerry Angelo needs to make this deal happen, pay Peppers, he'll be worth every dime in the end. Julius Peppers is the missing link to Chicago's front, they need that edge rusher to make their scheme work, Peppers is the guy to do the job. If the Bears are gonna stick with the Tampa two scheme on defense, they have to bring in the personnel to make it happen, and an edge rusher like Peppers, with his size and athleticism, is just the type of player the Bears need to make their scheme work.

I think Angelo has known an edge rusher is what's been missing from Chicago's front for some time. Again, this is probably why Mark Anderson was handed a starting job after his 12 sack rookie season, they probably thought he could be that guy, and why Chicago traded for the late Gaines Adams. Chicago needs an edge rusher to help make their scheme work and to help their secondary. You can't expect any corner to cover a guy with no pass rush like Chicago has been with their corners for some time now. If a guy like Zack Bowman can have 6 picks as a first year starter with no pass rush, think what he can do in season two as a starter with a guy like Peppers coming off the edge in a QB's face, sign Peppers GO BEARS!!

Peppers may have the best potential of any free agent, restricted or otherwise. Still, hooking a sinking ship up to a guy who has problems just putting effort in on gameday seems like a horrible, horrible idea. I get that Jerry has to save himself and needs to make a deal, but this could royally screw the Bears ability to spend in future years if, or when, Peppers decides that he only needs to show up in 50% of the games each season.

Peppers is the best talent available this year, no question. I still would take Kampmann because you never know how dedicated Peppers will be. He runs one game on, one game off.

If the Bears can get him to play hard on every down, it's a great pickup. But they have not done that with too many players in the past.

It sounds like Carey is upping the ante on the Bears `ballpark' figure to me. He wants Chicago to sign Peppers but he wants a better offer. We will know today as if Jerry offers Peppers mo money then Peppers is a Bear!

cmon Nick, would you rather the Bears sign Omiyale again? or a DE that underachieved? Dude, The Bears are really trying here to upgrade the Team for a change, thats not a bad thing as the method they used in the past of signing marginal Free Agents just did not work.

Randy, I am all for improvement, and marginal free agents produce marginal results, as Bears fans have seen. But also consider the track record of teams who have signed players that give 'marginal effort', like Peppers. If Peppers was such a sure thing then why wasn't he signed to a record setting deal at midnight?

My point is not that the Bears don't need help, or that they shouldn't go after players that can improve the team. I'm saying that tying your future as a GM or an organization to a player who has been described as lazy, who takes plays off, and who has been known to dissappear for 3 game stretches is a terrible idea. Just because this guy gets matched up with Rod Marinelli, doesn't mean that the light is going to come on. Marinelli hasn't worked magic like that in a very long time, not since he was with the Bucs.

Lions signd Vanden Bosch and the guy at work said the Browns dealt with the Lions for a draft pick for their DT, the Lions are working on their D.
so its Kampman and Peppers and Kampman is supposed to go elsewhere, not sure who, but read it in ESPN I think....I dont really think Jerry will let Peppers leave w/o that dotted line signed.

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