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Whether Bears go "hog wild" depends on player

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Jerry Angelo couldn't talk about specific players. That would be tampering. But you can bet he was asked about the possibility of signing free-agent defensive end Julius Peppers just the same when he met with reporters at the NFL Combine on Friday.

"It just depends again on the player," The Bears general manager said when asked whether the team would to "hog wild" in free agency. That was the term team president Ted Phillips used last week, his point being the Bears wouldn't go crazy and overspend.

"We've determined what our needs are," Angelo continued. "We've determined what positions we want to create competition at so we'll go from there and we'll determine based on who the players are how aggressive we want to be. We've done that every year we've been here. Some years we've maybe felt like we really had a need and were a hostage to the position and did whatever it took and so be it. Some years we targeted potential players if they came available. Muhsin Muhammad was one. We said we'd make a run at it. He was waived and we were able to do that. Again, it's determined by the player. We have the resources to do what we need to do. We continue to go through the evaluations of potential players who are going to be out there."

Angelo said the prospect of an uncapped year as a result of the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement won't impact the team's free-agent budget.

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Darren Sproles will be a free agent, Chargers are letting him test free agent waters. Just reported on

Ok Neil you know its about time for you to throw up a name.

By the way, they so over paid for Moose.

Well the pro's and cons of the Pepper talk that is sure to insue. Peppers has played in a two gap system his whole Career, thats a pro. Because a 1 gap system is a lot easier so he could explode in this system. However the question is does he have the desire and stamina to rush all out on every play. Thats what you need to do i na 1 gap system. The con is someone will really overpay for Peppers, meaning if you want him to be a stop gap player for about 2 or 3 years which is about the time most nfl players retire. Do you want to cripple the team with his salary. He is on the downside of his career and often paying big money to a guy means that guy no longer wants to work hard. Vasher, Harris, Urlacher, all got big money and suddenly became bad. Harris had his injuy but last year seemed more about attitude than injury.

Anyway I am all for Sproles as a change of pace back for the Bears. Get younger, get faster, get better. Don't get older, slower and mental.

Did someone say hog? Oink oink?

They better go hog wild in free agency or Lovie, Jerry, Teddy, Mikey and Roddy are all histry!

I think I might actually agree with you Creighton. For once, but ya know, why not spend some the McTightWadKaskey's dough for a difference maker, and sign a decent FA safety. Then pursue line depth and a back up RB through the draft. Possible interesting season if we do that, maybe get Kampman for a steal instead of Peppers and go after Cromartie or Rolle for CB/FS positions. Another thought, trade Briggs and 4th rd to Rams or Lions for top pick and look at Suh, McCoy or that top safety (name?). Anway, hope something interesting happens.

You can have Sproles. The more he touches the ball, the less impressive his stats become. He's also a fumbler having fumbled 3 times losing 1 in less than 140 touches last year. I don't want a change of pace from Matt Forte; I want someone to push him for playing time. {as I said the other day, I would offer MF to San Diego for Cromartie}. The two guys I like are Chester Taylor, and Willie Parker. I know Parker has been hurt the past couple of seasons, but if he's healthy, he might feel as though he's got something to prove. If you could have Cromartie as your "lock down" type of CB, and move Tillman over to Bowman's side, it might mean less 'wear and tear' on him.
I have often wondered if there was a GM as idiotic as Angelo. Someone we could pawn off D. Hester on. I would be on the phone to Al Davis ASAP. He is Al's type of guy. Davis has always been enamored with speed and over the years has over paid for speed. That over payment is not always in dollars, but in drafing guys too high in respective rounds. {See Heyward-Bey}. You might get the Raiders' 2nd or 3rd rounder for DH and either pick is high in their respective rounds. Having a 2nd and a 3rd or 2 3rd round picks could be nice in this deep draft.

there is no way you sign Peppers. He just isn't a big enough upgrade...they can do better...than even Kampman-we don't want Packer trash. Something better will come along. No worthwhile big name free agents. We already have a change of pace running back-2 of them. The newly juiced up original AP is a nice breath of fresh air if you are tired of seeing running backs stay healthy. Kahlil Bell is a nice downhill runner that relieves the eyes of the tiptoeing, upright running(er...I mean speed walking), and not breaking any tackle style of Matt Forte. I think if this were flag football, Sproles would be a good choice. However it is not. We need some DB's, and better talk show hosts....Lawrence Holmes is carrying this city. E1 else is like listening to don' change the channel after the first syllable.

I really don't see many times going hog wild like past years. With the spector of a lock-out no one wants to overpay when they know full well that the real day and age of 100 million dollar contracts are soon to be over. I see a cap for positions. Guys are going to have to play with teams more because they want to compared to who wants to pay the most. I see players being slotted by position in the future. Rookies being severely capped like they were supposed to. I just think realistically players know that the bloated contracts are a thing of the past. Owners will try to restrain each other more to keep each other from driving up salaries. Peppers isn't getting half of what Hayneworth got. Hayneworth's signing bonus will be equal Pepper's overall salary. I see collusion. Peppers is (sometimes)their best player and they didn't even try to pay him the franchise amount which would have been less than what he thinks he will get.

I heard that the Saints are gonna let Jahri Evans hit the FA market. He would be an instant upgrade at the OG spot. I think he plays RG. Uncapped means we can spend $$$$.. 3-4 solid FA signings could really turn this team around.. FS, DE, OL. Gotta get em JA.... Lets go. The first day of FA is gonna be a tornado of activity.

Its amazing how people talk and its obvious they dont know what they're talking about. The bears are tight wads? Really? based on what? Because they've spent a lot of money on their own players. Now you can say that they've spent their money in the wrong places, but they;ve doled out plenty of cash. Thats not the issue, talent evaluation however is a problem. So run ya mouths, but know what you're talking about. Tell me, how is over spending working out for the redskins??

1990 Evans is a UFA so he is not on the market. They are tagging him for a 1 and 3. Really great player but not available to the Bears.

Gearheadboy why on earth would the chargers, one of the top 5 drafting teams in the nfl, trade Cromartie for Forte? They find running backs in the draft for fun. You think they care about Forte and value him. Lets see Forte a average RB, or Cromartie a All Pro shut down 25 year old corner. Hahahaha, can we trade Hester for Ed Reed and Harris for Brandon Marshall while we are at it.

Enough wit h the Chester Taylor talk, aside from being the exact same back as Forte, he is older and slower than him. He made a nice little career running behind, great offensive lines. He ran behind Birk, Hutchinson and McKinnie his entire time here and as soon as Birk left his production drops. In Baltimore he ran behind Ogden, and Flynn on one of the best running teams in football on a consistant basis. Real impressive. Not to mention in the Martz system you don't run between the tackles so much as outsifde the tackles, misdirection and counters. Thats what he uses and that is what Taylor is not very good at. Forte is also not very good at it, neither is Jones. Parker is a good fit, he has the speed to turn the corner.

Agents be aware: if there is a free agent out there who was drafted high, has struggled with injuries, who has either tremendously limited upside or has shown no feel for his position and for whom the Bears can overpay by multiples who will either do absolutely nothing for the team and/or die, then that's Jerry's man. Hmmm. I think we could open an entirely new arena of fantasy football: Jerry Angelo's Dead Pool! In which participants draft Bears players/potential players according to how little production the player provides in the following year, and obtains points according to how few carried, sacks, games started, etc. the player puts up. Think what Dan Bazuin would have been worth! Or Mikey Okwo! Or, dare I say it, I won't.

Jerry Angelo wishes he had Thomas Jones back so he could trade him again to draft two duds; and the sad thing is, that's not a joke.

I hear Thomas Jones is about to become a free agent..He ran for more yards than our backs put together but he will be 32 before the end of the season. Hey, I still have his jersey.

I would vote for signing Peppers (it's not my money, and he's certainly the biggest difference maker at the biggest need), and using Greg Olsen as trade bait to acquire a FS or an earlier pick to use on a FS.

Maybe the Rams would take Olsen for OJ Atogwe? he'd be a perfect fit and he's a Ram, so Lovie would like him.

The Bills also have a logjam at safety, so maybe they would take Olsen for Donte Whitner or George Wilson and a pick. Those guys both have spent their careers in the tampa 2 system, so they would be a fit also.

based on the fact they are always way under the cap
based on the fact they do pay their own old/injured/worthless players
based on the fact they do not buy Top Free Agents cause...they wont pay them the money....
And that is the main reason the McCaskeys are cheapsqueaks - They have never shelled out the money for the Top Free Agents, The CURRENT ProBowlers that could send this team over the top.
Remember Housh? geez forget that, the list goes on and on, the bears are known throughout the league for buying older/cheaper Free Agents that dont cost much. Where have you been in that regard, and There is no possible way anyone can make an excuse for not buying top Free Agents cause another team failed at it. Oh my gosh. Oh No! we cant do that cauase the Redskins failed? What a lame excuse, If the GM knows what he is doing then that is a good thing to do, with that attitude, then No One should ever try to do anything bc other people have tried and failed, Have a little faith in your own abilities to get r done! Never judge your abilities on someone elses failures. Read Blaxico's post, that is why the mccacskeys are cheap they buy Free Agents that are CHEAP! Cause they are underperforming, see the DE they GAVE a second pick for, see Omiyale/Shaeffer/Moose....Howsabout buying a Top Free agent for a change Jerry/Ted?
Sproles is there, (reminds me of the fact we coulda had Turner but nooo, Jerry WOULDNT spend the money. So he drafted Forte who did not have a good year and thus the jury is still out on him and we coulda used that draft choice on an Olineman os DE AND had Turner.
Not sure about Parker though, wasnt he inj last year and didnt do anything? And besides all that, the bears ahve NOT spent the money on Top Free Agents, How has that worked out? Hopefully all the reports of the bears getting a Top Free Agent are true, at least we could by tickets to see some real players, excited about Top Talent being on the field instead of sitting there all depressed cause our team LOOOSES AND we have no one to be excited about, (except Cutler) cmon now, what player were you willing to pay hundreds of dollars a game to go see? Cutler? and after that???

Creighton Parker "used" to have the speed to turn the corner. He's done.

Also Cromartie is not an all-pro corner based on ability. The Chargers are asking for a RB in trade, and I'd bet they'd be thrilled to get a 3-down back for Cromartie. He got absolutely embarrassed in the playoffs for being a no-tackling coward of a player. If a team was willing to give up a good young rb for him the trade would've happened by now. Word is the Lions are going to trade a 3rd or 4th rounder for him. If he was truly "all-pro" they wouldn't deal him for a mid-round pick.

As for Sproles, someone is going to pay for past-production and speed (like we did with Hester). Sproles is only effective when he's the quickest player on the field--once that is gone, he'll be nothing. You can find a quick-twitch RB in the draft or on the street every year, I would Never, Ever sign a FA rb. That's just not smart football.

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