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Westbrook would 'love' to play in Chicago

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OK, so Brian Westbrook doesn't know that much about the Bears defense (see below). He does, however, like the idea of playing in Chicago.

"I would love to play in Chicago; I would love to play anywhere," Westbrook said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "They have a pretty good quarterback there [in Jay Cutler], a great defense. There's no question that I would love to definitely play in Chicago."

It also sounded as if the former Eagles running back is not opposed to playing a secondary role to Matt Forte.

"I've admired Matt's game from afar," he said. "He's a young guy, very talented. I like the way he runs. I like the way he plays the game. He plays with a passion. He runs hard.

"I wouldn't have a problem with sharing the load. In this day and age, everybody needs to share the load. At the age of 30, I know that I won't be carrying the ball 30 times a game like I used to, but I would like the opportunity to be in the backfield with another back. Matt is definitely a great running back."  

Westbrook has had leg injuries in recent years. Most disturbing, however, are the concussions he suffered last season.

"I'm not concerned about that [concussion issue] at all," he said. "I played the last few games. They [doctors] said that I'm healthy and that I can play."

Westbrook has been a staple in Philadelphia. If healthy, he could still be an effective role player with the Bears or some other team.

"It was tough" to leave Philadelphia," he said. "Anytime you live in a city where you've been at for eight years and had an opportunity to grow up and become a man at, it's always going to be tough. Life goes on after leaving Philadelphia."

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Who cares. Maybe he will end up on Creightons fantasy team in the 'live in mom's basement league' (LIMBL). Only an idiot would sign him.
That's about right.....Creighton.

We don't need Westbrook or Sproles. We have a Garrett Wolfe. Total beast! Violent earth mover!

"I would love to play in Chicago; I would love to play anywhere,"

Hmmm ... about sums it up.

Anywhere -- even Chicago.

"Great" defense? Love to play anywhere? Yeah, I think Westbrook is feeling the lack of interest in him on the FA wire, so let's go after a Rolle (Arizona FS), Peppers (Carolina DE), or Taylor (Minnesota RB) instead.

Chicago needs a #2 back to help carry the load. Matt Forte is still a very good NFL running back, he's just got a lot of carries over the past couple seasons and ran on a bad knee this past season. I still like Forte as a runner, he should put up some nice numbers in Mike Martz's scheme, especially as a receiver out of the backfield. But a #2 is needed, maybe its Kahlil Bell? Not Westbrook.

Carolina Panthers free agent Julius Peppers needs to be priority one heading into free agency, Angelo needs to sign him if he wants Lovie's defense to ever be effective again GO BEARS!!

We need a better offensive line that dominated first

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