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Vikings Chester Taylor could thrive in Martz's offense

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When the Bears officially hired Mike Martz on Tuesday, I thought of a player who could thrive in his system: Minnesota Vikings running back Chester Taylor.

Now mentioning Taylor isn't intended to be a knock on Bears starter Matt Forte. After a strong rookie season, Forte's numbers dipped due to a number of factors, including health. But the reality is, teams need two talented running backs, and Taylor is a veteran who has proven he can co-exist with someone else.

He's also an unrestricted free agent, whether there's a cap or not because he just wrapped up his eighth NFL season.

Taylor was primarily the Vikings' third-down back because he's an excellent blocker, he's got excellent hands, and he's effective at running draws. He's a savvy veteran who can sell things and almost always beats linebackers in one-on-one situations.

While he's 30, Taylor doesn't have a whole lot of mileage, playing behind Jamal Lewis in Baltimore then stepping aside when Adrian Peterson emerged in 2007. Keep in mind that Taylor, in his only season as full-time starter, gained 1,216 rushing yards and scored six rushing touchdowns for the Vikings in 2006.

Taylor remained an effective player, and he endeared himself to his teammates and coaches for not sulking about giving way to Peterson, whom the team selected seventh overall, although they hadn't necessarily intended to take a running back.

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I've already heard the viqueens want to keep taylor and will probably match any offer unless we overpay. I would say no thanks to taylor and go with what we got our rookie Bell looks like the same type runner and he's already here we need to focus on the lines both o and d and a safety or 2

Good idea.

While they still have Jones, who if healthy will help because he knows the offense, adding a proven back is a must.

Bell will not fit Martz's scheme well, except on maybe short yardage. Nor will Wolfe, who can't block.

Besides, it's an uncapped year. They can spend whatever they want.

And while I like Forte, Taylor likely has a better change of playing time in Chicago. He could beat him out.

Sean the Bears don't need Taylor sense they allready have Wolfe! He will be the next Warick Dunn! A probowler fore sure sense Angelo drafted him.

"Sean the Bears don't need Taylor sense they allready have Wolfe! He will be the next Warick Dunn! A probowler fore sure sense Angelo drafted him."

ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS? Kevin must be a 5 year old Bears fan or a liberal arts major at UIC.

Coming from a guy from Montana (i.e. ME), you guys are "AUSOUME" spellers. No wonder folks from Green Bay mock us....COME ON!!! Let's invest our money in safety, defensive end, and offensive guard (and maybe hooked on phonics) and forget about running back and wide receiver. Take some pride in your posts.

I agree totally with trying to sign Taylor. I also agree that the Vikes will be very agressive in trying to keep him. Why not put some pressure on the Vikes anyway. I like Forte, but he doesnt have that true north/south mentality. Hes a slash/cutback runner that doesnt move the pile all that well. Hes a fabulous back out of the backfield and he can create mismatches, especially on 3rd down. Its time to be done with the Garrett Wolfe experiment. FA must bring in a starting calibre OG and possibly a RT. The OG spot needs some help. It will be interesting to see what happens to Olin. Now that Tice has talked up Olin as the end all-be all C, what will JA do????

Taylor is a good fit but he's gonna be costly. If we are spending the kind of money its gonna take to sign Taylor I'd prefer they do it on upgrading the FS or anywhere on the offensive or defensive lines. I think Leon Washington would be a great pickup. And yes I know its risky because he's coming off of an injury. but thats also gonna be why he's cheap. He would be a nice complement to Forte and would fit well in a Martz run offense because he does so many things well. He is a big play runner, and a really good receiver and ST guy.


I like the idea very much. I just hope the Bears aren't cheap this off-season.

Jean Sensen is an absolute rube!

If you think the Vikings are going to let Taylor go then you should wake up and smell the bacon cooking. Oh! Wait that's not bacon. That's the Bear's keesters getting cooked after we smoke them next year!

Do Chicago a favor and just retire from journalism altogether.

If the Pats do not franchise Wilfork, the Bears should get him.

Julius Peppers is available as well.

These are 2 good D-lineman that would be expensive, but the Bears can afford them. McCaskeys need to fork over the cash.

They need a guard (or 2)and safety in the draft if they sin those tow players.

And if Lovie truly wants to be a running team, he should implore Angelo to go after Taylor.

Of course this is all crap if they fail to meet the challenges of signing some good players like they did last year. Struck out with Pace and Omiyale. Didn't even pursue Sharper or Dawkins at safeties. They would have looked good in the cover 2.

Attaboy MT.

I watch the Bears every chance that comes along and have to tell you that I'm not really sure what the Bears have at running back.

-Is Forte the back we saw last year, or the one we saw his rookie year? You would think he would be really a great fit in a Martz offense, but it's not like we haven't seen one year wonders (Thomas, Salaam).

-Will the real Garrett Wolfe please stand up?

-Will Kevin Jones even be able to stand up?

-Is AP gone? Why? All the guy ever did was whatever job he was asked to do.

-Kahlil Bell? This guy was a really good college runner who was supposed to be a step slow for the pros. He didn't look that slow when compared to the Bear's other backs? See above and what does THAT mean?

I guess the point is that Chester Taylor is a known. That would be a good thing. The problem is that Childress may notice that Taylor is the only running back he has that can hang on to the football. Queens will probably keep him if they can and they have deep pockets.

exactly MSB
What or who is Forte really? Injured? so they say, but of course like Harris/Url/Olin he will have surgery and he will be the strongest of his entire career before training camp starts. lol.
I doubt very much that the Vikes would let Taylor get away as AP didnt look that strong this past year and they need him to come in and do what he does. Now Peppers to me is the thing! Just what we need a DE, which would free up our draft for Olinemen.
Bell looked pretty good running behind a bad line, but we really could be hurtung at RB, just not sure Taylor will be available. Makes you wonder after all the picks Jerry spent on RB's.
I dont even want to think of Wilfork, as I wanted him drfated by us but nooooo.

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