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Vasher sticking for a while

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Cornerback Nathan Vasher has struggled since going to the Pro Bowl after the 2005 season.

Last season, he started just two games.

But general manager Jerry Angelo said Vasher will be at Bears training camp.

"He's on the roster," Angelo said. "We've paid him his money. It doesn't behoove us to let him go. We're going to take him to training camp.

"Right now it's business as usual with Nathan."

Vasher is set to make nearly $3 million 2010, and his salary cap number is nearly $5 million. But the club doesn't have to pay him that base salary unless he's on the regular-season roster.

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Wow they just can't let go of guys. It is so hard for them to cut their losses, at least Dusty is gone. But really paying a guy 3-5 million for like 10-15 snaps a season is insane. I wonder how much he gets if he is cut?

Looks and sounds like they will not get CB in free agency. Never know. Bears had a good stable QB that made little mistakes and they traded off for some Rex Grossman impersonator!

See Ya Wouldnt Wanna Be Ya

Yes! I new my secret wish would come true!

they've taken the same approach with Lovie. Somebody please behoove Jerry Angelo..... goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bearrrrrrsssssszz

Remember, they don't have to pay him the 5 million unless he's on the regular season roster. So, it pays (no pun intended) to watch and see if OTAs or training camp offer any more insight into The Interceptor.

He gets 3 million if he plays for the Bears this season. Het gets nothing if he gets cut anytime before the season.

The 5 million number is completely meaningless. It is his cap number, but there is no cap. It consists of his salary (3 mil) plus the prorated portion of his signing bonus (2 mil). But he already received the signing bonus, it's just spread over the life of the deal for accounting purposes.

Angelo is right to keep him for now. It costs nothing to keep him until the pre-season, and they don't owe him any favors after he took his money and stopped performing. If we were talking about Mike Brown or someone, I'd agree with cutting him so he could sign on elsewhere. But Vasher signed his big money contract and disappeared. They don't owe him squat.

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