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Vanden Bosch may be off the market

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The Bears could well be in the market for a free agent defensive end this offseason. If that's the case, one of the better options may be off the market.

Titans coach Fisher told the Tennessean that he wants Kyle Vanden Bosch to return next season.

"I've always had an interest in getting him back, almost everybody back," Fisher told the Nashville newspaper.

Vanden Bosch went to the Pro Bowl despite having only three sacks last season. The 31-year-old may be slowing down or may have just had a subpar season.

Tony Agnone, Vanden Bosch's agent, told the paper: "Most teams that let their star players play out their contracts do so for a reason. We hope that in Kyle's case it will be to reward him with a new one."

Bears veteran defensive end Adwale Ogunleye will also be a free agent. Ogunleye said after the season that he thought the chances are "fifty-fifty" that he would return to the Bears.

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Vanden Bosch is a Chicago Bear type personality, a little like Steve McDaniels tough with more speed.

That would be a great pickup if they could get him.

Why would they want him?

He's not a great pass rusher, and the team already has a combo end in Brown.

The team needs someone who can get after the QB.

They would be better off just keeping Wale.

I think it needs to be Kampmann as our first target, Peppers as the second, and nobody after that. Vanden Bosch is a steady run defender, but we are not running Blache's defense, so we need pass rushers from both sides.

In 8 years, he has only topped 5 sacks 3 times. 2 of those times, he got 12, but that is hardly a consistent performer. I would much rather develop the guys we have if we can't get Kampmann or Peppers rather than bring in more guys that do not fit what we need on defense. We likely won't get a 10 sack guy in free agency, but if we can't, why not find out whether any of the young guys we have can get 5-7 sacks? That would be what we would get out of Vanden Bosch, and we would pay a lot less.

Our draft needs to be nothing but linemen this year. Offensive and defensive guys across the board. DEs, DTs, G, and C. Sprinkle in a TE or a RB, but if we focus solely on the trenches, we have a chance to get better faster.
That's certainly not Jerry's forte, but with Tice, DeBord, Marinelli, and the scouting department, we should be able to identify some potential players out of a deep draft on both sides of the line.
Hey llama, you mean McMichael?

Dahli, are you referring to Steve McMichael? He was a beast, tough as nails...great alongside the "Danimal" Hampton.

Julius Peppers is the best DE available. Why not go after the best?

I don't know what Felicelli does for a living, but he must be a smart dude. I was going to write something on this topic but then read his blog.

I'm a nervous wreck. I anxious for free agency to start. They need to have a big splash this offseason.

This is a guy I think can really help the Bears in a huge way. This would really be potential upgrade for the defense. Vanden Bosch is one of those tireless player who always seem to find the gaps in the center. I also heard that the Giants just released Antonio Pierce, talk about a leader on any team's defense. He can also be an upgrade for this Bears team who needed a boost in the linebacker position. Not only is he a great player but also a great person as well. He is a proven champion. This could really change the way this Bears defense plays

I think the Bears should go after Aaron Kampman. He would be cheaper and a slightly better upgrade than what we have right now (not that Wale is a horrible player at all). The experiment with him in the 3-4 scheme of things apparently was a bust. Plus with the money we would save over Peppers, would allow us other option in free agency (for either a corner or a safety). Just my opinion....

Chi fan: I was, Steve Mcmichaels, sorry I was a little rushed this morning and a buddy of mine is McDaniels. OOPS.

Luckman- I couldn't agree more. The Bears need a monster pass-rusher to get their defense to get back to respectability.

What is wrong with you people?

Why would anyone want to leave a team to come to the bears and go 5 and 11 this season?
Bears are going to have same problem in free agency as they had with picking up coaches.
Nobody wants to come to a loosing team unless there is no choice.
Nobody wants to come to a team that will surely have their coaching staff and managers fired at the end of the season.
Nobody wants to come to a team that is going south.

I agree with Felicelli except the bears must address FS too. They have enough young guys on the D line. (Harrison, Anderson, Gilbert and Melton). OL and FS must be addressed with their first couple of picks. All of their safeties make better SS. The F/A market has a weak FS class. The only way I wouldn't take a FS with one of the first two picks is if they plan on converting a corner to FS and not Peanut he's their best corner.

Fellas Joe is right the trenches have not been addressed properly for years, there has never been an heir apparent to any position in the trenches. This team is in dire need of a real roadgrading, nasty disposition enforcer at guard, a player who doesn't need help in the run game. Any team sport you play must be strong up the middle to be successful. You could even play Kreutz a couple of more years if he were flanked by two 320lb behemoths and then they could play two athletic tackles and the run game would improve and Cutler would have somewhere to step into his passes and Forte would have time to find somewhere to run.

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