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Turner Lands at Stanford

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He had college head coaching experience. He had been a successful offensive coordinator in the NFL.

The longer the Bears search dragged on, the more you wondered when Lovie Smith would come full circle and interview ... Ron Turner.

Now it has been confirmed that Turner has landed at Stanford. University officials have not yet made an official announcement because they want to wait and announce the new coaching staff when all the positions have been filled.

Stanford isn't a bad spot for Turner for a number of reasons.

Few coaches are as in demand as current Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, who has resurrected the long dormant Stanford program. The ex-Bears quarterback has been linked to several college and NFL jobs.

Although Turner's role has not been clearly defined, it is expected that he will work with quarterback Andrew Luck. The sophomore had a promising freshman season and with the proper guidance should develop into an NFL prospect.

Great climate ... successful head coach who could be going places ... program on the rise, ... NFL-caliber talent at quarterback. All in all, not a bad spot for Turner, especially when you consider that he is a Bay Area native who still has family in the area.

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I'm happy for him that he got a job but am even happier that he no longer is calling plays for the Bears. All play-callers make occasional mistakes, and even though he acknowledged some that he made, he did not seem to learn from them. He simply did not evolve in his abilities. I still have nightmares about some of the calls he made on the goal line or in other parts of the red zone.One simply should not call slow-developing plays on third or fourth and inches.

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