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Third rounder for Boldin?

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The Bears attempted to trade a second-round draft pick for Anquan Boldin last year. Might they be tempted to send a third rounder to the Cardinals this year, even if it means they wouldn't have a pick in the first three rounds of the draft?

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins may offer a third-round pick for the Cardinals' receiver. The Dolphins own the ninth pick in the third round while the Bears have the 11th.

The Cardinals were shopping Boldin last spring. They reportedly sought first- and third-round picks. Bears general manager Jerry Angelo offered the No. 49 pick on draft day knowing that the Bears would have to offer Boldin a lucrative contract extension. Arizona officials didn't bite.

Last month, Boldin told the Cardinals that he will not request a trade. However, with Kurt Warner retired and the emergence of Steve Breaston in the shadow of Larry Fitzgerald, the timing might be right for the Cardinals to make a deal.

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I say go for it. This year will be a wash anyway with our first and second round picks gone. Might as well get a known commodity and pick up some good free agents with the money we would have spent on the draft picks.

I think we have to make this offer. Boldin will give us a legit #1 with DA & Bennett to compliment him!

This constant search for a "Number One" wideout is a joke with the Martz playbook (all 400 pages) being installed on what amounts to a one-year trial basis.

Fact #1: Boldin is a fine receiver but is rapidly aging, has injury issues, and will command big samolians to the team who wants to keep him in a time when any smart team (well, guess that excludes our Bears)will be shedding the salaries of aging players without long-term impact in what might be the NFL's only uncapped year.

Fact #2: If you look at Martz's 2000 Rams playbook (google it), you will see that it is dependent not on strength, shedding blocks, or even really speed, but on a receiver being in exactly the right spot on the field at exactly the right time. The book is big, big, big on the measurements of the field, on spatial awareness, and on the relationship in each play to the desired point to be reached versus how much time one can spend to reach that point before the checkdown goes to another receiver. It is a supremely complex system that requires a feel for geometry acquired only through practice. If the Ron Turner offense was learning to type, the Martz offense is learning to write computer software code.

Fact #3: Boldin has never played in the system. And we don't know if, like our own sludge pile at WR, he has the knack for complexity. Having watched him in college and in the pros only sporadically, he seems to rely on his physical gifts (plentiful) and mismatches (abundant, in the Fitzgerald era).

Fact #4: Cutler will get killed if he cannot release the ball according to the timing of the offense. That means he needs at least a couple of wideouts in the right place at the right time, or we're looking at 40 interceptions and 50+ sacks. Ouch. Torry Holt (old, slowing) and Mike Furrey (younger, bible-thumper, marginal) are two wideouts who have been productive in this system who are soon to be on the market and would come at a much, much cheaper price, if only to get us through this year.

Fact #5: The lockout is coming, so the Bears' only thought should be to keeping Jay Cutler out of the operating room this year and ready to play in 2012 or 2013. He won't be very old, and with luck he won't be too jaded. How many gifted QBs have been just plain ruined by crappy front offices and knucklehead coaching staffs in the NFL? Would it be out of line to say most? It makes you amazed that men like Elway and Marino flourished at all. They must have truly been superhuman.

Interesting that Jerry offered for Boldin last year knowing he would want big bucks. I would think he would do the same this year, except he will have to beat out Miami, and offer a player or another pick as well. He's mad cause Fitz is No. 1 there anyways

Its the right move but not a no brainer. We still have to pay the guy. I watched Cutler perform at a very high level in Denver. He had good receivers and a decent line. He has some Favresque tendancies. He can force things and make big mistakes. But if he has any time in the pocket and a single NFL caliber receiver this will still be an awesome deal

Wait a second - you mean that teams are right now offering a third round pick for Boldin? A week or so ago I suggested that since the Bears are in desperation mode and Martz doesn't usually use a tight end, the Bears might try to trade Olsen and that he would be worth a late second round or third round. I never said I wanted to trade Olsen for that, but that would be his value. MSBearsfan jumped all over me, accused me of wanting to trade Olsen for that, and suggested that there should be a D League for people like me who suggest things like that. I'm glad to hear Bill Parcells is also so D League.

Boldin would be interesting to look at for the Bears. I am nervous about his injury history the past few years and the fact he would be the #1 receiver here and not have Fitzgerald across from him to take away attention. Would Boldin be able to handle that kind of pressure? How big of a pain will he be about his contract? The Bears have so many holes to fill, where do they begin? How many of the holes can be filled through free agency? Then you also have to consider who the Bears took in the past few third rounds (Jarron Gilbert vs. Boldin or Earl Bennet vs. Boldin - advantage Boldin). Still, I don't think the Bears will be able to pull the trigger on this one, especially if they are competing against teams with a higher 3rd round pick.

Gotta believe that Tommie Harris is on his last legs with not many really productive years ahead. But, the Bears may be able to fool the Cardinals or Broncos to take Harris straight up for either Boldin or Marshall.

I absolutely prefer Marshall because Boldin although great seems to be just below a #1 receiver and is more of fantastic complimentary receiver with injury issues the last few years.

Either receiver would be great for the Bears and Tommie Harris could play elsewhere as noted above (great physical tools, often injured and a little wacky).

That way the Bears can keep their 3rd round pick next year for a guard or free safety, you may be able to get a good one in the draft in the 3rd round.

I would advise against using the 3rd rounder for Boldin. If anything, I would try and package a player and a later pick for him. We are heavy at LB, and heavy at TE. Maybe Dez and a 4th for Boldin?

While Boldin is better than what we have today, will he make us substantially better than getting a real guard or center with that 3rd round pick? I think Boldin does less of what Martz is looking for. In Ron Turner's offense, Boldin could probably be a #1, but in Martz's offense, he is more like a 2 or 3. If we are going to add a big name receiver, it needs to be a precise route runner with speed, as the offense relies on quick separation out of breaks.

This offseason needs to focus on the trenches on both sides of the ball. Tice needs to figure out quickly whether Omiyale is a LG, or a RT. He also needs to determine whether Kreutz has another year left in the tank, or if we need to start changing out the center position going into offseason workouts to get Cutler comfortable with a new guy. We need to determine whether we are keeping Anderson, and trying to re-sign Ogunleye. All of that needs to be decided as quickly as possible, so when the free agency period opens on March 4th, we know what we need to go after prior to the draft (Torry Holt would probably be a better fit than Boldin for the new offense), and go get them. I would love to see Aaron Kampmann at DE, because even with his recovering ACL, he is a better pass rusher from the left side than Ogunleye. Peppers would be awesome, but I don't think we will go after both, so Kampmann is hungrier as a player than Peppers. But as far as the draft, it is deep on the OL, so we can potentially get a center and a guard of decent caliber in the 3rd and 4th round, so I would rather keep the meager selection of picks we have left.

There is no way Marshall or Boldin end up in Chicago. The Bears don't have a 1st or 2nd rounder in this draft. They have no players they could trade the Cardinals either. Boldin grew up in South Florida and for the past couple of years has told the media his "dream" would be to play for his hometown. Marshall on the other hand is not going to end up with Cutler. In all honesty the Broncos will want a 1st or a second for him and the Bears have neither to offer for him. The Bears made the bed they are laying in. Thats what happens when you give up two 1st a 3rd and a decent QB for a "franchise QB" well he really isn't one but you can't convince a Bear fan otherwise. The Bears have so many holes on that team and without these early picks to get younger and better they will continue to get older and worse. I can't wait for the Bears to get to Miami this year and have our young secondary pick Cutler apart.

I don't think our team needs to add an old guy at reciever. At this point in his career, I don't know that Boldin will be better than what we have already have for next year, whereas there is usually some good talent left in the third round of the draft. I don't know what we should do with Olson, but I feel like a young and talented TE would be too much to give up for an aged WR at the end of his career. With very few draft picks this year and the last, our team won't be refreshing itself with young players, so lets not throw more of our young players away for people that will be crippled in the near future. You saw the Betty White super bowl commercial, do you really want that for the Bears?


Dude! You answer yourself in the questions you ask. Since we don't have a D-league I will try to coach you up.

In the first place Olsen is 24 years old just entering the prime years of his career. I think he is signed through at least 2011. This means, under the current CBA, the Bears probably control his rights for at least another 2-3 years. This means Greg Olsen is entering the time in his career when, relatively speaking, he should be worth the most and cost the least. Assuming he stays healthy and continues to develop, in 2 or 3 years when he is a resricted free agent, the Bears will tender him an offer that requires another team to give up a first round choice for the right to pay him really big money. This gives the Bears a real advantage in trying to sign him to his second contract.

In other words trading him for a 3rd rounder would be like trading that 2009 Geo you financed for 7 years for a tank of gas.

Boldin is a good player. His contract runs out this year and he wants Fitzgerald money to play next year. This means the Cardinals won't sign him. Trading for him this year is very similar to what baseball calls a "rental" player. You get him for the remainder of the year after which you must pay him big, long term, bucks or let him walk. He will be 30 this year, which is old for a receiver. As you said, he is hurt a lot. He is not a true No. 1 receiver and he has been playing in a system that maximizes his stats.

In other words this guy is Moose all over again, except he is not a free agent like Moose was. I think if the Bears were to get him he would catch a lot of passes, but never match his production in Arizona, and never really be worth what they would have to pay him.

Since when did 30 become old for a receiver? If we were talking RB then I would understand but receiver? COME ONE NOW! Receivers are good until 35 - 36 he has 5 good years left. Have any of you watched football over the past decade? Receivers have long careers probably second to QB's. The Bears would be blessed if they had the opportunity to sign a WR like him, but it won't happen because the Bears offer nothing on the table. Oh and the post above thinks that the Bears would get a first round pick for Olsen? LMAO....what has Olsen done in his career? Has he had a 1,000yd season that im unaware of? Olsen is not worth anything more then a 3rd at best. He has never had an outstanding year like Tony Gonzales, Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark and so on. So to think you would get a first or remotely close is just a dream. Let me guess, next you will think Vasher is worth a 2nd?LMAO!!!!

I do not think 30 is too old for a receiver, but Boldin will be expensive.I do not know what Bear player would attract the most interest and suspect that the Bears are going to stand pat on what they have to see how the new coordinaters and coaches work out. Whatever happens, this season is definitely an interesting and important one for the Bears. If this season turns out to be abust, more than Lovie's head will roll.

I hope they don't trade any more draft picks. Where would he fit if they do get Boldin? I think the Bears have enough talent at wide receiver with Hester, Aromshadu, Bennett, and Knox. And plus we haven't seen what Iglesias can do yet. Our offseason needs should go in this order: free safety, defensive end, then guard. Getting Boldin would stunt the growth of these young receivers.

Don't do it. Joe F. is right. This team needs linemen more than it needs an aging wide receiver (emphasis on aging). Boldin won't be of any use if Cutler's running for his life. If hiring an OC was the most important decision the Bears have made in years, then this coming draft is the most important 3rd round pick in the Bears history. Angelo has to find a starting caliber linemen, and more importantly Lovie has to put that guy on the field.

MS - You are assuming Martz and the Bears consider Olsen valuable. Looking at Martz's history, I don't think any tight end ever even caught 40 passes. Plus, he wants his tight ends to block. Some might say that Martz will adjust his offense for Olsen and use him like the Colts use Dallas Clark. Maybe they will try, but Turner's offense has always been pretty tight end friendly and Olsen couldn't put up big numbers. Why change an offense for a tight end that has great combine stats but has put up numbers no better than a free agent tight end? As far as not trading a former first round pick for a lesser draft pick, Tampa Bay just did that this past season with Gaines Adams. Why did Tampa do that? Because they didn't think Adams was going to develop and be that valuable to them. You can possibly argue the same thing about Olsen in Martz's offense. Once again, I'm not saying the Bears should trade Olsen for a late second or third rounder (I hope he catches 80 passes and 15 tds for the Bears this season), but I think they might consider it since Olsen seems right now a man without a position and the Bears are desperate for draft picks.

As far as Boldin goes, I'm still very torn on him. On the one hand, he would bump every receiver down a notch - DA, Bennett, Knox, and Hester look much better as 2-5 receivers than any of them being a number one. On the other hand, is he really a number 1? How much of his success is based on Fitzgerald? If the Bears had a couple of picks to play with, I would definitely say go for it. Right now, I am torn.

Have to agree we need Oline help more, but Boldin would sure help at WR, and we could trade one of our young WR and a 4th for Boldin, (or even a 5th) keep our 3rd, but then where do we get a DE? I am thinking DE or OG at 3rd.

Heard on the NFL network draft show today that the experts consider moving a Right Tackle to Guard pretty lame move, they said the physical size would constrict the movement of the Tackle turned Guard. Huh No kidding? And that is exactly what Omiyales problem was, he didnt move good at Guard. Stupid move. Hope they dont keep that up this year.

OK. There are some receivers who are productive after they reach 30, but if you think it's common here is what you do:

Go to The menu across the top has a choice for "players", pick that. Now go to "historical players". Under that menu pick the "WR" position. This will give you a listing of all the receivers who have played in the NFL along with their years played and career stats.

Go down that list and see how many receivers played more than 7 or 8 years. Then come back and explain to me how much you want to sign a long term, guaranteed contract with a 30 year old receiver?

If their isn't a two in the first digit of the mans age you don't sign him. This isn't the days of the over the hill gang. The idea is to get younger, at least most of the time. It would be nice to have a proven player at the position, but at what cost. The Bears designate money by positions. Each group only gets so much money. You spend a lot on a third year old now and two years from now you are tapped and struggling at the position.

Ms you are over valuing Olsen big time. Most scouts and GM's I have heard speak about him rate at seconr or third round value. A small rumor of a trade with the Pats has been mentioned for one of their second round picks. But like Martz BB dosn't use the TE much. Ms you should listen to the Martz interview, he wants a guy who can block at TE and that is not Olsen.

Being a 600 yard TE who can't block is nothing special. In fact its pretty average. 20 TE's went for over 500 yards this year, the elite guyd are putting up 900 yards or better.

People think 1000 Yards makes you an elite reciever but in todays game its not that special, its good its above average. 20 recievers went for over a thousand, 25 for over 900. You want to be special you need to get into the 1200 to 1300 yard range and you want 8 or more TD's with it. Thats an elite reciever these days.

Running, backs used to be special if he could hit 1000 yards. But 15 backs broke that mark this year in a passing oriented league. You want to get in the top 5 you need to get close 1400 yards these days.

Quarterback, 4000 is the new 3000.

30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, rich 50 is the new 35, and 30 year old Boldin is not worth 26 year old Fitgerald money. Which is what he wants. He is a good reciever though and he will get you a thousnad yards. But does he fit the system. Martz knows recievers, he will figure out what he needs, tell Angelo and then Angelo will say Hester is a number 1.

How about a quarter-pounder for Boldin? He's damaged goods, don't want him. Marshall... he just has his head way, way up his rear. That can be corrected with a tough coach. Not a softie like Lovie. I'd trade Lovie plus a 3rd-rounder for Marshall.

roflmao :D

It continues to amaze me that some of you guys just don't understand winning football. You get enamored with all these skill positions and forget where games are actually won and lost. More than a wider receiver, way more than a wide receiver, like way way more than a wide receiver... this team needs solid linemen that can hold blocks, make holes, and in the case of the defense, tackle runners at or behind the line of scrimmage and get to the quarterback. Put your football cards back in the shoebox and get a freaking clue. -LH

it's a good movie if you consider, this year is basically a one and done for the staff.

i think boldin might have a few years left in him but he isn't worth the money. if we get boldin he'll end up being another moose. he's damaged goods

as for marshall, dream on
jerry "money bags" jones is going to go ape **** in the off season.
marshall will no doubt go to the cowboys or skins

I'd hold off on making this move, at least until the deadline for roster bonuses.

They may be able to get some guys who know Martz's system, and would could come without the lost of another draft pick.

1) Torry Holt. He's still a productive receiver. He won't burn anyone anymore, but he knows the system, and could be productive in the slot. The team also badly needs someone who can help the WRs learn the system, and he could be that person.

2) Mike Furrey. See above. Beyond that, he could serve as a two-fer. He played Cover-2 in St. Louis, and was more than adequate.

3) . . . . Roy E. Williams. He has been a horrible fit with the Cowboys and is due a nearly 10 million roster bonus. He may get kept in an uncapped year, but if Jones doesn't see him in their long term future, he is not the type of person to hold onto anyone because of pride.

If he is cut . . . or can be had for a low pick, he could be a very good option.

Keep in mind he had his best years under Martz, and is still a redzone threat. he had seven touchdowns in 38 catches.

If he gets his mind straight, he could be a No. 1 receiver. His situation reminds me of Plaxico Burress', in that Burress was left for dead when he left the Steelers.

It's not impossible that they can get even two of these guys under contract, especially if you give Furrey a spot as a DB. The team will need to carry six WRs due to the system, and keep five active.

Davis is gone, and nothing is guaranteed with Iglesias.

It's not inconceivable to have a team with DA, Knox, Bennett, Holt, and Hester as actives, with someone like Furrey active as a slash player.

It's too early in the offseason to press for such a move.

Why does anyone believe that there is any chance of the Bears getting a player like Boldin or Marshall?
You can't be serious.
With no picks in the first two rounds and their big name players like Urlacher and Harris on their last leg this is just fantasy stuff and it is not going to happen.

"Hey! Want to trade your star WR for a 3rd round pick?"

What they really need to do is try to sucker someone out of a 2nd round pick so they can start rebuilding their O line or drafting a real pass rusher.
If you really want to trade Olson then start getting some draft picks lined up and....wait..... I forgot.
Jerry Angelo kept his job and is still calling the shots on draft day.


If the Bears would fork over more dough, I would probably buy their stuff. I have not bought any Bear's article since 2007. I would if they were good.

I may not be like everyone, but I am sure there are millions like me that only buy when I am proud of my team.

The McCaskeys would make more than enough money to cover any contract they fork out for a good player. They could've gotten Dawkins and/or Sharper for this past year at safety.

If available, they should be aggressive to go after Wilfork, Peppers, Chester Taylor, and Tomlinson. It would only make them better. And if better, then those millions I am talking about would spend our dough on their stuff again.

You invest more into your business to make it better, you will reap the rewards later on.

They have invested in some coaching. But they could do more. Get more talent evaluators for the draft. Get player development specialists or something like that. I can't count how many undrafted or late draftees that eventually have become impact players in the NFL.

Bottom line. Take some chances like some other teams are doing.

Go Bears!

What's the difference between RE off the field and RE on the field? Off the field it's "location, location, location". On the field it is "linemen, linemen, linemen." Harrington is right. Who's available now and for what? and/or what's likely to be available in third round? I'd like to hear thoughts on this. It's been a bum year out here for bear's fans too.

What's wrong with you fans?

The guy was on the trading block last year for a 1st and a 3rd. No bites.
Now he is still on the trading block and for only a 3rd.
Could this guy have lost a step or two?

Can I remind everyone of the Muhsin Muhammad experiment that went south? Yes ...he is a starter with Carolina but things didn't bode well for him on this bears club.

How about another experiment....that didn't cost us an draft picks but may have cost us the season. Can anyone say Orland Pace?

It is very rare to pick up a trade and he becomes the star of the team. At best...he will be just another wide to pass to...assuming he hasn't lost a step.

Boldin got 4 touchdowns last season with 3 fumbles.
Also...the guy is going to be 30 years old this october.
His numbers a way down from previous years.

I live in AZ and watch all the Cardinals games. Fitz has turned into a superstar but only a couple of years ago, people round here liked Boldin better. The guy is a major talent but a bit of a head case, think Randy Moss, but less wacky, think TO but not as outspoken. Other than Warner, the Cards are kinda young so there was no leadership to keep Boldin in line. Chicago may be a good fit for him and, Lord knows, the Bears need all the help they can get at WR.

LOL WHAT a Third Rounder??? Are you Smoking Crack?? Maybe a First and Third Rounder. This is a TOP 5 receiver in the NFL PERIOD. I don't care if he gets hurt, he still plays. Would you trade Steve Smith for a third rounder Heck NO and Boldin is better. Yes i agree he does get hurt more than most but so does Steve it's the way they play the game. So does Troy P for the steelers, Would you trade him for a third rounder?? NO WAY. Stop trying to lower his value je.rks. I have been a cardinal season ticket holder for the past 5 years and I would draft Boldin before Fitz ANY DAY. Those of you who watched more than just last years playoff games know that's the truth Boldin is our HEART. You can't survive without your heart... Boldin aint going no where for anything less than a first PERIOD.

If that's the case Cardinals 2011, then Boldin AIN'T going nowhere.

We ca debate on how good he is, but no team is going to spend two high draft picks on a 30 year old WR with a short contract and no upside.

But you make a point. if the Cardinals actually think they can go the the SB next year with Leinhart, there's no point in trading him.

If he walks, they likely get at least a fourth round compensatory pick. Might as well use him another year if that is the case.

Hence, another reason the team should be patient, and look for cheaper alternatives.

Hey 2011 SB:

Without Warner I would change the name 2011SB to 2051 SB, the Cardinals aren't going to be in the big game with pretty boy.

Tommie Harris for Boldin straight up. I like it.

The Bears need offensive line help a lot more than they need a selfish WR, especially in Martz's scheme. The Rams never had a stud WR in 'The Greatest Show on Turf' days. They had two, unselfish WRs in Holt & Bruce. Which brings me to my recommendation. Pass on Boldin & Marshall, sign Holt for a lot less money (he is still a solid WR and will provide veteran leadership), and use the draft picks and/or a trade (possibly Olsen) to strengthen the O line.

Who Dat? is old news. 2010 is the year of Da Bears! The Greatest Show on Sod!

Dahalliama --

The Bears need Harris far more than they need Boldin.

Harris may not be performing up to his contract, but he is still better than any other option they currently have.

Frankly, they need another DT more than they need a receiver.

All this conjecture about a wide receiver for a team with so many foundational challenges is laughable. There is one urgent priority for this team and that is simply to protect Cutler. Nothing can happen until that happens, no matter who is running routes. We bankrupted our draft for an arm, no choice but to protect that investment.

I hate to unearth the obvious boys, but this team is rebuilding whether the vacant "coaching" staff is aware of it. No short term fix will eclipse immediately what the Vikings and Packers are building. That's the joke about retaining Lovie and Jerry.... a concession that we are neither building a team or competing with the one we have. The Bears are simply selling mediocrity, a Chicago standard that has served the Cubs so well.

The solution as fans is simple, stop patronizing an unambitious product. Money is the only way to effect change, fan's money. For the cost of tickets and parking, you can host a party at a local bar and put your money into the hands of a single proprietor who cares about his product. Don't get me started on merchandise... they'll continue to float retro uniforms to fleece the groupies.

Money Vs Humanity boys.... time for humanity to step up. Hear that Goldman Sachs?

Better offer: Greg OLsen for Boldin.

olsen should be offered up in trade but not for boldin.. hes average at best and cant block for ....!! they have desmond clark and davis and they can block and catch a lot better then olsen.. hes a bit over rated!


If Tommie Harris were playing at a decent level, I would agree with you. But the performance of Tommie Harris of the last three years, to me I would rather have a Boldin for Cutler to throw to than a DT like Tommie at 50% performance.

Tommie Harris physically has lost a lot, I hope he can come back but I truly wonder if that is possible?

Dahli, I agree that we need a DT right now more than Boldin. I think Boldin is hurt an awful lot and cold weather makes it worse. In regard to Harris: in games where Tommie Harris was even sitting on the bench resting his back up and the guy starting next to him were getting beat royally. I'm a trencher. during games I watch the trenches and it seem when he comes out we catch hell. Boldin needs us more than we need him. Warner was a dominate QB who I think was always under-rated. You can see that Chicagoans think so because the guys on the radio with the Score were saying that he was not a hall of famer. That's crazy to me. I'm not hating players just because they never played for us. Warner was a coach on the field and he made Boldin and Fitzgerald better just being there. This isn't Marshall and Orton. If I had a choice between Fitgerald and Boldin I would repeat it a thousand times that Fitzgerald was better.

I believe that Olsen is over-hyped he can't block so he's not a H-Back type or a in-line type he has above avg speed for a in-line guy but as a WR not happening there were no mismatches he was well covered all season, he only has adequete hands otherwise he would have made those tough catches. Not worth as much on the market as you may think. Dallas Clark is a adequete blocker so is Gates, Davis, Shockey and Witten, he is in a class with neither he has played to third round value. McKie is another useless part in this offense. The present WR's are the type for this offense Boldin would be a waste. I personally think move Melton back to offense put him in the backfield with Forte he has good hands put him back were he came from. Lance Louis put 10-15 lbs of muscle on him. The draft is deep in bigs this year this is the chance to fill the trenches for years.

has the bears or anyone even consider if martz can't use olsen as a TE then maybe use him as a reciever... ok why not use olsen as another slot reciever like devin hester.. but use him more???

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