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Suspense Ends: It's Martz

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Mike Martz will be named the Bears' new offensive coordinators, multiple sources have confirmed.

The Bears upcoming season just got more interesting, that's for sure. Watching the relationship between Cutler and Martz develop should be nothing less than fascinating.

Here's something else that's worth pointing out: For all the guff coach Lovie Smith has taken during this process --- and much of it justifiably so --- it's tough to argue with the results. He got Mike Tice, one of the most respected offensive line coaches/running game coordinators in the NFL, to coach the line, He got Mike Martz, one of the greatest offensive minds of his generation, to run the offense.

If all these egos and personalities can come together, and if general manager Jerry Angelo can get the right personnel in the right spots, the Bears should be in pretty good hands.

Either way, the Bears just got a lot more fun to watch.

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big suprise

I still believe the bears should've gone with Rodgers instead and done away with the idea of not giving him more than a year to get the offense up and going. This is a new era in football and while some still employ the same offensive strategy to some degree (colts/steelers) they were given time to develop and test players to see if they could work. Patience is a part of developing a great team along with talent. If we had a different GM, president, and coach with a different philosophy then it would be alot easier to digest a couple of losing seasons. We need a new foundation that's not only patient and selective, but whose willing to evaluate both sides of the ball and make needed changes. Dynasties aren't built overnight and offenses need time to be installed and performed to the best of the team's ability.

WHAT THE BEARS SHOULD DO (or should have done):

Leslie Frazier is going to be a great head coach some day. He was a great player as a Bear and no one took a chance on him because he is relatively unknown to all the other teams besides the Bears. The Bears should hire him as the Defensive COORD with the secret understanding that Lovie will be let go in 2010 after they lose their first 4 games, and Leslie will take over the reins.

The other suggestion I have is for the Bears to go to Mr. Football himself, Peyton Manning, and sign a contract with him that states that he will become the head coach of the Bears as soon as he decides to retire. There is no doubt in my mind that Peyton will be a head coach in the NFL and will probably be a Hall of Famer as a coach as well as a player.

Called it before the season ended when Martz blurted out he would love to work with Cutler.

Just a couple things on the Martz run offens over the last 4 years.

TD to Int ratio 50/50

Average sacks per season. 54.1

Average Points per game about 20.5

Run to pass not including San Fran where Singletary demanded more run.

32% run 68% pass.

Those are rough numbers repoted by the score, I put up similar numbers a week ago.

Now for those Olsen fans out their, kisss him good bye. Martz made Davis disappear with the 9ers and he will do it with Olsen. Davis's numbers with Martz 358 yards, 2 TD's. Without 965 yards, 13 TD's. Can't wait to see Olsen trying to block on seven step drops.

Now this is is not an anti Martz thing, it s a bad choice by the Bears thing. The Bears are attempting to install on of the most complex passing systems in league history with a QB who is a WCO guy and a bunch of recivers who couldn't even run the right routs in a dumbed down Turner WCO. They have one year to implement the most complex passing game in league history with a QB who is on his 3rd system and Coordinator in 3 years. Good luck with that.

By the way for those asking why Cutler should be in on the hiring process, how come you never asked why Olin was part of the Tice interview? Cause he sat down with him during the interview.

The Bears just pushed the hyperspace button on Asteroids.(Quote from B&B)

now where the lions

This could work, but now more than ever JA needs to get a true #1 WR......Brandon Marshall anyone? Martz and this offense need to get together early because it looks to me like the whole system is doing a 360...We now get off the bus Run-N-Gunning!!!! It does look a little bad that Lovie now has all is buddies employed by the Bears, but just might work……..that is if Cutler and Martz don't kill each other first!!!!

Go Bears!!!!!!!

I love it. Now just need big free agent splashes. I don't know who's available, but dish out whatever kind of cash it takes and get a beast guard for the o line and legit #1 reciever (B.Marshall). ...and no I'm not worried about Marshall's attitude. Kreutz will pop him in the mouth if he gets out of line.

This doesn't solve all problems for Da Bears, but I think it's a good start.

By d on February 1, 2010 3:31 PM
"now where the lions"

Not true we are the Lions and the Rams, and not the good Rams either.

Hey if we get Holt, Bruce, Pace, Warner, Timmerman and Faulk all in their prime's then we are the good Rams. Plus we need Vermiel as a head coach.

What a great day, next season is going to have the best press confrences. I can't wait to see who hooks up with Flavor Flav at the end of the season.

By the way where is Stuckinpackerland? This is what you wrote in my response to me saying the Bears have hired Martz this morning.

By stuckinwisconsin on February 1, 2010 11:29 AM
"who cares who it is? Your opinion does not matter, there for don't post it. Shut up and cheer. That's what fans are for."

"Gabe, people who make into the nfl are not losers. Toub has nothing to do with kickers."
"Creighton, I'd rather read 'lies' than the misinformed, uneducated"

First according to you, you should shutup and not talk to anyone because your a fan "Shut up and cheer. That's what fans are for."
Well you not cheering right now so follow your own advice.

Second you say I am misimformed? Who just got hired B####? Hahahahahaha, nice going moron. Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor again looser. I am at my desk right now doing my in your face dance and people here are reading what you wrote and laughing at you. Go on take that foot out of your mouth, AGAIN!!! Oh god you kill me.

By the way you also worte the special team coordinator has nothing to do with the kickers. Hahahahahaha, classic.

Good times, good times.

Almost forgot Mike Martz on NFL network when he was talking about the Bears as one of their analyst's said the Bears recievers were causeing a lot of problems for Cutler because of bad rout running and none of them being good enough to get regular seperation. Even Martz thinks the recievers are bad, and he is right. Good for him. The are playing the quote on the score, on a regular basis.

Well like the man said, this will be fun. He wasn't my first choice but there is no doubt he knows how to do it. Some thoughts:

1) All you "nobody wants to come here" skirts have yet another reason to shut up now. Martz is a big-time candidate who was clearly salivating at the chance to be a Chicago Bear coach.

2) Much has been made about Cutler being under his third system in three years. That's true, but can't we assume Martz has learned something about handling that? Don't forget this is Martz' third time to install his offense with a new team since '06. I've got to believe that he has learned something about how much to try to phase in the first year.

3) Give Lovie Smith some credit for making this a multi-year decision. Mike Martz is not a guy you would pick to slap a bandaid on it to somehow scrape into the playoffs to save your job for next year. That would have been a high energy WCO type coach for sure.

4) Everybody wants to talk receivers, but I think the Bear's have some good young receivers that are ready for the next step. I wonder about running back. When he was in St. Louis Martz started out with Marshall Faulk. But remember they also traded up to take Stephen Jackson. Those two players could hardly be more different, but they were successful under Martz. What does that means about the Bear's stable of running backs and needs going into the draft?

5) Martz will find something for Olsen to do besides pass block.

Martz has some genius potential with his offensive schemes, however he is mercurial as suggested. This should mean that Cutler should be good for 4,000 plus yards and some touchdowns next year.

I somwhat agree with Creighton on Olsen getting less opportunities but if you really analyze San Francisco it was Singletary that kicked Vernon Davis in the Ars and made him a player. Also the QB situation was screwed up in San Francisco until this year, when Alex Smith finally started to show something.

I like the fact that Forte is good catching the ball out of the backfield because Martz will utilize him for that skill. I am a little concerned that time of possession because of all of the passing may favor the other teams and hurt the defensive performance.

Gotta find a right tackle that can pass block, but the good news is that Cutler is mobile which should help in reducing the sack totals, which I hope does not approach 30 but most likely will be in the 40-50 range despite Cutlers mobility. Unless of course we find a very good Right tackle that is , fast, mobile, strong and can pass block.

Gotta move Hester to the slot, get Marshall or someone fairly close to his talent level, Aromoshodu looks good and Cutler like him, mix in Knox and Bennett and who knows this team may start to show promise offensively.

I have to say I was for Rogers getting the nod but I will absolutely support Martz, maybe he can make it work with this offense.

By Creighton on February 1, 2010 4:04 PM
"Second you say I am misimformed? Who just got hired B####? Hahahahahaha, nice going moron. Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor again looser. I am at my desk right now doing my in your face dance and people here are reading what you wrote and laughing at you. Go on take that foot out of your mouth, AGAIN!!! Oh god you kill me."

Are you doing that dance in your mommy's pink lingerie Creighton? Oh no, of course you are not. Because when you stick your foot in your mouth (which happens all too often) you just pretend it never happened and blame it all on Brando.

Don't you remember your famous prediction Creighton on whether or not the Bears would trade for Cutler?

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck... First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Good times, good times. Except that never happened because you were too chicken to go through with it. How sad.

Man up, Creighton. Man up.

While I would have rather had Rogers, I love that Lovie gave the middle finger to the meatheads.

Aside from that Martz CAN WORK.

1) Martz has wanted this job for months. He probably has already started devising plans for how to use the personnel the Bears have. And I'm sure that would include Olsen, because

2) Olsen is not a real TE anyway. He can split wide, and in the slot. I'm sure Martz will find how to use him.

In terms of Davis, this is the same Vernon Davis who pouted most of last year and got called out by Mike Singletary.

3) Matt Forte will LOVE this offense. He can split out wide, and take advantage of draws. This is similar to what he did in college.

4) I'm not as worried about the WRs. In fact, the group they have, athletically, is perfect for this offense. Will it bomb if they can't pick up the plays? Probably. But we should not assume the worse. Knox and DA, especially, could bloom in this offense.

Besides . . . . part of the problem with Turner's offense was that it was vanilla. Option routes give the receiver the choice of where to go, based upon coverage. It's just a matter of getting the QB and WR on the same page, and Cutler has a relationship with DA, Bennett and Olson already.

5) Williams should be fine. He looked much improved, and is use to a passing offense. I also think Beekman and Omiyale will adapt, because both are finesse blockers.

6) The Bears will find other guys who know the offense in the offseason. Maybe they could even work a deal for Roy Williams, who was just lost in Dallas.

7) Lucky seven -- Cutler. He is easily smart enough to run the offense. And frankly, the option routes should help Cutler, because Turner often had plays designed for one person. If they weren't open, the play was dead. Martz will also likely try and use his athletic ability. Keep in mind, he never had an athlete like Cutler. He said so himself. There are probably things he would not do with other players.

I'm wary, but there is no denying that this could work. This much is certain. It will be more innovative than any offense they have had since Crouton. And that even worked the first year with Cade McClown.

Sorry to say that you were right on the pick Creighton. I felt the team needed to stress a new identity one that gets away from Lovie's guys being brought in and ultimately failing as the BEARS try to right the ship and get back to playoffs. Historically Martz has done some solid things with his offenses, but he has also exposed some of his personal flaws at the same time(lack of strong running game). Everyone knows this team must be able to run the football to win games in late Nov, and Dec., the issue is does martz realize this and will he prepare the team for the long haul not just the short-term to win games, this will be what I look for with him as coordinator.

The thing is we have some pieces to work with on offense, one thing for certain with Martz we should see major improvement in the Redzone, no more 1 yd plunges with mckie, or automatic fade passes to Olsen on 3rd and goal....I personally wanted to see some change and youth brought on the coaching staff, but I am a BEARS fan so with that I say to Martz good luck and for now I got your back, Welcome to Chicago.....go BEARS...

I got to admit, ya'll cover most everything so i don't contribute as much as others but this is some funny sh$%. you gotta love it, I remember reading that post and had forgot about it completely, thanks for the reminder It's time to man up, but give credit where it's due, C is right more often than not.

JA tat2...classic.

As far Martz, not surprised, but the pile is thin and we could have done a lot worse. I do like our young WR's, my main concern on the O is the OL...I think that somewhere between Forte, Bell, Jones, Wolfe, and Peterson they have to be able to come up with something. I think RB might be a need but if I secure any position, I start with the OL.

The idea, we are younger than most think...lot of if's.

I don't know how much this all helps us, but I have got to say that this is an interesting time to be a Bears fan. Cutler last year, Martz this year.

Who stands to have the most breakout year?

Regardless of whatever else anyone thinks of this hire, it just won't work. Period. End of story. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, yet expecting different results. Replicating one facet of the past doesn't in any way inevitably repeat it. I even remember, "Doug Flutie is gonna take us to the Super Bowl!" Yet Chicago fans are the Eternal Charlie Brown, never failing to resist the temptation to run and make a kick at the football, only to come up air and go flying onto their backsides. And boy will they curse you out, foaming spittle and all, if you question why they fall for it again and again and again.

I actually like the move. An experienced playcaller, that is very unpredictable. That's a plus in my book. Considering what we've been dealing with the past few years. Yes, Martz has had his issues. But sometimes one needs to step back and take a different look at things. Being an analyst, you evaluate a lot of football. You also study a lot of play designs. I feel that this will only help Martz becoming a better OC.

I read the comments made about our WR corps. But I really don't feel they were the problem with our offense. Yes!!!, I agree, they did make some mistakes. But, they did some good things as well. What young player don't make mistakes??? And our corps was very young. Knox, Bennett, Aromashodu were all getting their first real action. And even Hester was still learning the position. My biggest concern is dropped passes. And our young corps didn't have many. Which is a good thing. The routes will be learned. And I don't think anyone can discount the fact that they really improved, especially during the last few games.

The primary problem with the offense was the predictability of our play calling and the lack of any real rushing threat. It was so easy for defenses' to sit back in coverage, playing the pass, letting the D-line put constant pressure on Cutler. That's tough for any offense to be successful against. Moving Williams to the left side was a great move. Thus removing Pace from the lineup. Schaffer did an adequate job. The interior of that line is where the most help is needed, to sustain any kind of a rushing attack.

I don't really care if it's a rushing attack or a passing attack. Just as long as it's an effective offense, that puts points on the board. Because in the end, the name of the game is outscoring your opponents. What Bears fan really care how it's done??? We only care that it is done!!! Go Bears!!!

ms beg to differ:
Why didnt Martz interview anywhere? Why didnt anyone offer him more money like the other candidates? Cause no one but the bears were calling Martz thats why. Now Im not saying Martz will fail, I feel with a OG (good one) he can do something, has to be lots better than Turner (we need OG) and it sure as heck will be interesting, I would split Olsen in the backfield and run him and Forte opposite. Either toss to Olsen or run Forte off Tackle.
But just stop with all the Martz is the bestest stuff already, or someone would have interviewed the man. Or offered more money fopr sure.

Well... there it is. What would really help would be for JA to go solidify the OL. I would compare Martz O to what they run in Philly. Philly works out of the gun, alot. They still have a decent run game. The current bears OL is not built to be a pounding run game type O. Use what your strengths are. A mobile strong armed QB.. a great RB out in the flat with Forte and a solid group of young WR's. I still think Hester could be a pro bowl type player if they left him in the slot full time. Martz is smart.. much sharper then Turner. Overall, Martz isnt that bad a pick. Give him credit for going to meet Cutler for dinner. I still think the downfall of this team will be the D. Im sure Cutler will put up great numbers... and still lose 31-28. lol.. If the D tanks again.. thank Lovie.. The silver lining here... Lovie got his guy. All the cards are on the table. If this team flames out again... bye bye JA and Lovie.

uh we arent at the Super Bowl yet, woah...

What did you see in Omiyale last year that makes you think he will master the OG position as I saw didley from him. Beekman? is that a hedge bet or are you saying that Olin is retiring? I like Beekman dont mistake that but one of those 3 has to sit. And I have heard enough of how Olin is `healthy' this year and will run amok, last 2 years.
To me forget everything else - it all is up to the Oline, open holes and protect Cutler long enough for the WR to get seperation and we score and D stays fresh every series. Dint see that last 2 years worse olast year, but all of a sudden they will!? be lots better?? Tice must be have some magic beans (or viagra)
But - I don't like old man Olin at Center and if he was in the interview then he is playing again - we have to add some quality there, dint see a probowler at Oline last year? Do you really feel we will have one this year unless we sign/draft one? Who? Did you see any holes for Forte last year? I didnt either.
I like Williams but I dont see any Probowlers this year, and lets face it, thats what a team has to have to get anywheres nowadays.same with Beekman, after that we have serviceable Oline (if Old men Pace/Olin sit) this is reality, we need Oline still. I am excited about Martz and the changes he will bring, but show me a Great Olineman amongst them and then Ill get excited.

All I am saying is, the Oline we have hasnt done it yet cause they arent that good. One dang great Olineman and it will sway the entire group.

and I do agree the predictabilioty of the play calling hurt alot, that is one change I am excited about. No more 1,2 up the middle, then 3rd.... up the middle..


In my opinion, Martz was not their number one choice. That honor goes to Bates who saw the writing on the wall (just like Fewell) and went elsewhere. So now we've got Martz, which isn't terrible but it is a huge gamble.

Best case scenario, Martz turns Cutler into a better quarterback, but the Bears still stink and Cowher cleans house next year.

Worst case scenario #1, Martz helps enough to keep the Bears mediocre and Lovie and crew get another year.

Worst case scenario #2, Martz's system is way too complicated for the Bears (watching Hester in this system should be hilarious) Cutler goes mental, loses all his confidence and is destroyed by the time the next coach comes in and tries to teach him yet another system.

And going out and getting Marshall isn't as easy as going out to get a loaf of bread. Who would you take in trade if you were Denver? Olsen is the closest thing the Bears have to trade bait and he ain't much. The fact is, with no trade bait (except 2011 draft picks) and no free agency due to the collective bargaining situation, the Bears team next year is going to be pretty much the same as this year's. If Martz can still make that work then maybe he is a genius.

Who cares why no other team wanted Martz. He's a proven play caller.

Moreover, he has already worked with Lovie, so ego should not be an issue. Lovie knows exactly what to expect from Martz

I know some of you don't like that they are friends, but in this case, it helps. Clearly, these two trust each other, respect each other and have a proven track record together.

Just hope the offense picks up the playbook.

And with regards to that . . .

There is no evidence that his teams struggled greatly to do that, based upon the results.

Rewrite history all you wish, but the Rams featured Faulk and Bruce, but a rookie in Holt, a small, not so bright slot receiver in Hakim, and a possession guy in Proehl.

The Lions had Williams, but a cast of outcasts after him.

And the 49ers receivers were mediocre at best, and they had a journeyman running the offense.

I don't think Martz offense is nearly as complicated as people make it out to be. He's gotten results everywhere he has gone in the first year.

i wonder who will be named the next defensive coordinator
rod marinelli??? or maybe bullet bob???

big changes up at halas hall

we got blow off for the RADIERS!!
that's all i need to know, nobody wanted to come here NOBODY
it's sad when the radiers offer more stability
ever body knows lovie and angelo are done at the end of this season
unless they make a super bowl, it's over.

coaches know it, players know it, everybody knows it

i don't care who they put in because next season is a waste. the only reason to watch is to see who will make the team in 2011.

mark my words. next season the bears will be 5-11 and have a top ten draft pick with the new trade agreement and finally we'll get cowher.

you do realize that Martz is not the head coach right? So why then are you assuming the Bears will be doing things his way? That's what head coaches are for. We will be doing things the way Lovie wants to do them. When Martz does things his way, he fails. He failed in Detroit(in the end) and S.F. , because he tried to trump inexperienced coaches and do things his way. This will not happen with
a seasoned,highly regarded, and respected coach like Lovie Smith. Respect is reciprocated with the coaches we have so far. Besides, even if it doesn't work out, Lovie can just get a different o.c. next year (does that make all you idiots, who for some far fetched reason,
have been led to believe that this is Lovies last year, steaming mad??).
The Bears will be successful because they have one of the best head coaches in the game. I am glad Lovie was not influenced to agree to this O.C.. I bet he won't make that mistake again.
I know most of you don't really understand how an offense works, but since you want to talk about it anyway, I will explain something for you. The Bears are built for passing now, and they did this last year. 2009 was a growing season and full of immense changes. Omiayle and Schaefer(an extremely good one too!) are pass blocking tackles. Orlando Pace is a pass blocking tackle. Chris Williams is a pass blocking tackle. The Bears need true pass blocking guards, oh wait, we have Beekman,and Omiayle made huge strides at guard last year. The problem is, WE CAN'T RUN BLOCK. They did not sign any run blocking O lineman. The only one we have is Olin, and he's about done. He definitely will not fit in with this team, but wait, we have Raiola- a true pass blocking center.
Creighton, statistics are meaningless propaganda used to persuade a person or a group of people in to believing what the speaker wants them to believe. Very, ahemm....... 'challenged' people will use statistics when they struggle with basic communication skills, and want to try to show people that they 'know something'. Far too often these less intellectual people will mistake statistics for facts, when in fact they warrant the least amount of credibility
in the world of media literacy. Sixty three percent of all people know that.

What's with all the comments saying that Martz is a proven whatever. He only had one good stint at OC, which was in St. Louis before he became head coach, and that was under Dick Vermeil, who built that team. He didn't have any talent to work with in SF or Detroit, but he won't have any in Chicago, either aside from Cutler. And like Big Bear said, watching that dimwit Hester try to play in a Martz offense should be hilarious.

This is wait till next year (2011), folks. Hopefully, the Bears do whatever it takes this season so that Smith and Angelo are gone, and somehow Cowher is still available and gets the head coaching job. And I don't think Cowher would hang on to Martz, do you?

This is a great hire by the organization because it is a signal they realize that winning with defense will not cut it anymore in this league. The last team to do it was the Ravens in 2000???? This is a turning point, regardless if Lovie or Angelo are brought back, because accountability has been restored to the organization. We will for the first time since the 40s have a team whose philosophy is to win with offense and get by on defense. That is the whole point of the cover 2, get turnovers and turn it into points. Out score the other team, not out defend them.


"The Bears will be successful because they have one of the best head coaches in the game".

Stuck are you kidding me? Lovie Smith one of the best head coaches in the game. What planet are you living on. Stuck you must have been stuckinwisconsin for way to long because your brain has frozen if you really believe Lovie is the greatest.

Lovie has not had his team motivated for three years, missed the playoffs since the Superbowl, promotes Babich to D Coordinator because they are buddies and lets Rivera go, can't make a half time adjustment to save his life, his challenges are some of the worst in the league, moves players in and out of positions and allows good players to play elsewhere, the Free Safety position which has been a joke since Brown left is just one example, lets the players run the asylum Tommie Harris is one example of that. Offense has been piss poor for years and the Defense the same since the Superbowl. Team discipline and penalties are out of control and the Bears have lost games because of team discipline getting worse year in and year out. Etc.ETC.ETC.

Stuck, good coaches somehow find a way to win. When all the Bears had to do in 2008 was beat the Houston Texans in the last game they laid an egg, the offense, the defense, the safety play, the whole team caved. They did so often that year and lost 4 games because they were ill prepared. It is Lovie who is responsible, Lovie is a good person but below average head coach.

Dahlillama, I can assure you that just about every team in the NFL,
would hire Lovie as a head coach. This inconsistent play you are referring to is evident of internal Battles. When Lovie is free to do
all the things coaches do, he is excellent. I think you actually are
starting to believe half the garbage that is written in the News Papers. It is only natural to point ones anger towards who we believe
is responsible for the futility, but I can assure you, most of the
troubles were due to lack of leadership of other coaches. The ones that are no longer here, including Ron Rivera. While Lovie, is the
person who should have the blunt of responsibility for his coaches, it
is clearly obvious, that the Bears realize Lovie is not actually the
problem (all this mish-mash about saving money on his contract is pure
speculation and not at all the truth.).
I think you may recall that Lovie brought discipline to this organization, and will bring it back now that he has coaches who
will hold the people they are responsible for, accountable.
I don't disagree with you being angry over the Bears recent performance, just aim it at the right people. Lovie would be instantly successfull anywhere else he might go. Now with experience,
he most certainly has learned how to maintain high performance-by learning what not to do. Relax, you won't be disappointed this year.

Creighton, you must be one hell of a janitor to have your own desk
in your janitors closet. Those people that are next to you laughing,
are laughing at you-not with you.


Although I do respect your opinion, I simply have to disagree with you and stay put on what I believe as to Lovie. I have watched probably 90% of the games the Bears have played since 1963 when I was 8 and since 2004, I think I have missed maybe 5 games.

I know what I see with Lovie and believe a better coach could have had the Bears in the playoffs 2 of the last three years. Not even getting there is simply not acceptable and I have noted the reasons above why I feel Lovie is average at very best as a Head Coach.

The last 5 years he has surrounded himself with poor coaching talent. I do believe the coaching should be better this year but the only reason Lovie has the new coaching he has is because he was forced into this situation. Lovie without the pressure would still have Turner as OC and Babich as D Coordinator. Instead of Lovie being responsible as coach and D Coordinator last year, he should have found a good one.

Lovie is about as sharp as a baby's behind.

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