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Sharpe: Three Teams Want Marshall

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Shannon Sharpe said he doesn't expect Brandon Marshall to return to the Broncos next season. The CBS analyst and Hall of Fame finalist also said three teams are interested in trading for Marshall. He did not say which teams would be interested, which begs the question:

Might one be the Bears?

"I know personally there are three teams out there who are going to make a move for Brandon Marshall," Sharpe told the Denver Post.

The Post reports that the Broncos will investigate the possibility of trading Marshall after the Super Bowl despite three straight 100-catch seasons.

Marshall was Jay Cutler's favorite target when they both played in Denver and Cutler could use a receiver with Marshall's talent to run new offensive coordinator Mike Martz's offense.

Marshall said Thursday that he would be open to returning to the Broncos next season despite a drama-filled offseason and season that saw him deactivated for Denver's final game.

The Pro Bowl performer will be a restricted free agent if next season is uncapped, as expected. But the Broncos could sign him and trade him to another team.

Whatever happens, Sharpe doesn't see Marshall playing for the Broncos again.

"Help me understand this: How can a guy catch 21 passes one week and then two weeks later he doesn't even play?" Sharp told the Post. "Once you go there, once you break that communication, once you break that trust, I don't know how you get that back. So Brandon Marshall and Coach (Josh) McDaniels, I don't know how they mend this."

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A better question might be: "What team would not be interested in Marshall?" He is an elite receiver who would make any Quarterback look better. I can't see the Bears getting him because he is going to be too expensive. Maybe he had a legitimate beef with the Broncos. In any case,even with a bit of baggage, he is worth the risk.

Marshall may be a handful, but his talent cannot be denied. Nor can the fact that he's a big target at 6-4, 230.

That said, I don't see us making too much of a push for him. Why, you may be asking? Well, for starters, we don't exactly have a lot of picks in the Draft, and I'm not certain Angelo wants to give away too many picks for next year's Draft, either (although the season-no season question is a legitimate concern, albeit a different discussion.) Second, the contract he'd be looking for could be steep, and the "brain trust," a term I use loosely here, may not be willing be bite, even for someone of Marshall's talent.

On the flip side, however, our corps did show a lot of promise this year. Hester is not, nor will he ever be, a legitimate #1 receiver. At best, I think he's much better suited for the slot, something that Martz has already mentioned thinking about. But the other Devin, the guy whom Cutler has been raving about, has done a fantastic job, when he was actually given a chance to play. Knox has shown that he too has big play ability, although he did make some mistakes. But that is perfectly understandable, given the fact that he was a rookie, and the pros are very different from the college game. Iglesias was essentially a redshirt this year, something that doesn't surprise me. It's rare for receivers to step in and immediately make an impact. Which brings me to Bennett, Jay's buddy and target at Vandy. While he's not the biggest guy in the world, he has shown that he can make plays when called upon. I actually think that we could have the makings of a solid receiving corps. They just need to be given a chance, rather than being written off entirely by talking heads.

Marshall is for a team that does not have much young promise. He will only steal reps away from young players and keep them from growing.
The Bears must prioritize their needs, I don't think a wr is up there if, according to Lovie, we are still a run first team (wink.).

With the speed and blocking downfield that Hester exhibits who else is even closer to him as a number one on this team? I haven't seen enough of anyone on this team to make me believe that our number one guy is on this roster already. Neither has the NFL seen enough of any of these guys to have any of them strike fear in any team and make them prepare to play just them. The one player that we have that worried anyone was Olson and when teams tried they neutralized him. Martz is smarter than Turner and will bring out the best in these guys without being scared of them messing up. In my opinion they will be scared of him and won't mess up as much. He has to work with them because I don't see us getting anyone else from any team or from the draft.

Quick 85 trivia question: who was our number one receiver in 85? You might want to say Gault but Walter led the team in receptions with a grand total of 49. Followed by Emery Moorehead with 35 and then Suhey was tied with Gault with 33 followed by Mckinnon with 31. Mckinnon also led the Bears with 7 TDs followed by Margerum and Walter with 2. Gault had a whopping 1 TD all season. That team also had 27 rushing TDs with 8 coming from QBs and they also had 17 receiving TDs where their QB caught as many as their top-flight WR Gault. I just want to know who invented the number one receiver nomenclature? This team scored 456 points and won 15 games and yet you never hear them talk about a number one WR. A phrase made up to try and explain the game of football as if it was anything other than football.

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