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Ruskell a contender to replace DePaul

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It's still not absolutely certain what hastened Bobby DePaul's departure from the Bears, but Tim Ruskell's name pops up again and again as a potential replacement.

That's assuming the Bears replace DePaul, that is.

Tuesday's firing was surprising because the start of free agency is only 17 days away. On the other hand, with as restricted as free agency is expected to be this year because of an expiring collective bargaining agreement, a pro player personnel director will likely have fewer pressing duties, which may tempt ownership to save the salary and promote from within.

If that's the case, the logical candidate would be the team's assistant director of pro personnel, Kevin Turks.

DePaul has had an above average track record with the Bears, leading to speculation that his reportedly being escorted out of Halas Hall by security was more likely the result of a personality clash than a lack-of-performance issue.

Either way, as long as there are people around who worked with general manager Jerry Angelo or coach Lovie Smith there will always be candidates for openings at Halas Hall. That's what makes Ruskell, who worked under Angelo for 14 years in Tampa, an obvious option.

The Seahawks advanced to the Super Bowl in Ruskell's first season in Seattle in 2005. However, his personnel decisions also contributed to the team losing 19 of its next 27 games before he resigned in December.

Before arriving in Seattle, he spent one season as Atlanta's assistant GM.

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Ruskell had one good year with Seattle but after that he was a walking disaster. Take a look at his drafts and FA signings 06-09. Did anyone ever read those text messages of his that got leaked out. The guy is nuts, even Angelo was better than this guy.

They say DePaul is going to the Skins to be their new GM. They also are saying DePaul got in a fight with Martz after Martz gave him a to do list or to get list and DePaul was like "Really, some of these guys are pretty bad and pretty old" Martz went ot Lovie and said he won't get me the players I need and Lovie got him fired. The guy Martz wanted that was in question, is Holt. Its a rumor but that is what is comming out.

Gabriel is suppose to be next. I liked DePaul he did solid job in pro player but Gabriel is just brutal, and I can't wait till he is gone.

Here is a interview about Ruskell on 670 today.

What a bright idea!! Now maybe we can steal somebody away from the Cleveland Browns, as well, and have that top tier talent that has been responsible for all those recent Superbowl wins in Detroit, Seattle and Cleveland! I know that Creighton is salivating to have such an all-star performer as a member of the Bears team. I can't believe we didn't hire this guy earlier. I mean combine his record with Marinelli's and we must have like the highest winning percentage in all of football. I can't wait for the Bears next shockingly terrific move.

The Bears have not made so many bad choices since it was obvious that Michael McCasky was in charge. The one area the Bears were not doing badly in was finding the best pro payers they could for the money they were spending. Smith obviously developed few players. And Angelo's drafts have been near worthless. Now the idea of an Angelo pal who clearly was bad with personnel being brought to the Bears... I guess Angelo really wants to be fired by this time next year.

I'm a diehard Bears fan since the Gayle Sayers era. This is by far the most painful and rapid disintegration of a once proud franchise that I can remember. I now live in the Minneapolis area & I've seen how the Vikings have been rebuilt step-by-step...they keep plugging in pieces and we keep poking holes in ours. Luckily, the Vikings always find a way to self destruct so they (and their long-suffering fans)have their own frustrations. But... they keep trying. Creighton, perhaps you can answer this as you seem to get pretty good their any truth to the rumor that Rocky Wirtz would look into expanding his sports operation outside of the NHL? He completely rebuilt the decimated 'Hawks after his Dad was so "McCaskey-like" in his penny pinching ways. Does he have any interest in making the McCaskeys an offer? Finally-word to Ted, Jerry & guys ought to be ABSOLUTELY & UNEQUIVOCALLY EM-BEAR-ASSED by your incompetence and stubborness to change!!! You do a dissservice to loyal Bears fans!


If we take a look at DePaul's signings during the same period, they aren't very impressive either.

But DePaul is a folk hero now, so it doesn't matter much.

Hey silly gooses. I don't think you are real bears fans. Lovie is a genius. The bears will go 19-0 next season!


Youve come t othe right place my frend. My intel is the best in the biz as some of you may know. I mean I have been right about prety much everything on the bears sense the 06 season ended.

Rocky Wirtz is focused right now on winning the Stanley cup. I'm sure he would love to own the charter franchsie of the NFL someday but it wont be any time soon. Plus theirs no way the McCaskeys kill the ghoose that lays the goldenn egg. There making to much money of doing nothing. But thanks for wondering buddy.

"who me? Oh Im nobody really. Just the king. Now dont you feel stupid for asking?!"

Well Idc, as reported by Brad Biggs, it was Bobby DePaul who suggested both Ron Rivera and Dave Toub, who he had worked with in Philly.

Ruskell was a GM, idiot, DePaul wasn't, he controlled everything in Seattle. DePaul has nothing to do with the draft, he is given a limited check book and told to go find some free agents. Ruskell get credit for Lofta and thats about it. I already gave you a list of like 10 guys DePaul brought in that were good. 10 Guys he is given Credit for by Angelo. Did he have some misses? Sure but he also didn't have a big budget most of the time. Ruskell bombed in the draft and FA, DePaul was solid.

8 of the 11 starters on offense during their super bowl run were all brought in by DePaul as reported by Biggs.

Some of his guys.
John Tait
Thomas Jones
Ruben Brown
Fred Miller
Robbie Gould
Des Clark
Roberto Garza
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Anthony Adams
Devin Aromashodu
Frank Omiyale
Tim Shaw
Jay Cutler
Suggested they hire Rivera and Toub when plans fell through on Marinelli in 2004 and they didn't have a Special Team coach.

Now I didn't make this list, Brad Biggs, David Haugh, B@B, Hub Arkush and Jerry Angelo made up this list. Not me, I just copied down what was said, their are more guys on the list and like anyone at his job he had his misses, but he did do a good job for them. He had a very limted Budget and was constantly asked to fill major holes with little money and his own head coach often undermineded him.

Guys he had nothing to do with. The Lovie trio of Pace, Archuletta and Pisa. Lovie requested these players according to Angelo. Adams also wasn't DePaul, DePaul was scouting a trade for Glen Dorsey when the Bucs contacted Angleo and Angelo stated he Smith and Marinelli sat down and watched a ton of film on the guy and they all agreed they liked him. Again undermining DePaul's attempt to get Dorsey.

Say what you want Idc but good teams don't fire their best people, and they don't fire their Pro Player director 2 weeks before FA. The team did its evaluations almost two months ago and everyone was let go then. This was Lovie having a temper tantrum, showing everyone its all him he is the man and everyone else sucks.

Its been writen before that he never liked DePaul, that DePaul was to honest and to open and Lovie didn't like open guys in his secret society. Its all a secret with Lovie, the everyone is out ot get us coach. DePaul was one of the few guys that would tell him no, and Lovie wasn't having that. Seems very similar to what happend with Rivera. He wasn't a friend of his and he challenged him. So your fired. Once again Lovie blaming everyone for his short commings. Sounds like Lovie is pretty paranoid.

Everything is a secret, everyone is our enemy, everyone is out ot get us, nobody respects us, nobody likes us, its us against everyone. Thats Lovie's phylosophy right their.

Chi Fan ignor the post with the link, its some nut job on the board who likes to pretend. I don't follow Wirtz although I do think he has done a nice job. I don't think he has close to the money to make the Bears an offer. It would cost like 1.4 billion, and McCaskey family is not intrested in selling. I would think Basketball and maybe the Bobcats. He did talk about Football on ESPN 1000 right before the Super Bowl, he said something like he would love to own an NFL team, but who wouldn't. He could put a group together but again, I don't think their is anything to it.

Idc let remind you the stuff I wrote, I was just repeating what had already been said. No matter what you say its damn strange to fire a guy the team and league reguards as your best front office man, right before FA and almost 2 months after evaluations. Thats not normal and good team don't do that. Brad, Haugh, Hub, Gibbs, and Angelo were all a fan of this guy. Don't think Angelo is happy about this. He has worked with him for 9 years and he was his number 2 guy, his right hand.

The whole thing is strange. DePaul will land on his feet, lots of teams really like him. The Skins have been talking about him for months as reported by the Washington Post.

Its clear their was an argument about something, but like I said I have no clue about what the actual story is. Some say it was a Martz/Lovie thing.

I will remind you that you are the same guy that blamed this years defense being bad on Rivera.

By the way Brando/Fake Creighton, you just attacked a guy for no reason other than you don't like me. Nice, class act.

I ask you, after your two posts, the same question.

What has DePaul done the past three years?

You complain about others going back in the past to defend Lovie, yet you based your defense of DePaul on the Super Bowl team.

If the standard you use to judge Lovie and Angelo is from the past three years, how in the world can you seriously argue that DePaul has done a good job?

After all, if you praise DePaul for his free agent signings , you have to give JA the same credit for his many draft picks that helped the team, and Lovie for coaching the team to a Super Bowl appearance, two division titles and three winning seasons.

DePaul is only a folk hero because he did not get along with Lovie Smith. End of story.

BTW --

I never blamed this year's defense on Rivera. He hasn't been on the team for three years.

I said that the team's defensive fortunes began to change during the Super Bowl year, after Brown and Harris were injured.

Find the post where I said that. It does not exist.

"What has DePaul done the past three years?"

You're kidding, right? Ever heard of Jay Cutler? And DePaul had to work with horrible ownership and upper management that cares more about money than about winning, so he was prevented from getting some really good players. Most of the guys DePaul got or wanted to get were good, even if they were past their prime. No one is perfect and DePaul certainly made some bad choices, but who in the Bear front office is as good at what he does at DePaul was at what he did?

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