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Rolle could become option at safety

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It's no secret the Bears are in desperate need of help along the defensive line and at safety, which means we'll scrutinize players at those positions who may become available.

Take Antrel Rolle, for example.

The Cardinals safety is in the final year of a rookie contract that will pay him a base salary of $8.11 million. He's due a $4 million roster bonus next week. Because the Cardinals' Adrian Wilson is already the NFL's highest paid safety, Darren Urban of writes that Rolle could soon be released.

Might he be a fit for the Bears? As everybody knows, Lovie Smith's defense is in desperate need of a free safety, which is what Rolle has played for the Cardinals.

Truth be told, Rolle hasn't been all the Cardinals hoped he would be when they made him the eighth overall pick in the 2005 draft, but he might become an option for the Bears.

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I really see alot of players coming into the FA market, moreso than I thought. Oh my gosh yeas we could use Rolle, but the bears are VERY frugal to say the least when it comes to signing FA. Look at the cheap labor they signed last year. We can only dream if the bears plugged their Safety position once and for all instead of worrying about that one !@#$ position for all this time. Maybe Rolle isnt that great but he's sure better than what we have,
There are so many FA coming out, it would be nice to pick up a couple for our Troubled Positions that Jerry NEVER seems to be able to fix.

oh yeah, and witht he raising of ticket prices - how can the bears org. NOT buy some better Free Agents for a change?

Perfect! Another second stringer would fit in nicely with the rest of our bench warmer starters.

Rolle passes the eyeball test and can run but he couldn't cover a cot with a blanket and tackles like my middle-aged mother. The Cards defensive system also rarely asks safeties to cover half the field. On top of all that he will probably cost a fortune. Yes the Bears need a safety but this isn't the guy. I'd rather have Ryan Clark.

Where are you getting this another second stringer information from? This kid has basically been a starter since the day he was drafted. He has great range but he's a shaky tackler. They said they have Adrian Wilson getting a lot of money, they don't play the same position. See in football which you clearly no nothing about most teams start 2 safeties. If he becomes available Bears should definitely bring him in and see how he fits in this scheme.

yea, sorry james p, rolle is their starting free safety! not a second stringer. so now that that's out the way, this would be a great pick up. at least he is not old and not a rookie! so doing this ensures us drafting o line and d line first in the draft. im with it as it's a top 3 need for our team.

To me, the defensive front (a DE) needs to be priority one. If the front gets better, the secondary will follow. I say sign someone that can help out up front like J Pepper's. With a guy like Pepper's along with Tommie Harris demanding a double team, there will be some push up front on every play there by making the secondary more effective.

But I do agree, if Antrel Rolle does become available, he is an interesting option.

I'd go for Buffalo's George Wilson who is a RFA, he's a starting caliber free safety who is a reserve because of the talent in front of him (Donte Whitner & Jairus Byrd) in Buffalo. Wilson is a smart player and is NFL ready, and has experience in the cover-2 having played in it in Buffalo. Chicago could give up their 3rd rounder for him if they were to sign him as a RFA. They would probably use the pick on the position anyways, at least with Wilson you'd have someone who is NFL ready, unlike a rookie. I say sign Pepper's for the front and Wilson for the free safety spot. It would cost, but would be worth it in the end.

As far as giving up a 3rd rounder for George Wilson, it might be worth it. I realize the Bears need help inside at guard, but would a 3rd round guard be ready to help out next season? Maybe? But Chicago has a couple young guy's who might be able to help out inside next season already in house. One being Lance Louis, who played second team left guard during the pre-season, and John Asiata, a player they like thats on their practice squad. I like Lance Louis, the guy could be ready next year, and I love his nastiness he brings to the position. He beat out Dan Buenning for a roster spot as a rookie, thats saying something for a 7th round draft pick. And the guy is athletic as hell for his size, 6-3 303lbs, he runs a 4.8 40, and has a 30-inch vertical jump. Also has power with 30 reps on the bench. He might be the answer at left guard now that he's in year 2, it should be interesting to find out GO BEARS!!

Bears need WR and OFF. line help before anything else, and if they don't get it with pick 3,4, or 5 and or free agency you can kiss season good bye. If you look at schedule they might not win more than 5 games and that is with 2 free ones against Det.

Anyone remember the GB V ARI playoff game? Not really impressed with that secondary. Besides with the CBA up in the air and you know it is not getting solved this year, Rolle is not a FA but a RFA.

Pro football focus rated Rolle the 67th best safety in football. I think that is pretty low and would rate him higher than that, his coverage was not bad. He was rated just above Payne and Afalava. Wats intresting the QB rating you get with some of these guys in coverage. What was the QB rating when the QB attacked this players zone. It tells you a little about how a player did against the pass, but never the whole story because you never know what defense was being played or who was covering who.

QB's had a passer rating of:
123, against Afalave. Afalave just got torched if you look at his numbers.
58 against Payne but was playing strong safety and didn't have to play as much coverage or as deep.
65.9 Rolle
98 for Tillman. Tillman got hit hard but defended the pass almost 4 times more than Afalave and Payne.
76 for Bowman.
91 for Manning

Problem with rating the Bears Safety's with this is that their was so much rotation and so much nickle played that the Safety's did not see as much action as most full time starters. Their is also the fact that Teams tended to attack the Bears with mid-range passing plays so the corners were asked to defend a lot.

The Bears LB's also did not play very well in pass protection.

97.2 for Hillenmeyer
115 Roach
105 Williams
97.8 Briggs

This is were you see those mid range attacks just killing them. Lance Briggs defended almost 3 times as many pass attacks in his zone as Afalava or Payne. Thats all those Slant plays you have seem ripping the Bears defense apart. But please Lovie continue to stack the box against the run and blitz the A-gap as often as possible cause its really helping out the passing game.

Fact is Teams were not attacking the Bears deep, the safeties didn't play well when it came to stops, but they where not the main targets.

The Sam LB doesn't usually play a lot of third downs so their numbers are always lower than the Will, Hunter, Roach and Williams were attacked 70 times. Briggs was attacked 70 times, Tillman 101, Bowman 89, and all three safeties where attacked a total of 75 times. Most teams don't attack deep so that what you can excpect but Lovie also plays his safeties extra deep and his corners off, and he stacks his LB's a lot which means, the middle of the field is a giant hole so teams don;t need to take a risk and go deep, they can just throw 10-15 gains whenever they want to.

Interesting point on this angle, Rolle does have the ball skills we desperately need at Free safety, and could be willing to come on board since we could offer a starters job to him right away. Still its early the salary dump cuts won't start happening until March 5th, then we will really know who is on the market until then we are simply putting together a "wish" list.......

Creighton your point is a good one on the stacking of the "a" gap by the LB's, this is an area that needs attention with some size up front. Lovie and the gang want quickness to get up field, but if guys are getting driven off the line of scrimmage, it brings the need to use the LB's to help stack the line of scrimmage and stop the run, expecting guys in the 8th and 10th yrs respectfully to still have the drop speed to disrupt the slant is asking a lot. Adams played hard but is small for his position, this should be Harrison's job, don't let his azz get out of town this off-season and have him and Gilbert living with Marinelli if we are going to see any improvement up front......

Kevin: Louis will get a shot this season and I think guard is the spot they will line him up, he has a nasty streak and speed that makes him a good pull option, Tice likes guys who are physical and can run at guard remember for a time he had one of the best playing guard in Minn-McDaniel a solid coaching job this off-season with this kid could solve some major problems ablong the offensive line.....Go BEARS

Creighton -

Split the prozac in half next time?

Fellas the trenches is were this team has been dominated for four years. The draft is full of large interior players who have been interior players their whole careers. Stop the crap draft for both sides of the line stop jacking these players all over the field with your brilliant ideas. Put Melton back on offense release that useless McKie make Olsen crap or get off the pot, release Kreutz and Garza you already have Radiola and Beekman draft two big mean guards one to start and the other to push find yourself a run-stuffing DT then the other players can play their own positions then all of a sudden your defense isn't so bad when players are playing the own positions instead of in the "A" gap exposed to slant and 10 - 15 yarding us into submission. LT is not a change of pace but Gerhart is intriging short yardage FB type of player he's polished and smart.

Jimmy why would I split a antidepressant like Prozac. I'm a Bears fan, I will take my double dose and enjoy the game. They poor that stuff in the water here in chicago.

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